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Seattle Magic
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Profile of TOBIAS
I carry a pack of cards/silver dollar/5?4 half dollars Ala wing silver/dice/and my card...
A full hour in the nice Josh Jay holder no less. It important to be ready to do a show for the head guy of a company you meet at the book store.
Ok in that rare case I have nothing???
Just think Meir Yeidid (HELLO) how many times have you left your house with out your hands? HEY! your real hands
The arm twist/two left hands/thumb through the ear/levitate
Don't think prop! Think magic... Smile
Be true to your art, and it will be true to you
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Manchester, UK
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Strange topic.

I do find the finger fantasies routine impressive. I do not however find it one bit magical.
Everyone knows what's happening, it's more of a freak show effect than a magical one.
I personally would not want to perform this trick.

It does seem that geek magic is becoming more popular, not sure why though.
Magique Hands
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Lincoln, NE.
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The best thing for magicians in a true impromptu situation... is to be prepared in your mind first. There are ALWAYS items that are around your immediate environment, that could be used for numerous effects.

At the bookstore: You could do a 'book test'

Paying your dining bill: Torn & Restored bill, a quick coin manipulation, broken and restored toothpicks, etc...

Learning to do as much magic with everyday objects is the key to performing in a quick, impromptu setting. The impact of any effect, lies on the ability of the magician to make it entertaining and magical... it's not about the props.

Food For Thought,
- - Troy
"If you go around sprinkling Woofle Dust on everything... people will think 'My... What an odd character." www.magicmafia.com
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Seattle Magic
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Profile of TOBIAS
J_C it is all in how you aproch it. Every one has seen you do the trick your uncle does with pulling the tip off his thumb off. Right? So say it's not the pulling that bugs me, it's the pushing it in. Then just push in your pinky, and then push it all the way in. Then say if you pull it off, pull it all the way off. Then pull off your ring finger. All I mean is make it fit the person you are preforming for... Smile

No charge Smile
Be true to your art, and it will be true to you
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Orlando Florida
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I agree with the statment Magique Hands gave!
I try to live by the same thoughts in mind.
Jim Pace
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Portland Oregon
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I am sitting here wondering if a layman has read what Tobias just wrote. If they have... what are thinking of magicians right now.

"Just push your pinky in all the way?"

Man, magicians must have telescoping fingers.
"The drum that beats the loudest is always the most hollow."
Brian Proctor
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I always carry a deck of cards. A thin wallet for whatever gimmicked packet trick I have with me at the time, The web, Color monte, ultimonte... Mark Allens TM, and at least two 64 kennedy half dollars and an english penny. Smile Oh yeah, A pen for my magic wand. Smile
It packs light, but lays down for good magic. Smile
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America’s North Coast, Ohio
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Under normal circumstance, going to work, etc. I always carry a couple of packet tricks, endless chain, Flash Card to make a "proper introduction", and a full deck with a matching folded paperclipped card, and plenty of rubber bands.

So I have an easy half-hour that is lightweight, with a little variety to it. Flash/Cards/Chain/Cards/Rubber Bands...

But if I am expecting a good possiblility of performing, in addition to the above, I include two matchbox effects, (sympathertic, and Sorcer's Coffin/Grave Revelation, another deck of different color back cards, a couple of coins for Peter marrucci's no-gimmick Scoth and soda, hopping half, 4 sponge balls, D'Lites, and a TT, and what ever else feels right based on the expected opportunity.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
Jimmy Lee
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I will always have the following with me,

a) 8 card brainwave
b) Colour Monte
c) TT
d) Coins
e) a deck of cards

The magical possibilities? I will leave it to your imagination...
Magically Yours,

a guy from a tropical island in South East Asia
..oops...where did he disappeared to????
Uli Weigel
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Berlin, Germany
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Good sources for impromptu tricks are
"Magic for Dummies" by David Pogue and "Magic with everyday objects" by George Schindler. Both are available trough amazon.com
And of course you could check out Martin Gardner's classic book "Encyclopaedia of Impromptu Magic"
A good strategy is this: Have a good look at the places, where you normally meet people, like your office, restaurants, bars, etc. All these places will have certain objects in common (for example in offices you'll always find paper clips, pens, paper, Dictionaries and so on). Make a list of the most typical objects for all of the different places and search your magic literature for effects you can do with these objects. You'll never again feel naked in case you have forgot your trusty deck of cards....
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Forgive me, but I think that pulling a deck of your cards out of your pocket when somebody want to see an "impromptu" trick just doesn't cut it. Instead, it just looks like you've been dying inside for somebody to ask you (which of course we all are, but who want's to to look that desperate).

I carry a TT loaded for the $100 bill switch. A "Bent Cent" gaff. Usually, a boon NW. Some business cards pre-marked for psychometry. And my brain, which is always ready to do a "Psychokinetic Time" routine and various other mental influence-type routines.
Creator of The Xpert (20 PAGES of reviews!) and the Hands-Off Multiple ESP System ("Quality and design far exceed any ESP cards on the market"-Genii), and contributor to the ebook GOLD: When It HAS To Be Performance GOLD -- all at Penguin.
Harry Murphy
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I strongly agree with Magique Hands here.

I know that I have said it before somewhere on an impromptu thread or two (or three, or…), but I believe that the way to think about impromptu is not what you can “load yourself” up with just in case some one at the bookstore wants to see a bit-o-magic. It is not even about what you can do with the “non-magical” items that you normally carry on your person. Rather it is about what can you do with the items that the average person carries on them! (OK, what any person might have on them!)

Think for a minute, do you have a strong routine using borrowed bills? How about using coins (everyday coins)? What can you do with a finger ring, or a pencil or an ink pen, or a clean handkerchief, or a lipstick (yes lipstick, why use ashes?)? Can you think of anything to do with those borrowed objects?

Are you prepared to use paper napkins from a bar top or a waiters station (or just one napkin from your place setting) in the restaurant? What can you do with those common items?

Honestly, just using those few items you could entertain (emphasis on entertain) a small gathering for 15 minutes or more. And get this, NOTHING came out of your own pockets (hey you were at the bookstore to buy the latest Mack King paperback, right?)

As Scott has said again and again (and I strongly agree with him) there is no obligation for any of us to perform on demand. Which basically gives us permission to NOT load up when we head for the lumberyard or the bookstore to live our daily lives.

However, as I continue to say (preach?), IF you are asked to perform on the spot AND you want to perform on the spot, then there is no excuse for you to NOT be ready to perform. Ready, that is, to perform a strong effect with items borrowed from the spectators who happen to be asking for the performance. That is powerful magic that will be remembered. (Hey Mable, that little old fat guy over there just tore up my ten spot and made it well again! Yeah, mine, here look!)

A little thought, a little more study, and a lot of practice time you will be able to develop strong routines that only use the common objects found on average people. Thus you are never caught unprepared.

Leave the TT’s, the deck of cards, the dice, the coins that no one carries anymore, the sponge balls, and hot rods at home. But do leave home prepared to work wonders!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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I carry Paul Harris's twilight angel Part two
in my wallet (no mirror)as well as some torn and restored dollar setups(3). As I only use a bank card,the cash stays. part two is torn in half already and doesn't get bent like full cards. Then in my front pocket I have a velvet bag that is square and just large enough to hold a half dozen Half dollar size coins. In it are a C/S coin, a real english penny a real half,A Johnson hopping half set,
and an old cutdown penny and sh**l half that they don't make any more(the new set is called China Change)

Everything is either in my wallet or the velvet coin bag. I also carry a pocket hanky.
In my head I have 3 killer card tricks for a regular deck (I ask for theirs, unopened if possible)Also in my head, an arsenal of rope,
key and paper tricks.I also do the styrofoam cups and (paper)balls and a wicked styrofoam chop cup and paper ball that amazes my magi friends.
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
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Harris Deutsch
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Profile of harris
A while ago I read a description of vampires having third fingers(ring) longer than there
middle ones.

On my left hand I can give the illusion of my ring finger being longer then I
wave my right hand over it and it slowly goes back to its usual size.

I don't know if this is in print.
Probably in Mr. Yedid's stuff.

I appreciate all your thoughts.
Troys on being more impromptu makes sense.

A lot of my impromptu stuff reminds me of the old line of "my off the cuff remarks are
not worth the paper they were written on!"

During the days of coffee houses, I had
a musician/magician friend that actually did
write notes and stuck them on his guitar.

I believe they used to be written on the cuffs of shirts.

Harris Smile
Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Stephen Barney
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Profile of Stephen Barney
As a Cups and Balls man I love the Mike Ammar Idea of three tea Cups grapes instead of balls and fruit for final loads.

Another good one is to use an ordinary paper coke cup a gimmicked ring (you will need to guess not hard) and screwed up bills plus an addition and you have a great chop cup routine


Magnus Maccormack
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Calgary, Canada
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Profile of Magnus Maccormack
A TT, ITR and coins. Never leave home with out them.

I agree that being able to create "miracles" with everyday things is more shocking than whipping out a set of three cards that the spectator can not examine. Depending on the venue you find youself, different items can be used: rubber bands, paperclips (in an office), napkins and creamers (restaurant) or drink coasters (a bar/pub). Explore and experiment.

Smile Smile Smile Smile
Steven Steele
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Chief of Staff
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Profile of Steven Steele
UF Grant published an entire act called "The Challenge Magic Act". The premise is that the magician enters the audience and promises to do an effect with ANY item handed to him. It is well worth reading if you can get your hands on a copy. The thinking behind the act is typical Grant. Great stuff.

Steven Smile
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Profile of Payne
Hello my name is Lester and I’m a plumber, and a darn good plumber too!. In fact I’m probably the best darn plumber in the whole darn state if you want ta know the truth.

Have you ever thought what this world would be like without plumbers? Well I tell ya it would be a damp and dreadful place full of stopped up drains and leaky pipes.

Yes sir plumbers are important people. We bring joy to those whose pipes are plugged.

In fact I dun tell everyone I know that I’m a plumber and even people I don’t know. Heck if I’m in line waiting to buy my nightly half rack of suds I’ll tell the guy standing next to me in line that I’m a plumber. And you can bet dimes to dollars that their impressed when I tell ‘em too, I can always tell.

Whenever I go to a party or the movies or in fact anyplace at all, I take my plumbers tools with me cause you never know when there might be a plumbing emergency that I could fix. I’ve gotten a lot of good jobs by having my plumbers tools with me all the time.

If I see a pretty girl I’ll go over and show her my shiny wrenches and sockets cause I know how much a woman likes to like to see a mans tools, It excites them you know.

Someday I’m going ta quit my job at the seven-eleven and take up being a plumber full time.

Now them so-called “Professional” plumbers they don’t do any of this stuff. They only do their job when their asked to do it. They never tell anybody that their a plumber or take their tools with them all the time in case someone asks them to fix sumthin or nothing. I mean what’s the point in being a plumber if ya can’t tell that world about it and show em your tools? I guess being a plumber to them doesn’t mean as much as it does to me, I dunno.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
Scott Xavier
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ITR, TT, and of course the mentalism of the brain, a few cold reading stock terms, forces, spoon bendings, and of course business cards....
Tom G
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I have to agree with an earlier post. Going out loaded for bear really isn't "at a moments notice." Instead of carrying your effect in a magic bag or case, it's just in your pockets. Once you pull something out of your pocket that is very different from what everyone else does-you can't help but think the spectator is thinging "prop". I've seen decks, mirrors, packet tricks, etc, mentioned-doesn't seem all that unprepared.
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