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On Apr 4, 2018, paul1804 wrote:

Hi, I think you misunderstood the ad for Thoughtcast.
The basic package which is $599.00 does include the impression device. A spare board is available for $200, what it states is that you must already own the Thoughtcast system to use the board.

I might have misunderstood the Ad. However I based my comments on this Ad that I came across on my search:


Even if one considers the very Basic Package (including the impression device), the price for the App still works out to a whooping $400.

Please Note: I have made my own impression device using the standard App that comes free with the Slate device. The whole contraption embedded in a Whiteboard cost me around $200 (+ my DIY efforts) and is serving me well for over six months. BTW, the impression board I constructed is a dual purpose board - It works as a Whiteboard (making use of a dry erase marker) as well as a Blackboard (making use of a chalk stick). This is only for info purpose please.
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I have been enjoying my ThoughtCast device and app package for a couple of weeks. I have used the board in a specially customized leather folio built to enclose the board completely. The reactions I have received from my early “victims” have beern wonderful. Nothing short of absolute shock. I cannot comment on less expensive approaches to the same effect since I have not tried them. I can only say that I am delighted with ThoughtCast and just ordered two artist sketch pads as alternate concealment choices. Btw, there is also an option to buy several special writing devices (a ballpoint pen, a regular Sharpie, a Jumbo Sharpie and one other) that have all necessary technology completyely built in.
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Hey Everyone, this is Benjamin! I'm the inventor/creator of the ThoughtCast project! I never really post on here (I only got an account on here to be able to search), but someone mentioned this thread and, since you guys are talking about ThoughtCast, I thought I would take a minute to mention a few things and end a bit of confusion...

First, if you have a facebook account (and I know you all do), you're all welcome to join the ThoughtCasters facebook page. We regularly post updates there, as well as tease our new products and post about sales and discounts. You can join by going to thoughtcastapp.com/facebook. Pretty simple Smile

Second, I want to address Ustaad's comment: if you own a iskn slate, or a wacom bamboo folio, or any one of the "lay public" electronic impression pads and it works great for you in your show, GREAT! It is certainly the most economical choice, and for some performers it's all they need. However, I made a app for the slate, for mentalists, because the default app wasn't enough for me and I thought "I can't be the only one who wants an app for this). Do not eschew an app that is that expensive as being overpriced/not worth the money. Besides this, I'm a professional animator. I use a program (Cinema 4d) that costs me $3600! Ben, you're insane to pay that much for software you may say? Except I make my living with it, so I've paid it off (plus the $10k mac it is installed on) probably 20x over (estimate, I'm not super rich just so you guys know).

The reality of it (and what I've learned since starting producing software) is that it is not easy. Not a product like this. Not by a mile. The amount of testing, rewriting, recoding, frustration, etc etc that goes into software development is insane. If you don't believe me, ask Marc Kerstein or Myke Phillips, they will tell you. And honestly, their apps are dirt cheap for what you are getting. Wikitest and iunlock your mind are genius and probably the least expensive effects in your repertoire.

With us, and with the Slate sdk being what it is, we have to own every iphone we allow this product to work on. You heard right. I own every iphone from the iphone 6 to the iphone x. Because when you're testing and someone says "this doesn't work right", you have to have those devices to load up and recreate the problem, because the debuggers wont tell you what is happening unless the phone is plugged into a computer and running xcode when the problem happens. Face of life. The other fact is, with apps like Marc's and Myke's, they can do whats called simulation, where the app runs on their computer in a virtual phone window, to test it and make sure it works. Not us. In order to write an app compatible with the slate, every time we want to test it, it has to be loaded onto the phone and tested manually. Its not easy either way,

Plus, iphone developers are expensive. Want to make a great living in todays day and age? Don't be a magician, be a software engineer. It's not easy (neither is magic), but the demand is insane and even decent coders make six figure salaries. The friend of mine coding ThoughtCast is a great dude but its still only one guy, and it takes him a lot of time to get everything right. It all has to work just so, and even I wanted like 30% more features and functions that aren't in this version due to time (watch out for thoughtcast 1.2 and higher Smile )...But, at $200-500 an hour, coders are expensive...

And, on top of that, this is a niche of a niche product. It's meant to serve not just magicians, not even a subset of magicians (mentalists), but a subset of a subset (mentalists who use electronics). So, right off the bat, the market is small, microscopic even. I know, what about Facebook and Yelp, those apps are free and work great! Are they? Remember, when you don't have to pay for something, you are the thing being sold (and let me tell you, facebook advertising can get to be pretty expensive as well)...

But, I knew this had to exist. I knew there were people who, like me, wanted an impression pad that could be customized to look like any pad and use any pen, plus have a boatload of functions that just don't exist on other people's impression pad solutions. So, we basically flipped the business model. The competition (mind buster, mind pad, etc) are all VERY expensive at the onset, but you're not paying for just the pad. A big chunk of your buying dollar goes into the software that makes that pad work. So, we focused on just that. Instead of expensive pad, free app, we did expensive app, inexpensive pad. And, with this model, we have enough revenue coming in to fund not only ios update revisions for a while (yup, you gotta rewrite/make changes every time apple does), but a ton of new features that even they cynics of the Café will be drooling over. I'll be (hopefully) demoing some of these at magic live, so come find me at my booth and we'll chat (and you'll get a free sticker or pin, your choice)...

Plus, the price is high because I want people to be beyond stoked to get this, and I want to make sure my user base is small, but we made enough money that we can just replace units or recode stuff when it breaks. More users sometimes = more problems. Plus, who offers a money back, no questions asked guarantee? Me. I think I might be the only one. Don't fact check me on that. Maybe penguin does too, but they have a much bigger payroll than I do.

So yeah, I hope this explains things and makes them clearer. As always, I'm literally an email away if you guys have more questions: hello@thoughtcastapp.com. Don't message me here, I almost never check them. I also check my facebook messages too, so that's a good spot to hit me up. But, I'm an open book when it comes to my product, and I know if you decide to give us a try, you'll be blown away by how it customizes to your trick (and if it doesn't work for what you're doing, you can let me know and either I'll add the feature or it will be in the works)...we have a solution for smaller pads coming soon, and we're coding an android version as I type this, so hopefully if your question was one of those two, I answered it for you Smile

Thanks for talking about my cool little thing, I hope if you got it you love it, if you don't love it you tell me, and if you don't have it you'll try it out.

See you guys in vegas Smile
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Waking up this old thread with a question about devices like this:
Have any of you tried if a marker such as the one you use with Parapad, Psypher, H-Pad etc works on a device like this?
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Excellent WPR from David Penn and Sean Heydon at World Magic Shop on ThoughtCast Pro: https://youtu.be/MvaTL3eC9Mk?t=1204
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I use Mind Buster and love it...Mine has been super-reliable and has been a welcome addition to my small stage/parlor act. When the first version of Thoughtcast was released I was intrigued, but mostly because of the lower price and having the option of using a Sharpie marker. But once I learned how heavy the device was I decided to pass. However, this new version (particular the wood clipboard) looks terrific and is only 8mm thick. I also like the larger size because it can hold a standard 8.5" x 11" pad of paper. For me, this opens up a lot of exciting possibilities. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to invest in one of these soon; especially if Benjamin offers a sale.
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I would definitely buy one of these if he offered a smaller version for closeup. While I would use a larger one for stage I would get say more use out of a closeup version.
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I loved the World Magic Review, on this. It looks great.
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Rather than starting a new post, let me beat a dead horse. I have not had an occasion to use mine, and in reading up realized Benjamin is phasing out Android. Has anyone here tried this out using an emulator? I'm rather fond of my android and not sure if it's worth it to get an iphone just for an effect.
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