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The PDF is great!
Great layout and great routine.
I also enjoyed the story about Bob Hummer.

Really like the routine with "Juans thing" and will try it next time on my magic buddies.

I'm excited about the second issue.
Sudo Nimh
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On Mar 12, 2018, sennheiser wrote:
I'm excited about the second issue.

Me too! I think it should be ready in a few weeks.... Smile

(Just kidding. It's available...NOW!)
Steven Keyl
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I know I'm late to the party but just wanted to say I've had the chance to sit down with the first issue and came away impressed with how Sudo was able to breathe life into an old principle that most (including me) would have skipped over if reading the "classical" version.

The effect and methodology are right up my alley and I can definitely see using this in a parlor-type situation. As per usual, some excellent thinking results in a workable and practical effect that you should be able to get some mileage from.

Kudos, Sudo!
Steven Keyl - The Human Whisperer!

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Dr Art
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In addition to appreciating the workings of this effect, I also enjoy simply looking at the design layout of the issue. Well done, Sudo. The Hummer history is pretty fascinating and somehow eerie and gives the publication another tidbit of enjoyment.

The quality of this publication has a collectors feel to it and I look forward to what is next. And thanks for your generosity to the magic community.
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As witnessed in Sudo's earlier releases, his knowledge of our craft and keen ability to tweak a routine in such a way as to separate the wheat from the chaff are both impressive indeed.

The intriguing illustrations, easily read font, and overall 'feel' of Skeletons From the Closet Issue One, are reminiscent of the aesthetically pleasing and impeccably presented periodicals and newsletters from days gone by.

I continue to be delighted by Sudo's routines, often poignant writing, and profound generosity.

Looking forward to future issues.


“Magic is very easy to do - poorly.”

Tommy Wonder
The Books of Wonder
Volume 2
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Indeed, very nice and easy reading with interesting background information and good ideas. Thanks for the sharing !
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Sudo, I to would like to receive your Skeletons from the closet. I’m late to the party, it it possible to get both issues.
Thanks Dan
Mr. Mindbender
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Finally got the chance to spend some time reading through the first issue. Really brilliant thinking Sudo, in so many ways. First off, the concept of Skeletons from the Closet is long over due. I'm as guilty as they come for wanting to see the newest "thing", yet I have a bookshelf of resources that I rarely re-read. Thanks for inspiring me to head back to the bookshelf and find some skeletons on my own!

Second, the layout and design is terrific. Easy to read and visually appealing.

Then, there's the actual material, which as many have already pointed out is wonderful thinking on Sudo's part. Love the history and love that the smallest details are covered. For example, I've always played around with trying to find a way to improve the Charlier-Haymow Shuffle, and Sudo has a simple, yet brilliant suggestion!

I have the second issue in may inbox and can't wait for the weekend when I'll have the time it deserves to dig in!

I've spent more on much less in the past so am happy to send along a well deserved monetary contribution in hopes that it helps to continue this wonderful series!
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I concur with Mr. Mindbender. I, unfortunately, didn't get the opportunity to read this till now and in my opinion, all the positive reviews are completely justified. There's not much for me to say that hasn't already been said, but the best thing for me is the idea and notion of this series.

I firmly believe that we have to look backwards to move forwards and with this series, Sudo has quite coherently demonstrated something that many people ignore, that is, the effects from the past can and should be used if one endeavours to apply his own creativity to them. After all, most of what we are doing is reinventing the wheel and hopefully, this series results in more people looking back at classic texts rather than just the latest offering.

Thanks a lot, Sudo.
Senor Fabuloso
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I didn't read all 4 pages of posts so if I'm duplicating something I apologize. I'd like to start with how generous I think Sudo is with his material and how grateful I am for all he has given me personally and to the community. Personally I'm a kindred spirit of the man and believe that we have shared similar trials and tribulations in life. Many artists that I know are plagued with a dark cloud that seems to encompass their entire lives. The suffering of life's disappointments seems almost necessary for the creative process to shine brightly. So out of darkness comes light. Now I don't know for sure if all of that's true but I do know that my life has certainly seen it's fair share of darkness so I was intrigued when reading the description of Bob Hummer. I will admit in non egotistical fashion that I have been in such places and similar circumstances and that's all I have to say about that. What I will say however is that pain can and often will lead to great pleasure and I'm pleased to be reading Skeletons From the Closet. My hap-handed segway not withstanding I do like this work.

In this first issue we have a card effect but like all good card effects in mentalism the cards are used as just an item to focus the participants attention on. They are almost incidental. Meaningless, if not for the fact that we need the mind to have but one thought out of the many we would normally have. That is what it seems like in the effect. There are basically two techniques employed in this effect. One grossly under utilized and the other used but rarely in conjunction with the first. You will have to read the magazine to learn anymore as I don't want to ruin it for you.

Thank you again Sudo for all that you do for the community and for me personally. Friendship is something you can't put a price on.
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Reading through this issue is a journey. While many manuscripts discuss effect and method, this manuscript shares process. At couple of times, I stopped and started thinking 'how would I improve this' only to be intrigued by the simplicity of Sudo's solution.

The routine is a gem and by the end of the manuscript, it has become truly a 'piece of mystery'.

I know I will use this and I know I am excited to read volume 2. See you again in that thread Smile

And thank you very much Sudo for sharing this. Many releases today aim for a quick buck but Skeletons Fron the Closet aims to preserve our art by tapping into the past and bringing it up to date.

Grear work Sudo!
Mr. Woolery
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I have thanked Sudo privately for this, but wanted to thank him in public, too.

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I enjoyed reading the first and the second issue of Skeletons From The Closet.
The PDF is great!
Great layout and great routine.
Really brilliant thinking Sudo,
Thank you Sudo for all that you do for the community.

All the best.

Sudo Nimh
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You're all VERY welcome. Thank you for the heart-warming thoughts fellas.
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I've just got round to reading this. It is clever and direct.

Well done Sudo
"We judge a book by its cover and read what we want between selected lines" - W. Axl Rose, circa 1992.
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Sudo, Thank you again for you generous contribution. The layout and format is very professional and easy to read. It is great to see old effects reimagined and updated. More than the effects I love reading about the thought process behind it. Creativity is something that is hard to teach and demonstrate and yours comes through in spades. I look forward to each and every additional issue.
John Gilmore

"I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life - all mystery and magic." ~ Harry Houdini

"To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!"
~ Alfred Tennyson
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I've only just discovered this thread. What a breath of fresh air for "Penny". Bravo, Sudo. Your offer of 'skeletons' is so in line with your generosity and your artistic mission.
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PM-ed you Sudo but haven't heard back.
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Sometimes when you read something, you can feel the heart, soul and kindness that went into making it.

The effects offered in “Skeleton’s from the Closet” are terrific, incredibly clever. And the concept is remarkably respectful- to heed Eugene Burger’s advice, to study books written and published before we were born and to build on the thinking of those times.

The whole thing is so well done and feels like a sincere, kind-hearted love-letter to both mentalism and to our community.

There’s a story of redemption in there too.

Paying homage to creators of the past, lovingly and cleverly improving their work, and offering it freely?

Thank you Sudo for opening the closet. Greatly appreciated.
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I received the first issue and enjoyed a lot while reading and imagining the reactions of the audience.

I performed it yesterday in my magic club exactly as stated in the document and everybody was shocked with the effect.

Thanks again for sharing
So much to do, so little time . . .
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