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Parson Smith
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Inner circle
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I just use whatever is there.
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+++a posse ad esse+++
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Plymouth, MA
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I always carry cards and one card already gimmicked with IT
Sonny Vegas
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Chicago, Illinois - USA
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Make sure your tableware "trick memory-log" is full of tricks. The simple objects of a restaurant table have many fun tricks awaiting. :0)
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Magic Sam
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Carry on me? A TT loaded with a 20 for bill switch. Carry too many things (like cards, gimmicks, etc.) and people will think you're a trickster. Magicians aren't always about using props -- there are hundreds of killer impromptu effects that are truly impromptu. Plus, as soon as you bring out the Hopping Half that 'just happened to be in your pocket', it seems like you're trying too hard to impress people. Magic is entertainment, rapport with the audience, and a baffling effect if there's time.

At a restaurant, I'll do sugar packet T+R (using TT), bending spoon to vanish, shaker thru table, etc. On the street or at a party, if someone says 'show me a trick', I normally do the ungimmicked thumb thru ear, or turn a 5 to a 20 and then say 'I do that a few times a day and don't need to work!', which gets a laugh and makes the point.

I don't agree with fizbin about 24/7 magicianing. Yes, you may always be prepared to do magic, but it doesn't mean you're always on call. Plenty of times, I'll refuse to do magic unless I feel it will benefit the situation, for the same reason I wouldn't expect a plumber to fix my sink 'as a preview', or wouldn't ask a comedian to 'tell me a joke!'. Props are fine for a paid gig, walkaround, whatever. At least people expect the magic, but when someone asks to do a trick and you pull out a ribbon and chinese coins, from my perspective it seems like you're desperate for an audience...impromptu should remain as such, or otherwise it's just the cheap version of your show. Smile
Magic is like a party in your eyes, where everyone's drunk and breaking the furniture
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New user
White Pine, Tennessee
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Normally I always have my deck of Bikes. Now I am starting to carry around some rubber bands. If I am out to eat and someone asks to see a trick and I don't have any thing I perform sondge balls with paper napkin balls. It may sound funny but people love it, because it is so simple to understand. I would sedgest learning a good napkin routine.
IBM Ring 58
Winter Carnival Of Magic
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Rubberbands around my wrist.

And Yes, Mr. Osterlind, I do your Center Tear.

Thumb Tip, Coins and a Deck of Cards.
Jason Fleming
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Marooned, Hawaii
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In my Card to Wallet wallet, I carry Wonderland Bill, $2 bill tear, and sometimes I throw in some business cards. I usually have an ungimmicked deck, a bic pen (G.W.'s Recap) and some Morgans in my pocket.

After seeing Jeff McBride's 24/7 lecture this weekend on Cape Cod, I am re-evaluating what I carry.

...Yup, I'm going to carry 22 masks...
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Hmm...Well in my wallet, I have color monte, bill flip/two dollar window, and quarters, dimes, and pennies for Toll Free (On the Spot) and Questionable Trick (OTS). Keys for Florida Keys (OTS) are in my pocket as well as a deck of cards (of course), a pen for Recap and my Stealth Pen. Scotch and Soda is sometimes there too (if I feel lazy, because S&S is (IMO) an easy trick).

Now, you might notice that something is missing, a TT. That is so because the 1st TT I got was too small for me and stuck on my finger too much. Being frustrated, I left the TT in a drawer. I also am always performing very closeup to people (1-2ft). Thus there is no room to use it and keep it hidden. I know that I am "missing out on the most essential magical prop ever." Anyone care to change my mind?
Sam Tabar
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Austin, Texas
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Not that much. I just have some rubber bands in my pocket and I always have some loose change and bills in my wallet. And if it's a lady asking me, I ask for her lipstick.
"Knowledge comes from finding the answers, but understanding what the answers mean is what brings wisdom." - Anonymous
Brent McLeod
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Invisible deck has been working well for those awkward moments when asked to show something

Always have a deck on me!!
Paul D
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If I have a little bit of flash paper Im good for the night.
Astonishment as Therapy...?
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A deck of cards with a dup card is all I need (sometime it is corner shorted). It's almost always on my person.

I have stayed at D Blaine's appt a few times and sessioned with him, and this is also the same setup he carries anywhere he goes (sometimes the cards are in a mem stack).
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Loyal user
Southern Arizona
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Profile of Barrett_James
Just got turned onto David Acer's magic. Started using Cheap Labour and The Presidents Message (both from Natural Selections I) and his Spare Change routine. My audience response is WAY out of proportion to the amount of work involved.

So I am carrying pocket change, my bicycles, their case (set up for prez's message), a duplicate 2H (with a corner shortened) and Hollingworths Quartet. An entire close-up act that fits in one pocket of my blue jeans.
"...let us now rejoin our foolish friends and commence the book properly." G.H.
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New user
Fishers, IN
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Profile of drango
I carry a shoestring in my wallet for things like Disappearing knot. Also 4 Queens and That's Amazing which fit flat in my wallett.

I usually have my Walk-Around case with WA magic and T'Karri my Owl in the car or nearby.
Bob Shimer
Stories and Magic with Bob and Friends
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New user
Czech Republic
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Rubber bands, sweet rubber bands. Some coins, of course.
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Coins, a deck of cards, and a lighter. Sometimes I also carry a TT and sponge balls.
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Looking back at the original post that started this discussion, I see the question is what would you take if you were going to the bank or the grocery store. If I were a normal person (non-magician) in a line-up for a cashier or teller and someone pulled out a deck of cards, I'd definitely switch lines. I'm sorry, but, to me, bringing out a deck of cards in an impromptu situation plays too much into the "irritating-uncle-who-does-card-tricks" stereotype.

Tricks involving money go over really well in any setting -- especially a bank or store. I make sure I have a few loonies and toonies for Spellbound or Coins Across, and maybe a half dollar-bill for the Berland torn and restored bill. The only other "equipment" I might take is a Magician's Dream (the old one by Fred Bauman).
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I carry a one and a five for a transpo effect, I also have my business cards that are made so I can do a couple of mind reading effects as well
Make Everyday Magical
Black Magic
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New Orleans, La
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I always have cards on me. Of I don't that means I don't feel like showing anything. But 99% of the time I have cards on me.
Herrick, Jeff
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Perfect time is what I usually have with me, its perfect for on the spot because its so natural to wear a watch around
I'm not looking to be a big star in magic
and that's working out REALLY good so far.
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