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I wish I could be as eloquent in writing a review, as Sudo Nimh is in his writing of this first manuscript of Skeletons From the Closet. I am grateful for his generosity of time in writing, edititing, and layout, along with a wonderful effect. This is something that I feel I will be presenting. Thank you Sudo.
Sudo Nimh
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Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Wravyn. I am pleased that you enjoyed 'Skeletons' and even more so that you will be presenting this.
Sudo Nimh
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There has been a few attempts made at the easter egg - none successful. So hopefully this should clear things up and I shouldn't need to fill in the gaps.

Imagine this:

You've been booked to perform for a function. While on the phone with the host, you ask them to supply you with a sealed deck of cards for the event.

At the event, you're about to perform this effect and request that the host give you the deck which you then unseal. The deck is LEGITIMATELY shuffled numerous times so that everyone can see that they are very thoroughly mixed. You then don a blindfold.

A participant cuts off a portion of the deck from anywhere they like, then remembers the card on the face of their packet. They replace their packet back on top of the tabled remainder of the deck and square same. All of this occurs while you are turned away and blindfolded the entire time.

A second participant now does the EXACT same thing that the first participant did. And again, you are still turned away and blindfolded the entire time. Two cards have now been selected in an utterly fair manner. It is of interest to note here that not a single card in the deck has even changed place.

Explain that in a moment, you are going to show the cards to them one at a time, and that when either participant sees their card, they are to simply *think* "stop!"

Using one hand, you now pick off the top card of the tabled deck and display it to the participants for a brief moment and then set it aside. You continue to do this for several cards and then suddenly say "I just heard a very loud 'Stop!' Is this somebody's card?"

One of the participants says "Yes!" and you get a round of applause. That card is set aside with the others and you continue displaying cards one at at a time. Again, you stop at some point while displaying one of the cards and say ""I just heard 'Stop!' again! Did I get it?"

The other spectator says "Yes! That's my card!" and you get another round of applause. That card is replaced with the others and the participants are asked to gather up the deck and place them away inside the case which they then pocket.

You now remove the blindfold.

Gazing intently at the first participant, you now ask them to focus on the card in their mind's eye. After a moment of concentration, you name their card! A huge round of applause follows.

Turning now to the second participant, you do the EXACT same thing!

For those who haven't read this issue of 'Skeletons' the deck is, in fact, 100% normal, and at NO time ever do you even see the face of a single card - because you don't need to in this effect! This is NOT an exaggeration - as anyone who has read this Issue will attest.

For those who have read the Issue, I think you should be able to piece together the egg now. Smile
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I just read that first issue of Skeleton in the Closet, and I urge you to do the same. A great effect is presented in full detail, with very interesting insights and history. I really hope Sudo would go on with it and come up with such great and yet unused material.
Thanks Sudo for the share (and the personal private share too, it's really touching) and the excellent work, it's been a real pleasure to read, I'll try this routine ASAP now !!!!!!!!!
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Sudo had told me and shown me azbout everything that's in this issue. He had fooled me with one of the routines, smiling honeslty while lying to my face Smile with an ease that shows the seasonned performer he is.

But I asked him for the document anyway!

I think what he releases is worth collecting and I don't want to miss any item.
But that one in particular had a lot of appeal:

- Bringing back up an oldie. I like browsing through old material a lot, because most of the "new stuff" is merely old stuff, in a new dress at best. Probably 90% of the methods I use were published before 1950.

- Not only giving the "dressed-up" routine, but also walking the reader through his thought-process. When writing my own publications, I often hesitate about doig so, because not everybody is interested in the making, many people just want the "finished product" (and that's perfectly all right). But for those who do like to build and adapt, that's candy Smile

- Adding some trivia. I love to learn about people and what kind of person was someone I only know because of a name attached to a move. I had no idea who Bob Hummer was and the part about his life and personality is an important and tasty part of Sudo's cake Smile

Even if you are attracted to one of those features only, you'll find it's worth your while. For instance, the way he does an otherwise classic shuffle is a very nice and convincing touch, something you will adopt instantly. It's also bits and pieces of his experience he spreads like icing that makes this so enjoyable.

Oh! And he also put some work in the layout, to give it an old-fashioned look that fits the mood perfectly.

Nice job! And thank you for giving it!!! Smile
"A friend is someone who know you well but loves you anyway" H. Lauwick
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Sudo Nimh
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Thanks Dominique and Cervier for the kind thoughts.

Cervier: The look on your face when I told you "I was lying" was priceless. Smile

For those curious, I executed a false shuffle in front of him that is extremely deceptive while very emphatically stating "No, really - look closely - I want you to see that it REALLY is a REAL shuffle and that the cards REALLY are being shuffled very well". Since he bought the shuffle, it killed any way for him to later backtrack the method behind the effect I was performing. I picked up this strategy while studying with Eugene Burger.

One day Eugene performed his Devil Deck routine for me. At the finale of the routine, I immediately suspected the deck. As my eyes traveled from the odd-backed card on the table to the deck in his hands, he had anticipated this and was waiting for me. As my eyes met the deck, he smiled broadly and said "Here - check'em out!" and put the deck in my hands. I didn't find anything and was very stumped. Why? Because I didn't REALLY look carefully - because I believed him! And yes - Eugene was able to lie through his teeth while smiling with complete confidence and zero guilt. The deck was rigged - and more than just a little. That lesson was never lost on me.

It seems that there is a little confusion about some of the conditions that I mentioned in my last post - based on some of the PM's I received. I am trying to be careful to not reveal too much here because this section is public - hopefully this helps:

Naturally, you tell the host which brand of cards you prefer to work with. You could just as easily mail the host a sealed deck to hang onto until the performance. I wouldn't recommend this for a stage show, but my audiences were typically wealthy folks who were hosting cocktail parties at their homes - and in that environment, it is viable. Also, it is YOU that shuffles the deck, and while the cards are being legitimately shuffled, they are being shuffled into...Juan's "thing". Smile

Hopefully that makes sense? I am not suggesting that I'd *actually* go that extra mile - I just wanted to point out the possibilities available.

The easter egg is simply combining the two things laid out in this Issue of 'Skeletons'. The two together give you a THIRD option - thus the clue 1+1 = 3.
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Dear Sudo,

Congratulations for the layout, the writing and the content !
One of the next days I will send you a PM ...
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Sudo was kind enough to send me the first issue, apart from how professional the PDF looks, this is a fantastic update of an overlooked Bob Hummer principle, and ideal for us memdeck users, although you don't have to use one as Sudo covers an alternative. I highly recommend sending him a PM and getting this, especially for free, but do send him a donation so that this can continue!
Rich Morrell
The Magician Blog
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I just read through Sudo's publication.

I'm a reader, with a fairly well stocked library, and yet I've never heard the story of Bob Hummer's life as was presented in Skeletons From the Closet.

That for me was the highlight. Fascinating stuff.

Thanks so much.

Tom Cutts
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The production values, are first rate, as is the material and explanation of the thinking behind it and process of getting there. An amalgum of the two routines can be constructed to be truly devastating on many levels, both for magaicans and in the real world. I look forward to watching this project evolve.
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Profile of Relick666
I'm glad to see you're back Smile

This looks amazing.

As usual, I think you're being very generous with your work!

- Andreu
Tom G
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Profile of Tom G
Sudo, well done. I enjoyed your thought process and the dissection of the effect and the rebuild. As Oscar pointed out, I really knew nothing of Bob Hummer, except as a card guy.
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Profile of Paradise
Just got the book Sudo, Thank you, looking forward to reading it at the weekend
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I have bought a few effects from Sudo in the past and he has shared quite a few with me without charging. When I saw this thread, I just couldn't wait to get his latest release.

Sudo generously shared it with me. The book looks great. He could've just written down everything in a plain Word document and then turned it into a PDF but he made his book look beautiful. It's fun and easier to read a book when it's put together beautifully.

Now... About the effect... It's Wonderful. It's great to read how Sudo thinks and how he takes something that others will most likely ignore and turns it into a gem. When I read the original effect, I thought I would never perform it. But, when I read Sudo's version, I was like, "WOW!"

Thank you Sudo for your hard work and generosity. Much Appreciated!
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Profile of yachanin
Hi All,

This little gem nicely illustrates why I've been a fan of Sudo's work since he first arrived at the Café... elegance in method and directness in presentation. It's hard to imagine your spectators would even consider anything is amiss and they will surely walk away mystified by what you've done. If this first edition of Skeletons From The Closet is any indication of what's to come, we are all in for a treat!

Regards, Steve
Pit Boss
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It is, and I'm sure will continue to be, fantastic. If you can, please Paypal Sudo a contribution for his time and effort.

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I requested this from Sudo as soon as I saw his first post and he generously sent me a copy. It is a wonderful enhancement of a great Hummer trick. I have been a fan of both ideas/principles involved, especially the second that Sudo adds to the Hummer trick. Request this from Sudo and please make a donation. Thank you Sudo. Best Wishes.
Watching those electrons dance on the adiabat, from Franck-Condon to the Asymptote.
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I am not keen on using playing cards for mentalism type effects (or conjuring or mental-magic either) -- juts me and early mentoring.

But I do like the method and Sudo's refinements. So, I immediately thought of business cards.

Many restaurants have a bowl in which folks drop business cards for a later drawing for a free lunch or desert.

I can envision having a person at my table go up un borrow about 20 of these cards, place them in a stack and hand them to me.
These I would shuffle and have two people select one each by Sudo's described methods. (faces down)

I would then haver each person concentrate on their selection and reveal it in a variety of ways. The easiest would be to shuffle again
with a messy Hindu and drop the two cards into my lap.

Obviously, I would have previously swiped a bunch of cards are arranged them as "one way" for a switch. The backs of most cards have printing
or a hand written message. No suspicion since these are random, borrowed cards.

The advantage the appearance of a completely random selection of two objects from a random stack of unfamiliar objects,
The revelation of the of the selected cards can have great variety as to color, names, occupation, picture, etc. --
that is close, but not exact descriptions.

Thanks for the inspiration.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

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Sudo Nimh
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So happy to hear that everyone has been enjoying this project. I'm hard at work on the second issue, which I'm hoping to have ready by Friday or sometime on the weekend.

Thank-you for the kind words.
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This is again great thinking as always from Sudo. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

I just wanted to mention that if one does not uses something like Juan's 'thing' they can still reveal the selections if they are using a marked deck and they also won't have to cut the cards after the shuffle. I like using the DMC Elites because the marking is so deceptive but so easy to read if you know what to look for.
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