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I have been listening to Penn Jillette's podcast for about a year and have also listened to all 3 of his audiobooks and occasionally, he will mention the actual names of the Penn & Teller bits or 'tricks' that they perform in their show together.

Some of them have some really funny or unique names (some with double meanings). I have only come up with a few, but I was wondering if anyone else can provide the actual names of some more of their bits?

First, here are 'Bits' that I have heard Penn say the correct or actual name of:

Cell Fish - It was their opening effect for a while where they borrow a cellphone from an audience member and it ends up inside a frozen fish

Shadows - Teller's solo bit where he cuts he leaves and petals off of the silhouette of a flower and the actual pieces fall off of the vased flower.

Silver Fish - Teller's solo bit where he does the 'Miser's Dream' with an audience member, pulling coins from an empty fish tank. Ends by dumping all produced coins into water where they turn into goldfish.

Magic Bullets - Penn accidentally called it 'The Bullet Catch' on a recent podcast episode, but his podcast producer chimed in and corrected him that it was actually called 'Magic Bullets' and Penn confirmed he was right.

The Great Tomsoni & Company - bit where Teller re-creates Johnny Thompson's 'The Great Tomsoni & Co.' act with Georgie Bernasek playing the part of Pam Thompson. Penn plays the drums during the act.

Surveillance - with the aid of several audience members, P&T divine the someone's actual email password

Bits I think I know the name of:

Lift-Off for Love - the box illusion where Penn takes apart the rocket-shaped box that Teller is in and re-assembles it. They then repeat it with clear boxes and stage base.

Clear Cups & Balls - P&T perform the classic cups & balls with plastic cups and aluminum foil balls, then repeat it with clear, plastic cups. Ends with a potato final load.

Elsie, the African, Spotted Pygmy Elephant - they vanish a cow (dressed as an elephant)

Red Ball - Teller's solo bit where he appears to train a red ball like and animal to move and jump through a hoop

I'm a Little Teapot - short bit where teller squats with arms like teapot handles and Penn picks him up by one arm and water sprays out of Teller's mouth.

Love Cards - The bit where everyone in the audience tears cards in half and then gets rid of them until left with only 2 card halves that (hopefully) match

Bill of Rights - bit using the airport metal detector

One Minute Egg - Penn dismantles and egg by cracking it, separates the white from the yolk and puts all pieces back into Teller's hands individually where he restores it back to an egg.

The Atheist's Deck of Cards - P&T's take on the 'The (soldier's) Deck of Cards': a poem that about a soldier who pulls out a deck of cards in church and his sergeant confronts him about it

Powers of Darkness - that's the actual name of the effect, but I'm sure P&T have their own 'spin' on the name. They do a 2-on-1 version of PoD with large 14"-18" silver rings

Bits I would like to know the name of:

Camera Man - (I'd really like to hear what they call this) - an audience member comes up to video record Penn as he plays with farm toys, while Teller is behind the backdrop making the magic happen (adding and taking away things which can not be seen by the volunteer filming and looking through the video camera's viewfinder). During the course of the trick, it ends with the volunteer removing the videocamera from his face and facing the audience and it is actually Teller holding the video camera.

American Flag Burn - They apparently burn an American flag wrapped in the Bill of Rights

Fire Eating - Penn & Georgie Bernasek do a fire eating ritual as if they're 'making love'

Running over Teller with a semi truck

The bit they did on SNL where they were hanging upside down but the TV camera was also inverted. They made things float & disappear.

Cut & Restored snake - like cut & restored rope but with a live snake

Sawing Teller in half - results in blood & guts everywhere, but they do not restore him.

Water torture cell - Teller attempts the Houdini Water Torture cell, but apparently drowns during the trick. He is left inside (not rescued)

I'll stop here for now. I only spent about 30 minutes and I came up with all of these. I could spend another 30 and come up with probably a dozen more. I'd really like to hear what you all think and list more of their best 'bits', even if we never find out the actual names of them all.

Thanks a lot,
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The one you called Camera Man is actually called "Cow"
they did that when I saw them on Broadway a couple of years ago and I was stunned!
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GlennLawrence, Thank you so much for the input!
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I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me before. I just thought about looking up their program or 'playbill' from when they were on Broadway, and I found this

There are 2 playbills listed and shown. One from their Broadway show back in July-August of 2015,
and another from all the way back in December of 1987

If anyone can elaborate on the effect performed for the ones with the ?????? next to them, please reply to this topic. Thanks!

[ Beginning of 2015 Playbill ]
Turn on Your Cell Phones (I called it 'Cell Fish' because that's what I've heard Penn call it before)

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat ????

T.S.A. (I called it 'Bill of Rights' w/ Metal Detector)

Red Ball (nailed that one)

Psychic Comedian ???

He's A Little Teapot (almost nailed that one)

Penn & Teller: One-Minute Egg (I called it just 'One Minute Egg')

Polyester In Excelsis Deo

Looks Simple (this is the bit where Penn narrates as Teller appears to simply be smoking a cigarette, but then it is repeated showing all of the sleight of hand he actually used to make it appear simple; includes palming, steal, load & switching the cigarette, etc.)

East Indian Needle Mystery (I think this is where Teller swallows the needles & thread)

Sawing A Woman Into Halves


Close-Up Magic with Little Cows (this is the one GlennLawrence called 'Cows')

Nail Gun

The Vanishing Elephant


10-in-1 ( I know in Circus or Carnival parlance, a '10-in-1' is also known as a freakshow )
[ End of 2015 Playbill ]

[ Beginning of 1987 Playbill]
Casey at the Bat (Penn recites the poem while Teller escapes from a straitjacket while hanging upside down. Teller must escape before the end of the poem or else he will fail. Penn, seeing Teller get close to freeing himself, starts speeding up his reading of the poem.)

A Card Trick ??????

Cups & Balls


"Domestication of Animals" (it says 'performance art' next to this bit in the program)

East Indian Needle Mystery

Quote of the Day

Another Card Trick

MOFO the Psychic Gorilla

How we Met


[ End of 1987 Playbill ]

Also, I just remembered one they did on SNL called 'World's Most Expensive Card Trick' supposedly using computer/video card recognition and then putting the card selection on a JumboTron in times Square. They reprised a very similar version years later but called it the 'World's Most Difficult Card Trick'.
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OK, so the '10-in-1' act is when Penn & Teller would appear on stage (usually as the finale) in nothing but long, plain, white T-shirts, which come down to their knees. They proceed to make all manner of objects appear out of thin air: a glass of wine, a knife, a rose with thorns, etc. At the end, they are covered with blood from these objects cutting them and spilling on them. They would leave the theatre covered in blood and proceed to do their traditional autograph session covered in 'blood'.
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OK, a slight correction to my last post.

Listening to the latest episode of Penn's podcast, he states that back when he and Teller performed at Bally's, they had a bit to end their show where they would strip naked and then produce 15 liters of fake blood from nowhere and then would don long T-shirts and then go out to the lobby/entrance to sign autographs (usually by just putting their bloody hand print on the program or ticket in lieu of actually signing with a pen).

This bit was appropriately named 'Bleeding'

If anyone can describe what Penn & Teller's '10-in-1' bit was, please post it here. They used to end their Broadway show with it.
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Listening to latest episode of Penn's podcast, he says that by early next year, the entire show will be brand new.

He recently started performing the 'Linking Rings', another effect in the series that he calls "Stupid Tricks with Pretentious Patter"

He also stated the actual names of 3 new bits:

Penn (solo bit) 'Correlation Sticks' (I believe this is the Chinese Sticks with Penn's original theme & patter

Teller (solo bit) 'Glass Portrait' (Penn says is 'mind blowing')

Penn & Teller bit called 'Subtle' (which gets Gasps & Screams)

If anyone has seen P&T's Linking Rings or any of the other 3 bits listed above, please comment with a brief description.

Thanks! ~Tony
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'Love cards' is Woody Aragon's 'How to find your Other Half' - also known as 'Love Ritual'- great trick!
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Thank you for the info. I was considering deleting this thread thinking that nobody else bothered to look at it. You haven't by chance seen their show lately have you?
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Circus or Carnival parlance, a freakshow is also known as a "ten in one", never a freak show.
Less than 2% of reported UFO's turn out to be actual interplanetary vehicles.
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The P&T Linking Ring routine, Correlation Sticks, Subtle, and Glass Portrait can be seen this summer during season six of Penn & Teller: Fool Us.
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Looking forward to the new season of 'Fool Us' starting. Thanks for the heads up, Mike!
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