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On Jun 8, 2017, Fatgumbo wrote:

Ignore him King14. The Duster, Karl M, Jack Magic and johndevacmaker are all the same person

Raymond Singson
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I actually just found the time to watch the trailer for Episode 3, and I'm really looking forward to the release. Regarding the card gimmick for STFU, I'm fairly positive this is a gaff that's already in many people's arsenals and/or drawers, but I enjoy seeing the versatility and boldness of its use in performance. I'm curious to see if they're merely offering just the playing card or an actual means to conveniently make one as I imagine the gaff will wear with time and use. I love the simplicity of the methods that Ran and Gerard share; they've really inspired me to view the magic I perform from a different perspective and streamline what I do.

On a side note, I'm also somewhat sad to see quiet gems like Accuracy and White Room re-released to the mainstream community in this project; they were staples I really enjoyed and selfishly kept to myself for years. That said, it's fun to see these actually performed by their creators and seeing their nuances live. Just received notice that my copy of Episode 3 shipped yesterday; can't wait to watch it and study the material.

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.” -- James Arthur Baldwin

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Hey all,

Just finished with CM3, and am an owner of CM1 and 2. Thought I'd drop by with a review of my thoughts on part 3's material.

Accuracy - Andrew's take on being able to determine which side of a coin is facing up when spun on a table, which bill the participant has in their hands, and which bill the participant is sitting on, all while he is completely blindfolded by another person and facing away from the participant.

This is probably my favorite effect of this DVD, maybe not the full trilogy though. First off, this is HIGHLY impromptu, won't say it is 100%, but you need what, 2 minutes of prep to prepare something and you're set to perform it anytime (but not really anywhere, will explain). Also, you can perform this without actually seeing anything, so no you're not using the ol' blindfold p**k, your head can be facing away from the participant when performing this. The effect is as good as it sounds, definitely a magician fooler, and definitely something that you're going to immediately want to try and play around with. It really is as beautiful as it is simplistic.

The only downside to this is that you cannot really perform this in all situations as 1, you require a table, and 2, you require another sense that may be easily affected by the environment you're in. But, then again, the whole point of this project is to allow people to find effects that best suit their personalities and the environments that they enjoy performing in.

STFU - A collaborative take on a innovative use of an old gimmick. Essentially you invite someone to take a card, and take a photo of them holding the card, only to have it returned to the deck, completely and cleanly vanish from the deck (they can spread and check), and have it appear in an impossible location. (I personally preferred Ran's handling where you hand them a card to hide at the start and the card they see later actually appears to be that card.)

The effect was decent, I don't think this is a new application of the gimmick, but Andrew and Ran definitely made me think "wow I guess I need to revisit the possibilities of this one gimmick." They spent a great deal of time just sharing ideas and thoughts on presentations and handlings, and even jammed for a bit providing some more fresh and raw ideas. I liked it, but I don't know if I'll do it. It is a very subtle effect (similar to many things put on this project), but I won't say it isn't strong. You can accomplish a lot with this one gimmick, and it can easily hide inside any deck of cards. It did make me think a lot about James' Brown's cerebral steal, and I think it would be a fantastic way to combine Jame's presentation to this gimmick.

Final words: definitely a great watch, maybe not for everyone, still a great routine, unfortunate you only get 1 gimmick.

The formula - a spectator generates a card and a number in their minds, then they deal to their number and their card is exactly at their number (AND THE CARDS CAN BE SHUFFLED!) But wait, you then punch them in the face by revealing the rest of the cards are blank. BUT WAIT, you also reveal that their card is blank!

Mmmhhhhhh where to begin, I'm not so sure on this one, I feel like this would be very controversial. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good effect, I just don't think I would perform it, ever. What I really don't like is the final reveal, it's like doing a colossal blizzard, or stephen bargatze's I hate card tricks, without any actual good kicker. In my opinion both of those effects are stronger because it ends on the impossibility that they could not have picked another card, even though they just THOUGHT of the card! For this effect, instead of feeling that way, it really felt like it was just a simple figuring out of someone's card, but also, hey look these cards are blank. I think for the process, time, and pocket space this routine requires, I would never picked this over the previous two effects I just mentioned.

The pros to this: no sleights, no memory work, extremely easy to do, multiple phases that kind of leave your participant completely unable to trace the effect backwards. Cons: I feel like the effect is not that difficult to figure out, as soon as I saw the first half I immediately knew what was going on, and although I am a magician I feel like this method would not be entirely difficult to debunk if one put a slight amount of effort towards it.

Lastly, Ran Pink's White Room - You really push your participant's imagination and allow them to experience a whole lot though only their mind and your voice, while also allowing them to land on a playing card with you can easily devise within a few seconds.

I'm going to skip out on the patter and experience of the effect because I think that's what Ran and Andrew are trying to provide here. Don't get me wrong though, the effect is still great! In fact I can't wait to try it, but really the presentation and patter are so interactive and entertaining I've been spending a lot of time myself just pretending I'm the participant to allow myself to experience it. Essentially this is a mind reading effect, you devise a playing card, but no playing cards are ever used. The method of divination is absolutely clever, not something I've come across before, definitely fooling, but also rather ballsy and requires a great deal of confidence in performing. I like this, there isn't really much more to say about it, it's a completely impromptu effect, it's just a matter of whether or not the presentation suits you.

Overall, I give the 3rd DVD a 8/10.

I think all of their DVD's are fun to watch, and I think you'll definitely be able to take something away from this DVD whether it's a trick, routine, concept, gimmick, or presentation.
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Any idea where replacement gimmicks can be purchased.
My STFU gimmick has torn Smile
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Question, Are the CM folks considering refills for the STFU routine on Volume3?


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You can obtain them from several gaff decks. Although the difference in those is that the values are often the same but the suits are different (with a court card instead of a spot one). Accomplishes the same thing. Those are easier to find than what came with CM3.
Aerospace Engineer by trade, Magician by passion.

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