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One of the most magical effects on stage, but also the most dangerous. How often do you guys get caught? I've often heard people advise against performing in strong daylight but even in a controlled setting in a theatre with just a normal ray of light on you, the audience may sometimes still see the gimmick.

Is it the movement of the hands to conceal it? The magic is best presented when the cane moves slowly around you. Do you guys move quickly to conceal the gimmick? Tell me how you perform this miraculous act. Thank you!
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Get Losander's cane, and his notes on dancing canes. I have not seen a better dancing cane act in my life.
Daniel Santos
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Yes, Losander's cane looks brilliant. I would also suggest getting his Dancing Wand, for something cheaper. The tips are gold plated and it is an item kids and adults are familiar with. It suits you as a magician. It's the most commom magic prop a magician can have. Also, I'm sure you can use it as a regular wand for the rest of your act. Good luck!

Daniel Santos
If it is to be, it is up to me.
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Along those lines do you think one of those super strong magnets would hold together two sections of a dancing cane or in my case a Creekmore Dancing pool cue?
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The cane is an awesome effect by anyone's standards but the issue of keeping the method unseen is very delicate indeed.
I have seen the cane done dozens of times at conventions and in shows. I can think of one maybe two times I could not see the method at least some.
Jeff McBride suggested putting some silk streamers on the cane at top, middle and bottom (the thumb*** streamers that is!) and the waving streamers create a good bit of misdirection but still......be careful not to be the only one who thinks you cannot see the "whatsit"!
good luck!
"What's your drug?" she asked. "Hope" he said, "The most addicting one of all."
John Cass
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I saw Mike Rogers do this. He used a solid cane (very lightweight). He also recommended that you do the cane while wearing gloves, and take the gloves off as the cane was dancing. It looked great!
Kent Wong
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I've had tremendous success with the Dancing Cane, but you are absolutely correct about the risks involved in it. Losander and Jeff McBride (On Stage) both have excellent advice to help reduce the risk of getting busted. In general, here are some tips to try:

1. Blue Spotlighting
2. No Backlighting
3. Black Jiffy Marker (Can't get into more detail without risking exposure)
4. Keep the routine extremely short.

I've been doing my routine for years. Trust me - these tips work!
"Believing is Seeing"
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I do the dancing pool cue and wear a "busy" dark shirt and the gimmick is rarely outside my shirt area for the short routine. Self-induced black art.
Pete Biro
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Keep it short and learn to light it. NEVER top or back lighting. Don't -- PLEASE -- dim the lights. That's a dead giveaway.

VEry bright, straight front light works great.

Make the dancing primary and the cane secondary.

10-15 seconds max.
STAY TOONED... @ www.pete-biro.com
Michael Lee
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Hello all

I would be very interested to hear your opinion on Copperfield's cane work as was done in his "American in Paris" segment.

The late Peter Pit also did an interesting cane routine.
Any thoughts Pete?


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Hi John,
How did Mike take off his gloves when the cane was dancing?
Hi Michael,
DC used the Creek Noore Cane and yes the routine is excellent.
There is a guy in the U.K called LOki and he also does it well.
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I agree with Mr. Biro. Please keep it short guys!

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer

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I would also like to know how Mike Rogers took his gloves off while the cane was dancing?!
Could you PM me with more information?!
Pete Biro
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I have only seen two versions of the Dancing Cane that "I LIKED."

1: Ken Brooke. He opened his cabaret show by DANCING on, a funny eccentric dance, the cane just came along for the ride. When he got to the mike stand, he stopped, threw the cane off to a waiter (pre=positioned) and said, "Sell it."

2: A French magician, some years ago, at a FISM competition started to do it and the cane went crazy and started to beat him over the head, hit him and knocked him to the floor. NOW THAT WAS FUNNY.

None were endless flings of a stick on a string.

If you ever see a cop at a Parade, like in NY City... they stand around with their billy clubs, on thongs, and do the same moves.

The Walsh Golf club premise was good. You didn't dance it, but it had a balance bit, and a single throw it out and it came back... that's enough.

Do not get greedy with the principle.

STAY TOONED... @ www.pete-biro.com
Bill Hegbli
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Mike Rogers, just did it. He worked it out when he was a teenager, he said. He removed the glove by pulling one finger at a time, then removed the full glove, then the other hand. He only showed the effect when I saw his lecture at Abbott's many years ago.

No one can give this to you on a silver platter, as only hard work and persistence is the answer.
Pete Biro
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And learn to DANCE... the cane should be secondary. Don't turn down the lights either.

Or I will personally come find you and break your cane... Smile
STAY TOONED... @ www.pete-biro.com
Magique Hands
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How safe is it to perform? Well, sometimes out of the clear blue, I get a t****d cut! Never been rushed to the emergency room yet.

Seriously now... Just like any and all types of effects which utilize the gimmick, it is critical that you take into consideration and TESTING of lighting, background, and such. I test all aspects of lighting, background, and audience viewing lines, and if those tests don't pass... it doesn't get performed on that stage, period.

I have produced a nice DVD just on the Dancing Cane. You are more than welcome to go to http://www.magickits.com or http://www.magicmafia.com to order it. The DVD is very detailed, and covers pretty much everything there is when performing the Dancing Cane.

Everyone so far has given GREAT advice on this post. Keeping the routine short, DANCING (a big point to stress), and keeping both hands involved while the cane is moving... it's all great advice.

Have Fun,
- - Troy
"If you go around sprinkling Woofle Dust on everything... people will think 'My... What an odd character." www.magicmafia.com
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I think Peter Loughran's Ultimate Dancing Cane is the best!!!!! A flaming dancing cane!!!! And the flame is 8 inches high!!!!
never try, never know
David Todd
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On 2004-04-19 02:13, Magic_streak wrote:
One of the most magical effects on stage, but also the most dangerous.

It is dangerous. Many have died of boredom watching this effect.
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Again, I have to jump in and tell you fellas about the Dancing Cane 101 DVD. This is put out by Precision Magic, Inc. If you haven't seen this you are certainly missing out!
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