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Here is my handling of Kollosal Killer. This version will appear in my forth coming book, The New Mind Control, and will also be in the next printing of Killer Konceptions. I would like your opinions on it.


Kenton Knepper’s Kollosal Killer is far and away one of my favorite tricks. I have not tried to improve Kenton’s creation; rather I have changed the handling to better suit my personal performing needs. In my version the number of cards that are used has been cut in half. I am not going to go into the construction of the cards and the set up of my wallet. If you want to know that kind of info go out, and buy Kenton’s original Kollosal Killer manuscript.

In this version all that is needed is for the performer to get the spectator to name a red card. Therefore, Equivoque is used to eliminate the black cards. This sounds like a simple task, but there is quite a bit to it.

Before I go into the Equivoque, I will give you my patter and presentation that leads up to the sequence. I begin by placing my wallet onto the table. I then go into the following speech.

“In my wallet I have a prediction. It is a playing card, but this is not a card trick. It is just that it is easier for me to carry a card in my wallet as a prediction than it is an Elephant, or a Cadillac. I am going to tell you right up front that the card is not an ace. Aces are just too obvious. If I told you to name any card, and you named the Ace of Spades, and I pulled the Ace of Spades out of my wallet, everyone would think that I guessed that the Ace of Spades was the most obvious card. So, the card in my wallet is not an ace.

What I am going to do is not have you just guess which card is in my wallet. I am going to use Mind Control on you. Concentrate. Now, name the card that is in your mind.”

One of two things will now happen. The spectator will name a red card or she will name a black card. If she names a red card, great; produce it from your wallet. If, on the other hand, she names a black card, you must use Equivoque. To do this, and have it make sense, you make a joke by saying, “EEEP! Wrong! That
is not how Mind Control works. If I just said name a card that would mean that I want you to guess at the card in my wallet. In order to use Mind Control, I need you to use your mind, or your imagination if you will.”

It is my belief that most performers would perform this Equivoque somewhat like this: “Name the Black cards or the red cards.” If the black cards are named the performer would say, “Okay, we will get rid of those.” As I stated in Mind Control, it is my strong belief that it is very important that you use the spectator’s choices in one way or another. Therefore, what I do is go into a kind of “Invisible Deck Routine”. I hold up an imaginary deck of cards, pantomime removing it from its case, and cutting it into two piles. I then tell the participating spectator that one of the piles contains all of the black cards while the other pile contains all of the red cards, and that I would like her to pick up either pile. She does so, and then I ask her which pile she selected. If she selected the red pile, I then pantomime the action of picking up the box, and placing the black cards, which are still on the table into it.

If, on the other hand, she picks up the black pile, I say, “Now, I don’t want to touch anything.” This gets a chuckle as everything is imaginary, but it makes the next move logical. I then say, “So, would you please pick up the box, and place the cards that are in your hand back into it.” This way, the spectator performs the act of elimination, and it is all logical, and beyond suspect. No matter which pile she initially picks up, the red pile will be left out of the box, and still in use.

You could, of course, now tell her to select any card out of the red pile, but then we go back to the “Too Good Theory”. To overcome this, I now give her a choice that does not matter. I tell her to separate the Hearts and the Diamonds. She will pantomime this. After she has finished, tell her to look them over carefully, and to pick up the suit that she does not want, and place those cards back into the box. When doing this, if you put the black cards into the box, pantomime holding the box out toward her. If she placed the black cards into the box, let her do everything.

Now, with only one red suit left on the table, you could have her name any one of those cards (except the Ace, of course), but then we go back to the “Too Good Theory”. So, what I do is have her spread out the cards, and push one of them out away from the rest. I then tell her to pick up the remaining cards, and put them back into the box. This is all done so that after beginning with a full deck of invisible cards on the table, you end up with one invisible card on the table. Remind the spectator that she chose everything, and that out of 52 cards she has eliminated 51 of them (actually she only could eliminate 47 cards, because you eliminated the aces at the start, but don’t remind her of this!). Only now do I ask the identity of her selected card, and produce it from my wallet.

This is one of the most powerful, impromptu mental routines that I do. Try it once or twice, and you will want to do it every chance you get. It is a KILLER!:devilish:
Greg Arce
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very nice, dpe666. I have worked out my own version of this plot and have been using it for the past four years. In the last two years I worked out the method down to one card. Yes, one card. I drop and envelope in front of the spectator and start talking, He or she will always end up with the card in that envelope. I did it for Ichazod at the convention and it took him a bit aback as he said he was trying to deduce which card "not" to call out... but I got him anyway.
In the near future I might write it up here in the Cafe.
One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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I was "influenced" to purchase KK from David at after he did his routine on me! It was awesome and i have loved it ever since. I perform it in much the same way, but i chose to keep the original amount of cards in my wallet. I do the trick the same way David explained with the exception of giving the spectator the opportunity to change their mind and freely choose any other "eliminated" card out of the invisible box. Although they almost never choose to change, but i wanted to allow for this so i keep all of the cards (black and red) in my wallet. Thanks for sharing your patter and routine David!

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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