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I love this there are so many tricks that I have never heard of or seen. you get an ideal of the magicians personality by looking up what they carry.
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but he still can't help build a border wall with only
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I forgot to add that beside the coin purse and coin effects inside, that I carry some paper money effect in my wallet - Mis-made dollar, two ones to a two, etc. My thoughts are that everyone carries money so I am not advertising that I am carrying something out of the ordinary. It appears to be more impromptu and works for me.
Gary Salisbury
San Diego, CA

It's a fact! - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
(This line censored by Dave Scribner because it is in Latin) - What you believe is real, is real!
Who was that masked man and what is he all about? - https://www.pinterest.com/garydsalisbury/
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That's ture for paper money and coin. it's normal compared to pulling cards out of a pocket.
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Kenton's KK/Heirloom is always set up in my Heirloom wallet and that is always in my jacket pocket. Although I have to say it's my own take on it. I blended things I liked about both and jettisoned things I didn't.
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Profile of BeThePlunk
Cleaning out my dad's house, I found an old fashioned iron key. I had heard about Haunted Key and had an idea of how it worked, so I thought I'd experiment. It works as well as anything I could have purchased and looks great for being an antique. With a bit of a ghost story to set it up, I get an eerie silence from spectators. Now it's in my pocket all the time.
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Rubber bands, $2USD bills, business cards, an odd puzzle in my wallet I cut out of "Game" magazine years ago. I am a fan of using every day things as well such as what you find on a table in a restaurant or such.
Brent McLeod
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Alway a TT ready for a billswitch..quick and always gets a great reaction..
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Impromptu/'show me a trick' moment...

If I have nothing on me & have to use what's in the environment I'd use
> Paper tissues (eg from the wash room) rolled up into balls for an impromptu 'sponge ball' type routine
(see Greg Wilson's 'On the Spot' dvd if you wish to see a quality routine & performance
> Also from that dvd, I utilise 'Questionable Trick' (ungimmicked coin routine). Another good idea from that dvd is doing a new, modernised version of the old cigarette ash routine on a spectator's hand but with a lipstick! I've never done the routine simply because I always seem to forget to do so when I'm in an impromptu situation. Often kick myself afterwards that I still haven't given the routine a try-out.
> I'd utilise the 'Free Will' principle with the following 3 objects which you or a spectator probably will always have i) a pen ii) a coin iii) a business card or a playing card or a rolled up ball of paper
> If you're into mentalism then a CT or a fuller routine like Asidus Plus (well taught on an Osterlind dvd)

If you allow a few things that you might have in your pockets or in your wallet I'd add:
> A bill switch without a TT that you can keep permanently in your wallet for these moments
> As someone else mentioned, you can keep Powerball 60 in your wallet (I did for years, but actually never really felt an affinity for this trick and I've dropped it from my repertoire nowadays
> You could keep a couple of 'Out to Lunch' principle tricks in your pockets ready for these impromptu situations; for example a card prediction using OTL. You can also do a Magic Square using the OTL so that you have a pre-prepared crib of the numbers (Or have a secret one concealed with a DL)
> Playing cards:
i) transposition of indifferent card into the selecton in the spectators hands
ii) ACR with the pop up move as the climax (impromptu!)
iii) Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders have numerous impromptu card tricks...

Hope all the above help!
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I used to think that when I am going out socially I shoudnt carry anything with me. Until I started to make name for myself and started to be known at my area. So I am constantly meeting potential clients that would be easier to become clients if I could do something really impressive for them. So I started to plan ahead.

Since I always have my wallet and keys with me where ever I go I started to add tricks into them. However I decided that items cant take any real space or look like they didn't belong into my keys or wallet. So no clear magic tricks or packet effects.

In my keys I have Nick Einhorn Ring flight and Greg Wilson Freakey. I used to have ring flight reel inside key but it broke.

In my wallet I have Extreme Burn set and Changeling set giving me also 65€ of cash in case my debit card doesn't connect. Also there is David Ben credit card extension gimmick on one of my "bonus" cards. Few folded friction pen revelations in papers, business cards for variety of effects and since I had extra pocket in my wallet that I didn't use for anything I ordered extra expanded shell just for my wallet. And in that same pocket I keep double sided coin and bend coin now and then.

I can do pretty strong material out of my wallet and everything seems like it wasnt planned at all but it belongs to wallet anyway. 3 coins don't really take any extra space.

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So.California / Centl.Florida / retired Florida
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Profile of Russo
When your asked OVER and OVER and OVER "DO A TRICK"- I always ask them for a coin - then do a couple slightes - next, put their coin in YOUR pocket- if they ask for their coin - just mention "I do magic to support my family, thank you" or "I don't always do magic for FREE"-- no more pests. Ralph(russo)Rousseau
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Profile of Oscar999
@Russo - That's awesome. I like it.

On an early episode of the Beverly Hillbillies Jethro once met a magician that kept taking silver dollars from him and "vanishing" them! Priceless.

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Profile of Sanks
Inject 2.0 so can ask spectator to use their phone to do some magic.
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Profile of Johnny250
I just do in the last weeks the houdini eyes effect from inject 2. and the google peek. it kills!
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Profile of Camano
Extreme burn and my fire wallet are always in my pocket. (Unless I am going through a TSA checkpoint; then the fire wallet is left behind!)
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Profile of Wravyn
Two that I have just recently started carrying at all times
1) Volition by Joel Dickson
2) Ultimate Positive Negative by John Cesta.
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Profile of r1ch1e
This thread is too good to let fade away! Personally, I always have a blue bike D****e B**k in my wallet and a couple of gimmicked New Zealand coins - people here in NZ can be cynics- if I bring out an Ike dollar or JFK half dollar they often get suspicious in an impromptu setting. In a show, it's a different story, where a TUC is my friend! I sometimes have a TT in my corner pants pocket for a bill exchange and I almost ALWAYS wear a PK r*** and since most of our coinage is ferrous, there are lots of impromptu options. Cheers all!
Levi Bennett
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I found a prepared Wonderland dollar last night and stuck it in my wallet. Went to the bank today to get some coins and mentioned to the teller I'm a magician. She asked to see something and I got to show her the trick. It went over great in a bank! I forgot how much fun this one can be. It's a keeper.
Performing magic unprofessionally since 2008!
Terrible Wizard
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Still loving spot paddles and crazy compass. Easy, visual, wallet sized Smile
will lane
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Will likes to post so he has made
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Currently working on building my grab and go set, seeing what works and what doesn't. Right now, I carry a deck of cards of course, either bridge-sized blue bikes or ghosts, whatever I'm feeling. A few rubber bands around the deck case for the Houdini card trick. TT loaded with a blue diamond-cut silk and a bill switch. Just ordered a half dollar [ for a coins across or 3 fly routine, that will join 3 other half dollars.
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