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Between pushing our 'big Show' out,
I've been popping in and out,
off and on,
with this 'little piano Show'.

'Pian-ini', I call it,
,..from the company 'Kleinway'.

I've always liked the idea of playing 'out-of-the-way'.
With the Pian-ini,
I've been playing back-exits and alleys.
Turning a 'no place' into a 'some place' tickles me.

,...sometimes it works,..

, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .

On day 3,726 of my career,
I was out and about with 'Pian-ini',
in Braunschweig,
heading south.
Sunny skys,..
after two days of rain,
fresh cleaned air.

10 o'clock, around the first corner, other Busker(!).
Being Monday, I thought,
"They had a good weekend."

Walking a bit farther,
no beggars,
no ''shackey-Tom's",
("Handicap going thru an Earthquake" impersonators)
no Johava's Witness,
no gypsy girls pressing roses in my hand,...

at the best Pitch(!!),
a huge poster (!!!),
"Der 2te Braunschweig Busker's Festival"(!!!!)
,..sometime in august,..
I set up.

Ten minutes later,
the city ordanance came and told me to stop. (?)
"The city is trying to clean up it's image."

",...Great! That's why I'm here!"

"If you don't pack up and leave,
will break your fingers,
cut off your eggs,
..and poke holes in your socks."

{well, they DIDN'T actually say THAT.
,...but it felt like it!}

"What's the deal?", I say,
"..Buskersfestival and all?"

"It's orderly. They're all profis."

, I said,
they cut off my eggs.

I packed.

,..and went back to my,
"Out-of-the-way. Just-let-me-play." strategy.
(you guessed it,..i needed the money. 😏)

I found THE spot!
Big. Empty. a Shadow. a Lamp-post. a few Straggelers,..
with time in their shoes.

The right-wing of the Lower-Saxony State Court Building.
Across the street,
the city central police.
(i wouldn't believe that story either(!),
so I 'google-mapped' it!)!1s0x47......IBGAYYCw

I played under the windows, behind the trees.
50 meters from a public urinal.

What tickled me, was this big engraving on the side enterence,
of the Court House.
"The value of the human is untouchable.
All forms of Stately force must be used to protect it."

i needed the money.

"The Moonshine Sonata."
,.the only 'open window',...

,..a second one opened!

"The Can Can."
,..first drop. Smile. and Applause.
(in that order.)

"The 3rd Man."
,..eight folks watching and wondering(!).
There were women as well, I knew they weren't ALL waiting to take a pee.

It was working.

About twenty minutes in,
a man whom I suspect has been half drunk,
for 47 of his 34 years,
dirty hands and all,
..patted me on the back.
,..dropping pennys from a torn plastic bag.
saying, "Brother! you're making my home beautifull!!"

Then, picking up dropped pennys,
...putting some in my plate,
while dropping others behind him,
he yelled out to himself,
"Ain't it great to be alive!"

in this minute,
it was.

. . . . . . . *. . . . . .! . . . .

I wish I could continue,
and tell how I made a kill,.
a hat so fat,
..Dr. Seuss invited me to dinner(!),.
"They re-named the square after me!"
I did manage to finish,..un-mollested.
I did get together a 'pocket-full'.
I pushed to two other corners this day,..played.
We packed up and drove on.

Day 3,726,
the one before 3,72....
I think the importance,
is that we keep playing..
we keep trying..
we keep it 'on the ground'.
We need 'them' as much as they need 'us', 'the day-to-day'.

"The value of a Human is un-touchable."

have a good one folks,
David French
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Profile of ekins
I liked it... a lot. Thanks gallagher.
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Profile of gallagher
I thought I'd slip this in here,....
it's somewhat,.

"Before I can create Tension*,
I must first release the Tension,
in myself,...
and in my surroundings.
Exactly in this order.

Tension distracts 'Logical Control'.

As an Artist,
I need 'Logical Control',
in order to create Tension,
in my Show,
...distracting my Audience's 'Logical Control'.
Thus creating Art."

*Tension: a key ingredient for Theater.

, . . . . *. . . . ö. . . , ß. . . . . . . . . ä. . . . . . . . . . . l. . . . .

on this fine Sunday evening,
I probably would have also prefered
a cool youtube video,..
a picture of Gazzo's tatoo,..
at the very LEAST,
a funny-money-punny.

Someone here once said,
"You can read all the Henning Nelms or Dariel Fitzkee
you want.
You can't 'do it' until you've 'done it'." (Nicky Finn)

I agree, for the most part.

But, after 'doing it',
it's nice knowing,
"what's going on",..
"why is this working,..or not."

I'm not sure we all come to the point,..
or the same conclusion,..
the past week,
THIS hit me.

I consciously formulated this,..
then went about doing it.

I've been perform for years,
( the same pair of socks,..)
it surprised me how calm and consequent I was.

wishing everyone well,
D. Yoder
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Creating art! I like it. Art that exists for just moments in the now, but perhaps for many years in memories.
Paul Budd
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It's a shame he's only made
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Good stuff here.
His face isn't really this long in-person!
Once Upon A Magician blog
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Gallagher...always enjoy reading your writing. Thank you for posting. More importantly, thank you for inspiring...
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
D. Yoder
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Ditto on the inspiring! Thank you for your writing, Gallagher.
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Profile of Goldfield
What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Vincent V.G
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