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Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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On 2004-04-03 12:26, redstreak wrote:
I live in the middle of nowhere with nobody for miles and miles, but I've talked to Jim Pace a couple times.

Did you ask him if he was scared of spiders?
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
Peo Olsson
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Apart from Alex Emsley, I have had the pleasure to meet the following persons: Bob Sheets, Aldo Colombini, Lennart Green, Greg Wilson, Michael Ammar, Daryl, John Bannon, Michael Close, Max Maven, Ted Lesley, Larry Becker, Tommy Wonder, The Flicking Fingers, Gary Kurtz, David Harkey, Harry Lorayne, Martin Lewis, Lisa Menna.
Most of these I have met at "The Magic Weekend", an convention held every year in Lund, Sweden.
Michael Ammar, Daryl, Harry Lorayne and David Harkey I have met at lectures held in Stocholm.

Pictured to the left my hero and me during FISM 2006 in Stockholm.
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London, England
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Jerry Sadowitz, Derren Brown, Michael Vincent, JC Wagner, Paul Daniels, Luke Jermay, Max Somerset??
"They say time is money...i say time is precious"
"They say the whole is much more than the sum of its Parts...Thats why a man is much more than the sum of his Past!"
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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Well, I'm humbled to say, I've not met and talked with MOST of my favored magicians. Before I was unfortunately "discovered" as a magician (and consequently ejected from the show), I worked the David Copperfield show, three years in a row, as a stagehand. He is a very quiet, amiable guy. Too bad I blew it.

I have met Jeff McBride, Kozak, and Steve Fearson in person. Each one of those encounters was a learning experience I shall cherish.

Magicians I'd like to meet and share ideas with? Big list, but here in the Café', I've already been graced with PM's from people I admire:

Pete Biro
Jonathan Townsend
Mickey Silver
Brad Christian
Jamie Schoolcraft
Michael Rubinstein
David Neighbors
Peter Loughran
Whit Haydn (no PM's, just light-hearted ribbing in the forum)
A few more people I have not had the personal pleasure of corresponding with include:

Curtis Kam
Harry Lorayne
Jay Sankey
Dan Harlan
Phil Goldstein (Max Maven)

This is a list of Café' members...I cannot think of any more right now that have posted in the Café'. Jonathan's right, I'm interested in PEOPLE not famous names...I worked for Steven King for six years, and met all the celebrities I ever care to meet (or not care to...LOL).

I'm just glad I can thank the people most responsible for keeping my interest in magic alive...and that is YOU!!!

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I was sure I corresponded with Dougini about something... guess I was wrong. Well, "Hi, Dougini!" That should do it!

One of the benefits of working hard to become a good magician is that your idols can become your friends. It happens all the time. My personal experience has been filled with such occurences:

I remember seeing an up-and-coming Johnny Ace Palmer at a small convention in Ohio when I was 16. His professionalism inspired me to better my performances. 5 years later, I was living on his couch for a few months between apartments!

Saw Gene Anderson command a crowd with his charming newspaper act. Years later we were members of the same magic club in Midland, MI, where we became friends.

Just when I was starting to develop some original rubberband work, I met Michael Ammar at one of his lectures. I'd read his books and seen him on TV so I admired his accomplishments. But the strangest thing happened -- he knew who I was! I'm not bragging. It freaked me out at the time. And it made me feel good, too.

In our business, people talk about others who are doing interesting things. That's how I heard about Nate Kranzo before I met him. If you are good at what you do, and you put your heart into it, the word gets around.

In fact, the first time I met Copperfield face-to-face was about a year after I had released Card-Toon. I was with a large group of friends and we went into a restaurant. We noticed Copperfield was sitting in a back booth with a very attractive female companion. Nobody wanted to bother him, so we just went about our business and left him alone. A little later, he and his friend got up to leave. They walked past our table and he stopped next to me and said "I just wanted to tell you that thing with the stick figure is great." How cool is that! A few years later he hired me for some consulting. It just goes to show you what can happen if you work hard.

I think this can happen for anybody in magic. We have such a small group of dedicated folks worldwide that you can get to know people really quickly. I've only mentioned a few examples, but I've been blessed to meet and get to know some incredible people. I hope you get that chance too!
--Dan Harlan
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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LOL, Dan..I do believe you're right...I was looking in the "new" PM system, but I do remember we PM'ed once or twice before the new system was in fact Whit Haydn and I PM'd before, too, prior to the new system...

Dan, Fart-Toon was the most recent purchase I made, after you said only 1000 (2000?) were produced. I scrambled for that, and is my most treasured deck of cards. Plus, thanks to you, I'm better at rubberbands than I've ever been, ya HOOKED me on that as well, LOL!

Glad we corresponded...Fart-Toon is kind of rare, and it took me a couple of searches to find it.

Thanks again, Dan...had a bad day today, and you just lifted me back up again! Smile

Luke Sherratt
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The Isle Of Wight, England
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I have met, Paul Zennon,Shahid Malik,Mark Wilson,Greg Wilson,Franz Harrary,Bob Fitch,Boris Wilde,Billy Mcomb,Jason Latimer,Paul Daniels,John Calvert,Channing Pollack,Jay Sankey,Max Maven,Eugene Berger,Derren Brown,Duane Laflin,Mark Leveridge,Hale & Pace well there comedians but there comedy is side splitting,Ali Bongo,Danny Archer,David Penn,John Gordon,Paul Gordon,Ken Dodd,Terrt Herbert,Terry Seabrooke and Tommy Wonder that is all I can think of at the moment.

We're 106 miles from Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses
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Dougini, Brad Christian posts in this forum? Under what name, because I don't remember seeing him post I don't think. You've met lots of people, not me, not yet anyways, thanks, Ed, (Eddini).
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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Hi Ed!

Yeppers, Brad is a member here, he IS a new user, and does not post here much, I last PM'ed with him on Fri, Mar 26th, and let him know how much I appreciate his teaching style.

He is one of the best, IMO, if you are new to card magic.

I HAVE met lots of people, but have VERY few friends to speak of. I find I have more friends here in the Café' than I have in life! Ha! How's that for irony?

Wish I could meet you guys, hang out with ya, trade ideas, go for Thai food and levitate for the wait staff!

Ed, you're pretty close to my old neck of the woods, as I lived in Maine for 20 years, before I was sent to Siberia...oop, I mean Florida! Lonely place down here.

Not many magicians in SW Florida, anyway. I have a couple of buddies, but our work hours conflict. I just traded with one guy, and have a BUNCH of new material (VHS tapes and DVD's) that I watch by myself.

He's trying to trade me for my Dan Harlan stuff, but I'm not giving that up for ANYTHING! In fact, I plan to buy the DVD set "Mindbogglers", as I have all the rubberband VHS tapes already. My friend's not gettin' those, LOL!

I would have LOVED to meet Dai Vernon. He was the inspiration for a lot of people. Mike Ammar is so lucky to have studied under him as well as Bruce Cervon. I envy those guys...

Alan Gold
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Key West, FL
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Doug, Florida is NOT Siberia! Well, not completely....

Hell, down here in Key West, we have way more magicians than an island this small probably should. If you ever get down here, drop me a line. Not sure about the Thai food, but we are always up for sushi!



P.S. Dan, don't know if you are going to take this as a compliment or not (it is meant as one), but Card-Toon is a trick I bought a while back at Tannen's....and probably left to collect cobwebs. HOWEVER, it is one of the ones collecting dust that I am kicking myself in the butt to actually start doing. (See, it is a compliment. I told ya!)

Remember: Al G. is just another way to say pond scum.
Randy Sager
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Having been in magic for 30 years so far. I have met several and "hung out" with a good many of them such as Alan Ackerman, Daniel Cross, Alan Alan, Roger Klause, Slydini, to name just a few.
Alan Gold
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Key West, FL
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There is a magician named Alan Alan?

He not only spells his name correctly, but does it twice?

Okay, I have never heard of the guy or what he does or seen him perform, but I already like him a whole **** of a lot!

(Oddly, I have met James James...go figure….)


Remember: Al G. is just another way to say pond scum.
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Look Ma!
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Now are you talking about met, as in "I shook his hand once"? Or someone you keep in contact with (or wish to)? I've met:

Docc Hilford
Kenton Knepper
Penn & Teller
Mac King
Tim Ellis
Sue Webber
Aldo Colombini
Fielding West
Amazing Johnathan
I will be meeting Andre Kole Tuesday

I have chatted with and e-mailed/been e-mailed by many more.

I would like to meet:

Dan Harlan & Whit Haydn - two brains I would love to pick!
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Special user
Orlando Floirda USA
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Karl Norman
Ed Newman
Karl Haist
Karl Weisinger
Ray Mertz
Don Alan
Eddie Fechter
Frank Garcia
Jay Marshall
Phil Goldstien
Jerry Andrus
Just a few that I was truly lucky to know and share a drink with at The Forks Hotel in Buffalo NY back when it was there and in its last heyday. I consider myself lucky and privileged, honored, etc. to have been a part of that for a few golden years.
Joe Zimmer

"The Second Greatest Magician in the World"

Who is the Greatest? Everybody else! Borrowed with respect from the late Great Eddie Fechter Owner of the Forks Hotel


Orlando Florida
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Max Maven
Ton Onosaka
David Copperfield
Tina Lennert
Mike Caveney
Paul Potasi
Sorcar The Great Sr.
Harry Blackstone
Jonathan Pendragon

and of course the wonderful magicians here in the Café'

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
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I have met

Franz Harary
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Hollywood, Florida
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Here's my list:

I've hung out with Mark Salem, Greg Wilson, and James Randi.

I've had dialogues online with Jonathan Pendragon (one hell of a nice guy, and gave me some fantastic advice), and engaged in heated debate online with Max Maven.

And (although he's not a magician, it pays to mention), in my comedy club days I opened for Andrew Dice Clay.

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New York Metro Area
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Well, let's see.

Many years ago, as a child, I met some magic notables such as Frank Garcia, James Randi and Slydini.
I had a cousin that was pretty plugged into the magic community and he was a source for a lot of these introductions.
In 1976 I remember meeting Dai Vernon somewhere in New Jersey.
Herb Zarrow had him over during a lecture tour and fortunately I was able to attend.
He was a pip!
I remember him being a very gracious and classy person who was willing to give what limited time he had to anyone that asked for it. And this was difficult since there were quite a few people attending that lecture.
He signed my "Dai Vernon Book Of Magic", as well as a Black And White photo.
I also remember him making a comment on the suit I was wearing.
It was a bright blue, kind of flashy and it really stood out. Especially on someone over 6'2".
I think he liked it but asked where I worked as most places of business probably would have objected to the color at the time. Not exactly conservative.
I explained that later that evening I was doing some Close Up at a Bar/Restaurant on 1st Avenue in Manhattan.
Thank God he did not ask to see anything!!!

It was a great encounter and one that I will remember for a very, very, long time.

Take Care,

Vincent Smile Smile Smile
Shane Wiker
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Las Vegas
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I have met:

Lance Burton
Mac King

Shane Wiker

I also just met Jeff McBride. I was called on stage to help with his cut and restored rope routine. I also got to meet him after the show. Wow, what a great show. Who else here has seen his show?

Shane Wiker
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Centennial, CO
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I met Penn Jilette at a New Tek Christmas party. I wasn't around for any tricks he might of done, but he did "steal the show" with some of the filthiest versions of common jokes I had ever heard. To this day, my wife just cringes when he comes on TV.

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