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Peo Olsson
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Who is the best mentalist you seen?
Be it live, on video or dvd, or tv.
These are those I seen one way or another:
Larry Becker - live
Ted Lesley - live
Max Maven - live
Ian Rowland - video
Derren Brown - tv and dvd
Richard Osterlind - dvd
Luke Jermay - dvd
Patrik Kuff - dvd
Andy Nyman - dvd.

Of all those I did like Richard Osterlind best. I would really like to see him performing live sometime.
To bad we live so far apart. Maybe I will get the chance 2006.

Pictured to the left my hero and me during FISM 2006 in Stockholm.
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Im sure many will agree with your list, Peo. I second everyone on there and include:

Docc Hilford
Kenton Knepper
Mark Strivings
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For me the choice is easy KRESKIN! Second from my list is probably Derren Brown, what a nice caracter he play on his series Smile



P.S. Thanks PEO to ad my name to this list of well know pro Smile
Ian Rowland
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Seen in live performance:

1. Banachek, especially if performing his 'metal work'. Nothing can touch this.

2. David Berglas. Full-length evening show in a huge, sold-out theatre in London's West End. Sheer class and the experience of a lifetime showing in every minute of the performance. Mesmerising and inspirational.

3. Marc Salem. There is a reason why this guy is the most commercially successful mentalist of our era.

4. Andy Nyman. Utterly fresh, funny approach with great pace and performance skill. Incidentally, I don't think any of the Nyman videos or DVDs do his live performances justice.

5. Graham Jolley. Funniest mentalist in the world.

6. Derren Brown. Fantastic adaptation of TV persona to live stage show, albeit with great input from a brilliant team.

7. Eugene Burger. See him perform live, close-up mentalism for laymen, and you see the truly awesome power that his persona delivers.

Only seen on TV, tape or DVD:

1. Richard Osterlind. Class, style and deceptive brilliance.

2. Larry Becker. Just do darned likeable and convincing. He could sell me my own right hand.

3. Kreskin. Not really my cup of tea, but all credit to the guy for his TV success over many years.

There are many other greats as well, but I have to stop the list somewhere. No offence to those I know whom I didn't include. . Working Magic.
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Max Maven was great, so was Docc Hilford. I wish I could have seen your lecture in Maryland. though Ian.... I wanted your lecture notes...
B Wood
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I really enjoy watching Richard Osterlind. I find his understated manner to be enchanting. People watching his performances must be thinking "this guy wouldn't try to fool us - he's too nice!".

One person who was here in Australia recently was Ian Rowland. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see him, but many people here are STILL talking about his performances. I won't make the same mistake twice! Next time I get the chance I will be first in line.

"Can I get the icon in cornflower blue?"
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When did Ian lecture in Md? Wish I had known .......
Greg Arce
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I loved Marc Salem's show. It was classic.
Max Maven is able to hold a room in suspense with just his words.
Osterlind is a genius in presentation and effect.
Derren Brown, to me, is someone that completely knocked me out when I saw he shows.
Banachek has to be The Professor of the mentalist world.
Andy Nyman is The Tasmanian Devil of mentalism.
Kreskin's overall character and approach still fascinates me.
Larry Becker seems to be an endless vault of ideas.
I can only wish to have met David Berglas because his book killed me when I read some of the effects he did.
Finally, I have never seen a better code act than that of Brian & Sue.
That's just a short list and I only included those that I actually saw perform. There are many others that I love, but have only read about their skills and effects.
One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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New York
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I've never seen an audience laugh as much as with Marc Salem (with mentalism, that is). In regards to entertainment value, Salem's the best I've seen.

But the greatest mentalist I've ever seen was Uri Geller - at the Learning Annex. I've never seen so many people climb over each other to look at a fork. I've also heard him live on the radio. You can't see what's going on, but the guy really knows how to bring you in and set your imagination on fire.
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I agree with you procyonrising! Uri was something else. He certainly opened doors for mentalists worldwide.

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
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Sydney, Global
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Darth VEDA, is the true ultimate....or possibly OBI WAN.

I mean doesn't every mentalist want to be a TRUE JEDI..

When ever lay people that I know see DERREN in action they comment that he is a LIVING JEDI master.
Scott Xavier
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Chris Carter- Friendly, clean, and devistating. Live
Banachek- A few years back. Awesome! Live
Docc Hilford- Was polite and very entertaining not as large scale as the 2 mentioned above that's why he's 3rd but I saw him Live
Max Maven- Seen him perform one effect Live
Patrick Kuffs- Super nice, Excellent DVD's, great personae
ME- I see me live about 3 times a night and in the mirror, Im also a great theorist on mentalism and magic.
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1) Max Maven
2) Derren Brown
3) Banachek
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Marc Salem Live great entertaining show
Graham Jolley Live very, very funny great performer
Derren Brown live great stage presence
Ted Lesley Live inspirational got me started in mentalism with his original thinking
Satori Live German mentalist worth the price of the ticket to see his muscle reading live!.
Lee Earle live likeable man good effects
Romark Video over the top mentalist but great showmanship
Rick Maue
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Pittsburgh, PA
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For me, there is no question...
Banachek is simply the best. I have never seen anyone that even comes close to him. He is a great performer, a great creator, and a great thinker. His stage persona is intense, and yet, he is never arrogant. His picture should appear in the dictionary under the word MENTALIST.

Someone else that I would like to mention is Craig Karges, surely one of the most successful mentalists working today. Craig is a wonderful performer, with his greatest strength being how likable his is onstage (and offstage as well). Like Banachek, Craig also takes away all of the arrogance that so many mentalists (and magicians) suffer from during performance. With his relaxed style, he always works with his audience, and never at them. I have always felt that Craig is the Paul Gertner of mentalism, which means he is very talented, very likable, and very successful. He is one of the very best.

Keep the change,
Rick Maue
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What is Best? Not working with stooges? Working with Stooges? Doing spoon bending? Doing booktests?

Mentalists from German speaking countries:

Christoph Borer
Ted Lesley

I like the one and only Tim Conover! Nice personality!
I asked if she like cardtricks. she said:No! I did four...
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Falls View, Vermont
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Gil Eagles. Period.

Craig Dickson
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Pleasant Valley, NY
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Most entertaining?

Maven and more revently to my delight and surprise was

Alain Nu
Tony Razzano
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South River, NJ
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Ok, Ok...not really. I couldn't choose one best. Marc Salem, Banachek, Gerry McCambridge, Ted St. James,Graig Karges, The Evasons, Gil Eagles
best regards,
Tony Razzano
Best regards,
<BR>Tony Razzano, Past President, PEA
Winner of the PEA"s Bascom Jones and Bob Haines Awards
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MIddle Tennessee area
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For me, I like all mentalists!

Really, I love Ted Lesley's thinking on effects. For performance, I wholeheartedly agree that Richard Osterlind probably has one of the strongest performance approaches. He is just so nice and approachable that I really believe it makes his performances that much stronger.
Richard Green
The Modern Conjurer
Host of the Haunted Magic show at House of Cards Nashville!
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