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Doc Willie
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Are there tricks you carry around, maybe not all the time, but just in case a specific situation arises?

For instance, I carried Ellusionist'c Chaptrick last winter, and at the end of a meeting I saw a woman putting on chapstick. So I just stated,"Did you know that Chapstick is magical?"

Also I now carry a card with the pips all scrambled in case I see a kid with a fidget spinner. I show two card, with the scramble card DL's, then put the spinner on top of the deck, spin it, and reveal the scrambled card. Then I tell the parent this is what will happen to their childs brain from the spinner (with a wink).
Nala Nosmoht
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Surrey,B.C. Canada,
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I always carry "the fastest quadruple knot in the world" ..... packs small.. visual, kind of silly but with a magical finish.
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Hopefully I'll pass my exams with
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I carry Toosh by Steve Haynes around with me all the time!

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I'm always carrying three things: Triad Coins & Printing (Joshua Jay) and B'Wave. Don't leave home without them.
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I carry a few rubber bands, a box of matches, and a handkerchief. With these items I can perform penetrations and matter through matter effects, and knot tricks with the handkerchief like Slydini used to do. Great for impromptu tricks at the bar. Provided of course that I haven't drunk too much.

A Man's gotta know his limitations ... A Magician sets those limitations.
Gerald Deutsch
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Just my pocket change and a bent quarter
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On Aug 1, 2017, Dick Oslund wrote:
This is the SECOND time that the OP has started a thread with the SAME QUESTION!!!!!!! (cf. "TABLE HOPPERS" A FEW WEEKS AGO!)

In the first thread, he got a variety of responses regarding "tricks" carried. AMBITIOUS CARD,ROBERT BLAKE, AND I responded with approximately the same basic answer: TRICKS are PERFORMED, NOT CARRIED. PROPS CAN BE CARRIED! The BEST PROP FOR INFORMAL SITUATIONS IS SOMETHING GENERIC!

So he's learning. He hasn't got your knowledge or your experience.

But he has bought some tricks from a dealer, carries them to show around, and wondered aloud on here what other tricks people carry with them.

He no doubt read your response, but didn't realise that he was legally obliged to accept it and move on! He thought this was a forum where everyone from beginners to retired pro's could share ideas without judgement or criticsm. You know, the sort of friendly place where you could get help without people making you look stupid.

So get off your high horse for once and give the kid a break.
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Liverpool UK
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I carry props around in my pockets including pen tops, shoe laces, a large washer, a gambling chip and a finger ring. I also have elastic bands around my wrists. It's enough to do a whole close up show wherever I go.
Mark Levenson
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New York
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A bit late to the party but no one's mentioned Haunted Key in this thread, so I will. I don't present it as a trick, but as "one of the strangest things I've ever seen." Tell a story about finding it in my basement, etc. Always gets a strong response. And it doesn't need a table, which is a plus.

I also carry a ball and tube from time to time, with an extra ball bearing. Do a routine with appearances and vanishes of a ball, then do the shrinking, then produce as many balls from the tube as the traffic will bear. I have a set with a solid kicker, and end with that. It's archaic for magicians, but laymen seem to like it.
Mark Levenson
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New York
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Oh, and when I think I might have an opportunity to do something for kids, Rob Thompson's Pizza Paddle.
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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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I always carry a few coins in different pockets, regular coins like quarters and pennies. I also frequently carry a pen with a cap on either end. I always have a couple rubber bands in my wallet. I often carry a stack of business cards that I can use for some pretty good mentalism.
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I used to think that when I am going out socially I shoudnt carry anything with me. Until I started to make name for myself and started to be known at my area. So I am constantly meeting potential clients that would be easier to become clients if I could do something really impressive for them. So I started to plan ahead.

Since I always have my wallet and keys with me where ever I go I started to add tricks into them. However I decided that items cant take any real space or look like they didn't belong into my keys or wallet. So no clear magic tricks or packet effects.

In my keys I have Nick Einhorn Ring flight and Greg Wilson Freakey. I used to have ring flight reel inside key but it broke.

In my wallet I have Extreme Burn set and Changeling set giving me also 65€ of cash in case my debit card doesn't connect. Also there is David Ben credit card extension gimmick on one of my "bonus" cards. Few folded friction pen revelations in papers, business cards for variety of effects and since I had extra pocket in my wallet that I didn't use for anything I ordered extra expanded shell just for my wallet. And in that same pocket I keep double sided coin and bend coin now and then.

I can do pretty strong material out of my wallet and everything seems like it wasnt planned at all but it belongs to wallet anyway. 3 coins don't really take any extra space.

Senor Fabuloso
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I'm taking so much with me all the time. Pen for penetration fire wallet TT staked deck and ID shell coin elastic loops and itr handkerchief and telethought used for business cards. I also have things that are in my jacket topit some pulls key bender and coin bender. I sure there is more but I don't know right now.
No matter how many times you say the wrong thing, it will NEVER be right.

If I'm not responding to you? It's because you're a TROLL!
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A Deck of cards and two coins always in my pockets. Usually a Morgan and a Chinese coin.
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Beverley, UK
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It would have to be - Day One by Scott Cram.
Name a date and a year, I will tell you what day it fell on.
Plus display a calendar of that month if you wish.

It can be as simple as you want it to be.
For example this year ... next year ... or year 1800, 1700
The beauty is, people can check on their smart phones, and see it is "for real".

Does it get any better than this?
Absolutely ... you get fantastic test videos ... and more.

The price is an astounding $9.99 -an absolute steal!
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Day for any date is my go-to impromptu routine as well, but I perform prop-less. Is "Day One" something you would actually carry with you that enhances the effect, or just a method to learn it?

I carry a TT always, and I use a versatile magician's wallet as my everyday.
An actor is a magician performing the illusion of reality.
Corey Harris
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Kansas City, MO
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Usually for me it is just a simple deck of cards and a Lassen Morgan Shell Set. Occasionally I will bring along my Lassen Walking Liberty shell set that I have a gravity flipper with and a slipper sam gimmick. I try not to overload my self these days.
Stephon Johnson
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Razorback Country
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In my pockets:
Left: Morgan Shell set in small snap purse
Coin Fusion (Wilson)
Right: Morgan CSB set in Quiver Purse

In my wallet:
Cool Cash
Volunteer Swindler
WHAT IF you wake up tomorrow with ONLY the things that you THANK GOD for today?
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So.California / Centl.Florida / retired Florida
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Profile of Russo
Note; I used to have people ALWAYS say "do a trick" over and over and over-- SO, I would ask THEM for a Coin or $ Bill - do an effct - then put the bill or coin into MY POCKET - when they asked - Waa - waa?? I'd say "I do this for a living - My Family Thanks You" -no more pestering- of course if they got MAD 0r was Bigger then me - I give it back L-O-L
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Some of you miss the point/value of this type of topic. I read this as "impromptu looking" and "for specific situation". Not when your spectators expect magic or when you pull-out a magic prop. Thus manipulating coin, card, caps or handkerchiefs doesn't apply. You get to use gaffs here, now how will you maximize them?

Not so far named:

Book test: Oasis - Glance - Ultimate Flashback or apps Zeno and Wikitest. Have someone test your "ability" at school or work.
Coins: TUC - Wong's 3 in 1 - Bite Coin (best gaff ever). Counting money at work? Show your mate oh this coin keeps doubling.
Cash: Mismade bill - Streamer from bill (w/ tt) - folded bill that looks like two.
Rings: Odyssey
Cards: Princess - app RA w/ appropriate stacked deck - Return flight - ID - Two card monte - NFW
App: iforce
Pencil: Prismatic Pencil (Lewis's)
Loops: lift - across. for Morelli's work
Misc: color change knives or lighter - Withdraw (cash from card) - Ya Ya vanish of cap - Ignition (key) - Ibalance - Titan's Finger - NUN - What Tha? or Little Hand - Rattled (Haus) - Cause coin to move in spectator hand via Bat device on wrist - Chop (Petty's) - Chop mug - Mojoe - Double Cross - Four Bean Trick
Oh what goodness listed above. My focus was "tricks for the stealth amateur", with the accent on "surprise" and use of invisible gimmick, in most cases. Maybe this list will help you.
My advice only do one trick or three tops, preferably two and don't make it "sting" too much. Some people do "cool" stuff to amaze people (and don't vie for power per se). That's you.
It's not their senses that mislead, it's their assumptions.
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