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Hello guys,

I wanted to share this with you. Because, in some way, you're a part of it. So, here it is : we (a friend and I) performed in the street, for complete strangers. He plays the guitare and I do magic. It may seem easy. It was not. What a long journey to come there. And what a road left beyond.

How did it begin ? I start learning magic more than a decade ago. Then I watched "Tales from the street" by Kozmo. By there, I knew that -someday- I'd like to do that. So I started documenting : Gazzo lectures on penguin and Murphy's, Pop Haydn' book : "Street Magic", lectures by Cellini on reelmagic, the one of Chris Capehart, Bobby Maverick and so on (for those directly related to busking). All great and solid material. But what a gap between what they do and what I can do...

In parallel, three years ago, I started talking with my friend of doing a show, he and I, in the street. He had already played in the street but with a band. I was performing magic for strangers in bars when I was going out. But this is not the same business at all. We kept on talking and talking about doing it.

And last sunday... We did it ! We went to a park. There was a security agent watching over pieces of contemporary art. And musicians payed to be there as we found by talking to them. We went a little bit away. There were fewer people. The security agent didn't said a word when we passed in front of him with all our stuff.
Then we began setting our props :an amp for the guitare, a table and a sign. It feels awkward ! But you know what ? People didn't care. They were passing by, looking at us, reading the sign and then vanishing. So we started talking to them as they looked at us. And it was on.

So. What to analyze from it ?

-We actually did it.
-There were not so many people, so we were abble to stop like a whole familly at the time and then one or two passersby will join us, but no more (let say 10 people by group max). This was great for a first time. No pressure. But I strongly feel that with a more crowded area we could have had a much more bigger group.
-First it feels awkward. But it became more and more natural. You found your lines and jokes. People are laughing, wondering and interacting. But still. At some points there were blanks. Didn't know what to say.

It was a great experience. And I want more. Next step ? Have the show script and rehearse it. I think it's better to miss everything I do and being abble to say something and making people laugh than have the best magic but not knowing what to say (unless you're performing a silent act). I feel that with a great script you could miss everything and say, at the end "well, I DID fool you. I'm not a magician I only PRETEND to be one. I do stand up. Hope you enjoyed it,that's what I do for a living, thank you" and pass the hat.

We have to try it on a more crowded area and -when ready- pass the hat.

All these years, I was reading you. Dreaming of doing it. So... Tnank you !
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Youri, welcome to the Family.

It's a shadey herd,
...but passonate.

Und,...bon Chance!

p.s.: Please continue writing
and sharing your storys(!).
I'd love earing more. 😊
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so much in a few words. "Welcome to familly" : I was quickly adopted, those hard to tame recognize their own kind ? It's a privilege.
To share my stories ? It sounds like a promess to me. Someone, at some point said : "nothing's lost as long as you've got a great story and someone to hear it". Don't know who he was but he surely was wise. Very well then, I'll try to walk that unknown road and share it with whoever wants to read me.
My English is rusty but as so I'll polish it.

Speaking of who could read me or won't : Mvoss if you do, I just want you to know that your writting called "I'll never meet Cellini" was the saddest thing I've read for a while. Beautiful though. I disgress.
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Youri as you say "We actually did it!"

Now say it a hundred times dancing in the streets.

It is truly amazing and wonderful you have done.

The next thing you have to do is actually do it again. And as much you need to work on and build on what you do, nothing like time on the street to speed up that process.

But most of all well done and get out there and have a blast!
Enjoy your magic,

and let others enjoy it as well!
Pop Haydn
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The street will give you a lifetime of confidence that you can survive anywhere in the world. It will introduce you to some of the most unique and amazing people in the world. It is a magic carpet that can take you wherever you want to go. Share your joy.
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Hello everybody.

First of all, thank you for your answers. I greatly appreciate it. All from real buskers, men of the street and experience. Words of wisdom. The kind of words that became like mottos and are VERY supportive.

Then, Pop Haydn answering me...That must be a sign of some sort. your ebook is the last one I read before going out there... Actualy, the first trick I do to people when busking is because of your "ESP Survey" and what you taught about it. I don't do the same thing but I end up by "reading their mind". Great opener. And I sure have ordered a thumb writer to give it a shot.

We actually did it again. Same place. It was easier than the first time. Less pressure. You've said to me to "share [my] joy", to "have a blast" and that "{you]'d love hearing more".
So here you go.

groups were bigger. It's easier to have applause when there are 10 or more people. You don't have to "beg" for it ("People, there are 2 ways of doing it. [silence] With or without applause. Too late. Feelings are hurted")

Best moments were when something goes wrong and we had to improvise.
For instance, when swallowing a balloon and something goes wrong and you know you CAN'T swallow this one. First time I've just taken a lighter out of me pocket -with emphasis on the panick and shocking- and burst it. falling "dead" to the floor. "This is part of the show. But it hurts. Show's over. Thank you so much, we hope you all have a piece of dream watching it".
Or when swallowing another balloon, my friend playing Pulp Fiction theme and his phone rang. I looked ****ed off. I turned to face him and yelled at him with big gestures. Have you ever tried to yell at someone whit a balloon in your mouth ? This was hilarious. We are planning on downloading an app that makes fake calls to do it each time.
Another one was when performing the rope through neck, asking a kid to pull the rope and pull it hard on three. The father looked horrified and said to his son : "No, no, no. Don't do it ! Mattew, don't do it !" (I've taken the rope back and pulled it myself. "Don't worry sir. I take the responsability of it. Mattew, if you try to show that to your teacher monday, dad will go to jail. Don't do it.

I could go on and on. Long story short : it was great. We are now planning on doing it on a more crowded place. We will begin to pass the hat when someone will be wanting to tip us by his own. That will be our signal (someone asked if we were doing it professionnaly or as hobbyists, that's a start).
And then we will maybe take a week off to busk on a daily basis. Unfortunatly, we won't be abble to perform before another 2 or 3 weeks.

I hope my English isn't that rusty and to be clear enough.
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