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Monrovia, California
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Profile of RBerteig
I usually have rubberbands clipped to my pocket knife. However, they rot quickly in LA air, so they aren't always usable when I want them. On occasion, they have even been used as (gasp) rubberbands. Smile

I often carry a subset of Dreamweaver. One day, however, the G***ED pin got open and pinned me pretty darn solidly, while driving. I've got to say that that beats a cell phone for distracting! If I have them now, they're usually pinned inside my cap where they can't do as much harm.

I keep a small coin purse in the car with cards prepped for Card Warp, a packet for Brother John Hammond's Twins, and four large coins (currently Australian 50 cent pieces) for Eugene Burger's three coin mystery. Having that handy to grab on impulse when heading in for dinner is handy, but I wouldn't want to carry it on me 100% of the time.

Now the extremely long ropes I use for Prof's Nightmare (the longest is about eight feet, which pretty much convinces people I am nuts) are a bit too long to keep on hand...
Ross Berteig
Wizards in my Parlor
Fred E. Bert
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New York, NY
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Profile of Fred E. Bert
  • Deck
  • Kolossal Killer in my wallet
  • Rubberbands for Pinnacle and CMH
  • Pen through bill (I use the Voodoo Pen)
If I had to carry only one of these, it would be the LOOPS.
Tom James
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Regular user
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Profile of Tom James
I always have my trick ACE ILLUSION and I have my time machine on. It never fails.

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New user
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Profile of dacsus65
  • A TT
  • A few coins
  • A haunted key
Michael Bilkis
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Profile of Michael Bilkis
I'll borrow four quarters for a coins across and then do a one coin routine.

By the way for all you CMH lovers, the routine was originally published by Harry Lorrayne in Tarbell #7 under a different name. CMH is just Ammar's presentation of a much older trick.
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Inner circle
Naval Air Facility, Atsugi, Japan
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Profile of dynamiteassasin
I bring:
  • A deck of Bee cards
  • An Invisible Deck
  • Post-its for Dough
  • Paper Bills
  • A Coin Bite (the one I made)
  • Fishing Reel
  • A few coins
  • Collapsible Sword
  • B2 Bomber
  • Misled Pencil
  • Flaming Wallet
  • Bendable Pen
  • Cigarette Thru Coin
  • Thought Transmitter
  • Sponge Balls
  • Multiplying Balls
  • Two cards for Card Warp by Roy Walton
  • Two Card Monte (gimmicked)
  • Coin Paddle
  • Ball and Vase
  • ITR
  • M5
  • Raven x2
Dennis Loomis
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1943 - 2013
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Profile of Dennis Loomis
The only thing on my person is a small pair of dice which I keep in my coin purse. I may occasionally have a deck of cards and a pocketful of balloons as well.

I've done the "Pair-a-Dice" routine from Classic Secrets of Magic for years. Should probably switch to the Bob Sheets' version, but it's hard for this old dog to learn new tricks.

My deck is usually set up in the Aronson stack. Balloons are great as an ice breaker for kids. When I'm traveling alone and have to eat in a restaurant, I make a balloon for the waitress and suddenly I have all the "friends" I want. Balloons have also gotten me upgraded from coach to first class on planes several times over the years.

Dennis Loomis
Itinerant Montebank
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Profile of marc_us
Sometimes rubberbands for Crazyman Handcuffs. Usually I just use coins...
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Profile of emptycupmagic
A fingertip, black pen, and book of matches for Sankey's burnt and restored match.
Ken Dyne
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Profile of Ken Dyne
For me, impromptu is impromptu. I always wear a Time Machine watch anyway, and in my wallet there is Kollosal Killer (was not a fan of Heirloom) but apart from that I'll do something with borrowed stuff, a drink, pulse stopping, mindreading, make the lines on their palm move, make them forget their name, their cash, etc.

Truly impromptu is when I've gone down the local store with a hangover and I have NOTHING with me and the lady behind the counter says "read my mind" and I can. I think this ability to perform anywhere and anyhow is the difference between magician and person who does magic.
MR GOLDEN BALLS 2.0:" target="_blank">

BAIRN: Named 'Best Mentalism Product Of 2014 by Marketplace of the Mind is my collection of more than 40 mentalism routines in a beautiful paperback book:
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Two sponge balls and my wits.
The weaver of Illusions
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That's the nice thing about being a mentalist/bizarrist, YOU DON'T NEED A DARN THING if you know your job!

I can easily do 20+ minutes with little more than muscle reading demonstrations. Toss out some business cards and pencils and I've got another 20+ minutes doing a Q&A demonstration. That doesn't include all the psychological odds and ends that can be tossed into the mix.

Magicians love gadgets... we're all pack rats at heart and will fight to the death (as any good NRA member would) for the right to own and bare a TT, deck of cards, or whatever else might be of current vogue, in our pockets.

I so enjoy those who have actually become "magicians" that don't need to depend on all that JUNK, allowing wit, skill and creative improvisation to serve as their guide. Such types are a rare treasure... especially in today's world.
Mogwai II
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Veteran user
The Alpes
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Profile of Mogwai II
I always carry a deck of cards, a Sharpie and a TT. I love to do a short AC routine, sometimes even on the bus or train for complete strangers. It's such a pure way to perform magic!
"You'll wonder when he comes, you'll wonder more when he's gone..."
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Boston, MA
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Profile of EricClark
Working in an office, I keep a Misled gimmick in my desk. I'm always ready to palm it and head off to the lab or a meeting.
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Profile of fanwun
I usually keep a deck of cards in my pocket. I also carry rubber bands for CMH. As of late, actually since I got it, I carry Jay Sankey's 3 Ring Circus. It's great!
Mark Martinez
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Inner circle
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Profile of Mark Martinez
I ALWAYS have Skinners Monty in my wallet and 4 rubberbands wrapped around my wallet for CMH and a few more rubberband effects.

Most of the time I have a deck of cards and we all know you can do lots with a deck of cards...

Success comes before work only in the dictionary. - Anonymous
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Loyal user
Laurel, Maryland
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Profile of EricHenning
Thanks to this thread, I am now working on a set list of magic that requires NO props, or things easily borrowed. I have over the years developed quite the collection in my pockets (bear in mind, this is without a jacket).

Right Rear pocket:
  • Wallet with Wonderland Bill & B'Wave (I do them together in a sequential routine)
Left Rear pocket:
  • Large (24" x 24") white cotton handkerchief and watch winder, for Quentin Reynolds' routine (a show in itself!)
Left front pocket:
  • Coin purse with U3F set
  • Dollar-size U.S. penny (Sudbury)
  • Soft TT set up with Michael Kaminskas' "Half A Miracle," which is his auto-reset, strolling miniature version of the "Half-Dyed Hank."
Right front pocket:
  • One 1989 U.S. Silver Eagle (a full ounce of silver, "Walking Liberty" design, larger than other U.S. silver dollars) for my One Coin routine
  • TT with a 36" Rainbow Streamer
  • Folding coin purse with secret compartment containing David Acer's "Spare Change", a 1962 Canadian silver dollar and one of the new "Chinese" coins, they are the same diameter and perfect for the "Nabil Change" from the Cultural Xchange DVD
That's nine routines, and I'm not even trying yet. But I REALLY want to cut down and carry almost NOTHING.

I will probably always carry the Silver Eagle, for sentimental reasons.

(For those who are interested—and have large hands—you can get U.S. American Eagles in a non-proof uncirculated version at most coin shops. I am lucky enough to have a major shop near me in Laurel, MD, Golden Eagle.)

Also, at the U.S Mint you can buy uncut sheets of dollar bills, to make your own "Quadriflex", after you've bought it from a dealer.
stephen secret
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New user
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Profile of stephen secret
Silver coins
Dice for Sach's dice routine
Rubber bands
Two straws
Deck of cards
sincerely, secret
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Long Island, NY
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Profile of triadsong
I don't always carry with me but I always keep a Mental Photography Deck and Princess Cards in my desk drawer. Since I work in a church I also have Harris' Twilight Angels in the drawer but don't use it much.
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Profile of armagician
Sponge balls... always
Paper clips
Magnet wallet
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