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Not quite as an impressive list as some but I've met: Karl Norman, Victor Trabucco, Brian Geer, Garrett Thomas, Max Maven, Alan Ackerman, Hank Moorehouse. Those are the biggest names that I know.
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Although this thread is a little old, I thought I would add to list is short

Magicians I've met:

David Copperfield
Criss Angel
Joshua Jay
and Rick Smith Jr. - I use to live in Akron and we had a mutual friend who was also into magic...we use to spend Wednsdays at an Applebees in Cleveland sharing tricks and performing for the waitresses....ahh, the good ole days.
John T. Sheets
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Too many to name here. I do have many pictures on a video flash player on my website!

See the "Quantum Bender 3.0" trailer here...

See my Dove Act here...

See the "Energy Bender" trailer here...

See the "Table of Death" in Las Vegas trailer here...
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Profile of hendoo
Steve Johnson, Maury Greenspan, Ida Hayes (from the Professor Tsunami spook show days...), Elder Hans Weiss (a great clock manipulator out of Bad Homburg), Bob Hoagy, Alfred McMann, Reginald Kaye (out of London).
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Hendoo, I recently heard that Elder Hans Weiss passed away, sometime before xmas I think. I don't know the details, but I understand his partner is looking for someone to adopt the props/act. I never had the pleasure of meeting, but since you did, I thought I'd mention it.

As for me, the last famous magician I met was Mark Wilson. His lecture at Magic, Inc was a great trip down memory lane, with several interesting stories. (Nani was there too, which was also great!) It was very nice to meet the man who really got me hooked on magic via his course.
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Profile of hendoo
Hi Gordon-
I am surprised that you know of Elder Hans. BUT with a name like Meyer you perhaps have some German connections. Smile

Elder Weiss was a wonderful craftsman. The first time I meet him was back in the 80's. I was in Frankfurt, Germany on church related business. He gave a talk entitled "God's Chronometer". It was a lovely presentation about God and what he was doing to keep time. As part of his demonstration Hans manipluted little pocket watches that he himself had created. Very wonderful!

Sadly he did pass in early December of 2006. I was fortunate to have seen him in October prior. His partner Strom is looking to pass on the act and props as Elder Weiss had made that a wish of his. There is also a television clip from the late 60's of Hans doing his act on a children's show. Much like the clip of Fred Kaps blowing the bubbles. Are you familiar? The production is a little psychedelic but Hans is manipulating his watches. I am trying to get a copy. If you are interested pm me. I will try to share.

Mary Jane
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I've met some great guys and have had the pleasure of hanging out with them...i.e., drinks, dinner, just plain comraderie. Some that come to mind are...
Joshua Jay ( my college age daughter and Joshua became good friends and still email one another...she still thinks he's a hunk)
Bill Malone (great guy. Just as funny in person as he is on his DVD's)
Doc Eason (Doc would give you the shirt off his back)
Glen Gerard
Micheal Ammar
Mark Wilson and Nani
Dan Sylvester
Micheal Lair
Goldfinger and Dove
Stuart and Lori
Kevin King (a total blast)
Mike Finney
Jon Stetson
Tom Burgoon
I met all these guys when we had Houdini Days here in Wiscosnin. I performed strolling magic while they worked wonders on stage and in the close up tent.
ďI am, as I've said, merely competent. But in an age of incompetence, that makes me extraordinary.Ē
Billy Joel
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I meet David Copperfield back in 2002 on a family trip to Las Vegas, My mom is a nurse and the health care she used to work for helped take care of Lance Burton's mother. so I know DC and I know Lance Burton through three degrees of seperation.
"You may think that i only talk of things from the past, you know, history, well magic is history"

-Guy Jarrett

"Curiosity isn't a sin Harry, but it should be exorcised with great caution."

-Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
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Takeshi Nemoto. Everything he does is flawless
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Profile of videokideo
Ive met to many to name... but the ones who stand out are...

Eugene Burger
Craig Karges
Lance Pierce and Roger Klause (in okc quite a bit)
Dan Harlan
David Copperfield
Don Wayne
Lance Burton
Lee Earle
Nathan Burton
Worked for Rick Thomas
Dave Williamson
Michael Ammar

Met many more but these are the ones I actually spent any time with. Some pushed me to be a great magician on stage, some showed me how not to act offstage..
Josh Chaikin
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I've certainly met a lot of magicians. We have a great magic shop and Ring that brings in solid lectures. I certainly can't match a lot of the lists posted here, but talking about whom we've met, only one stands out most strongly.

Eugene Burger.

Eugene was in town doing a lecture, and afterwards he and a small group of his friends were going out to dinner. I was invited to tag along. It was a real pleasure to be able to see him in action, even after a bottle of Chardonnay, and being able to ask him questions. The highlight of the evening though, when someone asked for advice on a trick he was working on, "Sometimes you have to kill the baby."
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Wichita, KS
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Profile of bobn3
Working with Joe Stevens of Stevens Magic Emporium, more than I can count. What was great was having Jay Marshall and John Novak take me under their wings as mentors.

Bob Phillips
Sal Amangka
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Manila, Philippines
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Profile of Sal Amangka
To name a few...

Aldo Colombini
Max Maven
Mike Caveney
Jay Scott Berry
Ton Onosaka
Salamangka in Filipino means "Magic"
Justin Style
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Iíve met Ďem all. The good, bad and the ugly. The famous and infamous. The heros and the villans, the legands and the losers, the profeesionals as well as the pretenders. Iíve met celebrities and psychopaths. Iíve been around for a long time (ok not that long, but since 1986). Iíve seen them come and seen them go.

Iíve met millionaires, misfits, con men and priests. Liars, cheaters, frauds and phonys. Iíve met smart people and those who take the Yellow bus to school. Iíve met dopers, drunks, addicts and insomniacs. Iíve met people who stay up all night and sleep all day, as well as those who work 96 hours per week. Iíve met people who donít even know what day it is.

Iíve met rock stars, movie stars, dry cleaners, cooks, crooks, teachers, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs. Iíve met the smartest person on the same day I met a person who I had no idea how he made it through the day.

No need to name names.

Until then, I look forward to meeting You, someday!

Peace -
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Profile of munkywrench
Dan Sylvester, Mark Mason, Paul Cummins, David Regal, Arthur Trace, Daryl, Mike Powers, Nathan Kranzo, Sean Fields, God-handz, Joe Jesse, Keone Valdez, Luke Dancy, Obie Obrien. Each indvidual I actually sat and chilled with or had a coctail and jammed.
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Profile of zimsalabim
Bev Bergeron
Karl Norman
Ed Newman
Frank Garcia
Jay Marshall
Howie Schwartsman
Jerry Andrus
Al Goshman
Mike Baron
Gary Para
James Sherrill
Ray Mertz
Lou Gallo
Mike Gallo

ok some of these names are quite famous and others are people who left a serious impretion on me and my magic I feel lucky to have known and know each and every one of these guys.
Joe Zimmer

"The Second Greatest Magician in the World"

Who is the Greatest? Everybody else! Borrowed with respect from the late Great Eddie Fechter Owner of the Forks Hotel


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Alex Linian
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Well... I've yet to meet myself and that's really the only person I really care to meet.

And I keep hoping that Jesus comes down to tell me that he exists.
Sir Richard
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Only one name sticks out as someone I had the pleasure of meeting in person..."Cellini".
"In the land of Murphy there is but ONE law!"
Andrew H.
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On 2006-08-02 16:04, Scott Compton wrote:
OK, Michael Ammar is from the same town as my father. It is a small town on the VA/WV line, and I have met Hannah and him a few times. He also lectured for our ring.

I met Dan Harlan at SCAM a couple of years ago. Dan is a brilliant thinker, and a brilliant performer as well.

I met Joe Givan & Carol Massie at our convention here in east Tennessee. Another brilliant mind in Joe, and both wonderful performers. I also met Gene Anderson, Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner, Ardan James, Ayala & Tonia, Steve Bargatze, Aldo Columbini, Bill Pryor, General Grant, Simon Lovell, Tom Jones & Rachel Wild, Joe Mogar, Paul Gertner, Michael Finney, Tom Craven, Scott Hitchcock, Fukai & Kimika, Steve Beam, Tony Chapek, Michael Eaton, Bob Bengal, John Tudor, Matthew David Stanley, Jessica, Shayna & Mandy Reed, Yegal Mesika, JC Doty, Joe Turner, Barry Mitchell, and some others at our convention as well.

I know Terry Evanswood, an absolutely brilliant performer and world class illusionist who performs locally (for me) in Pigeon Forge, TN.

From other conventions I have met Losander, Tommy Curtain, Eugene Burger, Charlie Frye, David Williamson, John Carney, Tim Conover, Yumi, Lu Chen, John Born, Dan Sperry, Dakota Rose, Jeb Hostetler (1973 IBM closeup champ), Tim Sonefelt, Robbie Moreland, Roger Louvin, Bob Sanders, Steve Bender, Jason Michaels, John Pica (AKA Big Daddy Cool), Lance Johnson, Harry Allen, Lee Asher, Bev Bergeron, Junge Junge, Fantasio, Mick Ayers, and some more, I am sure.

From my local rings I know Scott Cantrell, Tom Vorjahan, Mike Messing, Bob Knigge, Dave Vaught, and former IBM President Michael Stratman.

I have emailed dozens of others.

But my greatest meeting was with Johnny and Pam Thompson. My son and I were their personal assistants for a weekend, and I worked backstage with Pam during their act, loading and unloading doves and props. During Johnny's closeup act he called me up to be the volunteer for his Vernon impersonation. After the shows, he was generous with his time, teaching me whatever I asked. As a result, I have 2 lifetime friends that I will always cherish. My son stayed with them when he was in Vegas for McBride's class.....he slept in the spare bedroom. Johnny is truly the greatest card magician alive, and I consider him my biggest mentor, and they are the kindest people that I have ever met. That is the real magic....

Scott Compton
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Profile of pepka
Cool topic! I've "met" way too many to count. I'm counting meeting as "Hi, I really like your work." I've been lucky enough to hang out with some real "heavies" in a social situation. Maybe dinner, drink or just sitting down and shooting the bull. Highlights for me are...

Bowling with James Dimmare, Amazing Jonathan, and Chris Angel. (Dimmare is pretty good, Angel and A.J. cheat.)

Lunch with Daryl and Al Schneider. Man, I'll never forget that.

Sessioning with Alan Ackerman and Chris Kenner. (They did most of the work, I just sat and said wow. Alan insisted I do something, after I fumbled through one of my favorite routines, I got "the nod."

A few months ago on my birthday, I went to New York with another magic buddy to see Eric Decamps's one man show. The guest host that night, Bill Malone! We had spoken on the phone a few times, he actually critiqued my stuff and said some nice things, but this was our first meeting in person.

Pete Biro, I've been lucky enough to become friends with I'm over the last few years through WMS. Last year, I actually heckled him during a show and he loved it. Great guy.
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