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Inject finished in the top 10 in votes last year, so it is understandable why the message had to be said for this year.

Greg also received votes for the Thurston in previous years, so it is not true to say that no one would have voted for him before that comment.
David Jonathan
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The Duster
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I said noone HAD voted for him before

Now all those [who did not consider it] are voting for him [for the Thurston] - which they are only doing so because of a technicality

That is not that he would have ended up with zero

It just looks like he might walk away with it - and only because he was banned from the trick of the year

Anyway the top three for the Thurston will all need to pass a WADA drug test before they are officially put into the record books... if they are clean and have no drugs in their system they will be banned
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Duster, I get your feelings and you make a valid point. But we all need to remember that even though these "awards" can bring financial gain for a product, the main goal is really to be informative and fun for all of us. There has rarely been a year without controversy of some kind. The TOTY and corruption have certainly been linked together before, and much of it legitimate. But it's almost impossible to have this and not disappoint a few people due to one reason or another.

I hope Jamie (or someone) continues it in the future as I always enjoy it. It not only brings to my attention some products I may have overlooked or dismissed, but it also prompts me to look back over what I have purchased during the past year and really think about what my personal favorites are. And it's not always simply the trick I perform the most often.

For instance, this year Whiplash has gotten many votes. I bought that when it first came out and sold it right away, thinking it was something I just wouldn't really use. But the many votes have have made me think about it again and maybe I dismissed it too quickly without giving it a fair shot. This thread has made me re-think about it in ways I hadn't before. So who knows, I may possibly end up buying it again.

But I don't always run out and buy the winning vote getter. Often, I will see something else that may have only gotten a few votes but I feel may be something I would really like and use.

So I think we all have to take it with a grain of salt and accept that even though we may disagree with certain things, overall it's a benefit to all of us IMHO.
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Well said videoman I fully agree.
scenic effects
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I vote for:

1 The Gift. Carbone
2. Easy Cube. Hecklau

Thank you Jamie for doing the work involved in this thread!
Greg Rostami
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Skynet will become self-aware in
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I'm certain all of you would agree, we don't want Jamie to stop hosting the Trick of the Year Thread.
Jamie is being pulled in every direction regarding this issue.

I agree with The Duster.
If you don't feel like I should get the Thurston Award, please vote for whoever you think deserves it.

Unlike TOTY, there's only ONE vote for the Thurston.

My vote for the Thurston goes to:

Angelo Carbone

For his brilliant, creative creations that elevate magic, year after year.
The art of magic owes a great gratitude for "The Gift" that Angelo shares with us.

When it comes to The Trick of the Year , you have THREE votes ... vote for whatever you like.

To me it doesn't matter if I'm in this race or not.
I am SUPER happy with all the support that you've already shown my products.

We love you Jamie (please don't quit),
Greg Rostami
Steven Leung
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I vote for :
1. Rubik’s Dream by Henry Harrius
2. Quiver by Kelvin Chow
3. Cipher by Will, Geraint and Lloyd
Most memorable moment - with Maestro Juan Tamariz & Consuelo Lorgia in FISM Busan 2018.

"Being fooled by a trick doesn't always mean they are having a good time" - Homer Liwag

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Rubiks dream
rd 360
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And quiver
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Houdin award
1. Ox bender , Menny Lindenfeld
2. Conscious Magic episode 1, by Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard
3. Stealth Case, Steve Cook

Thurston award
Richard Sanders.
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I’ve just remembered something else that came out in 2017 that I absolutely love which is Phil Smith’s Root Savant so if I can I would like to withdraw my vote for my own effect (which was released in 2017 despite the couple of pm’s I’ve had insisting it was 2016) and replace that vote with Root Savant.

Thurston I’m still thinking about because there are a couple of people on my list.

Mark Chandaue A.I.M.C.
Harpacrown is available from
Ophiuchus is available from
Totally Free Will is available from
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My votes would go
1) Quiver
2) Humint
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1). Quiver
2) Coin Coilition
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For the Houdin Award:

1 Ox Bender by Menny Lindenfeld (this device literally changed the way I approach close-up metal bending)
2 Quiver by Kelvin Chow (So clever and many applications. It also provided a solution to a routine I've wanted to perform for years)
3 The Gift by Angelo Carbone (After all the pre-hype it actually lived up to the expectations. A tremendous utility device).

Honorable mentions: Cipher App (Will, Geraint, and Lloyd)), The 52-1 Deck (Wayne Fox and David Penn), Ten Card Miracle (Ted Karmilovich), The Marksman(Luke Jermay), Totally Awe-Sum Close-up (Scott Creasey), Stop the Press! (Martin Lewis), Mental Pen (Joao Miranda), Devious Deceptions (Eric Samuels), Insight ESP (Hugo Shelly), and Little Door (Roddy McGhie) even though it was technically released in 2016 but most of us in N.A. didn't receive them until January 2017.

For thr Thurston Award: Craig Filicetti (Yes, Craig wins nearly every year but it's well-deserved. Few creators go out of their way as much to ensure customer satisfaction.
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The Gift by Angelo Carbone

Thurston Award: Angelo Carbone
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First and foremost.
Thank you Jamie for being the amazing gentleman and example for all to follow.
Jamie is once again, freaking AWESOME!

Let’s all follow his lead. Respect the decision, and move on. Some agree. Some disagree. Some have no clue. Some don’t care.
But one thing is the same for us all. We love or at a minimum, like Magic!
I surely would hate to see this go away.


Houdin award
1. RFA Wallet, Anthony Miller RFA Productions
2. The Gift Angelo Carbone
3. Mental Pen by João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

Thurston award
Anthony “Tony” Miller

Thank you so much Jamie your willingness to do this yet again. For nothing, other than you being awesome.
I know you’re more than busy and how this does take time (which you don’t have), patience (you obviously have), and dedication to our art (another obvious trait you live and breathe)

Thank you everyone for getting us back on what this is all about. The magic and keeping the magic going.
You are all awesome!

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My vote for the Thurston award goes to Vic Nadata at Gemini Artifacts. He produces some of the highest quality props using some of the most ingenious methods. He provides the highest quality customer service in the industry and is, simply, a good dude.
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I vote for:
1. Quiver (Still looking to get one but have friends who have it)
2. Tarantula 2
3. Vapr Watch (technically 2016 but presale only, I am waiting on one still but the one I have is great)

My vote for the Thurston award goes to Shawn Farquhar. Such a nice guy and very giving to others, has great customer support and makes stellar products.
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Venom magie factory
Whiplash Josh janousky
Void Agus tiju
Luke Jonas
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1.IS3.Peter Turner
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