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Max T. Oz
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One challenges of Busking is building a crowd. There are many ways depending on where you are and when.

I have a lot of stategies I may be a slow build as you connect with the audience or a fast build with music and flashy manipulation.

But one of the best builds I've been using the past 3 years is...3 DISK MONTE. Yep, it's just like 3 card Monte but played with solid disks rather than cards. The advantage being...they don't blow away and are much more visual and thus a bigger crowd build.

For those who have never seen the disks thrown:

As you can see they are very similar to cards. Usually I hand out poker chips and the game begins. Lots of audience participation and opportunities for interaction. The game can be short or go on for some time.

If you are interested I have just released a Video and PDF. The Video is on the basics ( what you need, how to hype the disks and mix). The PDF covers the basics and goes into some more advanced items and sleights. Both together are just $15 at

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If you are interested in this game max is the man. He created moves and moved the game further. Highly recommended
Eric Evans
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That's some great stuff there Max.

Reminds me of something that I believe Charlie Miller said, "every great trick has a discrepancy".

Great trick. Though I'd make some of the gestures a little slower, for clarity sake.
Endless West
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A town called Malice
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This looks awesome, and I now want to get it.
I would stop short of saying it's a good crowd builder, though. It looks more like a way to have the fuzz run You off your pitch FAST.
The boys in blue always get suspicious of anything that looks like a monte scam.
Max T. Oz
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It all really depends on where you're performing. As a street performer I've been shut down, threatened, etc for simply doing rope, cards, coins etc. I have never been busted doing the shells or tossing the cards/disks.


It depends where you are and how things looked.

Up here in the great white north (Canada) it has never ever been a problem for me when playing the streets. I've had police come by, watch, check me out.......but it pretty obvious to even the most uninformed that I'm not a conman/scammer. Simply from my dress, demure and charm Smile Same in Australia (though it has been a very very long time since been there)

Europe,s a bit more restrictive. For example, this summer I checked out The Eastern Gallery/Berlin wall in germany as a potential pitch. There was at always 2 monte gangs playing for real. They were not in the least bit open to sharing the wall with me. I would have had much more of a problem dealing with the monte gang than the Police, whom I can usually charm and talk my way out of busking questions.

I have busked many other cities in Germany, performing the shells/monte, No issues. But then again, the shells/monte only make up a potion of the show and usually when I've been approached I doing something else.

Also....and this is a HUGE also at this stage of my life......I am pretty selective at where I perform now. Many of the places I perform are designated pitches, so they know I am there to busk. If a place is potentially a hassle...whether it be drunks, security, police....I simply don't bother. Call it old age.

As for the U.S.A. I can't really comment. Only a few times, and at festivals, which is totally different than setting up downtown in a major American city. You guys can fill in the blanks here as I don't qualify.

Anyways, you bring up a good point for discussion Endless. My experiences are only mine. there may be others who have bhad much more serious encounters with the police. Share if any.

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Great picture Max!

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Manufacture of 3 Shell Game Sets & 3 Disk Monte Sets and
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Hey Max,
GREAT foto!

After seeing it, though,
I have to ask:
"After winning their Hats and Pants,
did you end up with their pistols, radios, and vests?"

(i might be interested in one of those cool vests!)

Max I really love the effect, the technique,
,...the illusion you create with this effect.
It's really special.

I watching it, though,
as the full idiot that I am,
say to myself:
"The Disks are feke."

Max, I know the Disks AREN'T feke(!).
But,..I watch it,..
I think it.

My thoughts went farther,
(i know, you didn't post,
with hopes and desires of advise.
I apologizes first.
"I'm sorry.")

Talking to myself,
I answer myself:
"If those babies were 'beer deckles',
I'd believe."

'Beer Deckles' are (usually) round 'coasters' that you get,
served with your beer, in Germany.
Every Brewery has 'their!' deckle.
Folks collect them.

After talking to myself,
i noticed folks were looking a bit weird at me,..
I continued thinking,..,quietly.
"What if there was a glass of beer brought into the game?"


Max, I'll let you go.
I really enjoy your work.
I am really thankfull.
It's always a pleasure to watch!
And IF, you do happen to have one of those vests,...extra...
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Eternal Order
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Nice routine .. I don't know the diameter, but
look HERE ...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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