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Hi everyone...

I have thought of the following... a spectator types random numbers in his mobile and calls them .. your mobile rings .. they ve called your number! this is a very basic idea and presentation ofcourse but you get what I mean?

any ideas on this? does anything relevant come to mind?


m I c
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Could you borrow a mobile phone to the spec (occasionally he forgot his own)?

then you could programm it.

or even better:
pickpocket her phone and programm it.
could be possible - will work on that!!

Or to ensure she types a random number cover the keys and lock the mobile phone (I don't know how it's called in English - "key-lock" maybe?)
then call yourself.

//edit: worked it out:

You ask a spec to hand her mobilephone to you. While talkinzg you fast call yourself, just to make sure your number is available very fast.
Then you "key-lock" or whatever the phone, cover the display and let her type.
you take the phone, unlock the phone and recall yourself - done.

//edit the second:

Just tried it out and it works - I shall try this out on girls ("We've a invisible and unconsious connection between us. This connection automatically forces you to call me")
I'll have fun with this!!

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JUST thought od the followinf isnpired by one of the things you said amens! FANTASTIC!!! listen to that...

you possibly follow this after some heavy duty pk effect!

the person must NOT know you!

you pickpocket their phone! you enter your phone! and before you return it.... you press enter.. then you load it back on the person you took it from.. and you move away to someone else to do another trick or send that person off the stage...

meanwhile you make sure that your phone was set on silent... when the person is far away and a considerable length of time (only a sort amount of time will do 20 seconds) has passed you set your mobile off the silent mode! and it starts ringing really loud.. (it sound like it just started ringing although it has been ringing for 1/2 a second now. you pick it up... you seem puzzled and then you say

"oh it has happened again... amens I am sorry for that.. you have called happens some times... please try to calm your energy down... or turn off your mobile phone or this is going to keep happening all through the evening!!! you are calling me aren't you????"

"yes I am mic how can this be? bla bla bla? !@#$!"

(he has to agree for what is coming up)

the patter just came on top of my head I think it can be put a better way.

then at some point later on.. make your phone ring again... go to settings.. ringtones.. (you know..) although he obviously didn't call you the audience doesn't know that .. they just hear that someone has called you. you take at your mobile you look at it and you say...

"Amens you are calling me again" (you quickly turn it off- so he cannot check it) "i thought I told you to turn it off" (he looks at it.. it is turned off)

"but I did turn it off"

very serious "then take the battery out please... I am sorry for that but it do tands to happen quite often"

I guess if you play it out right then it would be a great part of the show .. although not a trick of its own.. I think it would have a great impact to the audience!!

two things:

1. make sure you don't have voice mail and you can leave your phone ringing silently for quite some time.. (depending on the network you can even do it for minutes)

2. have him agree with you the first time and say "yes I am calling you.. etc"
this will force the audience to remember that he agreed both times.. (if he doesn't disagree with you the second time... although he shouldnt)

PLEASE if you like this try it out and tell me how it goes. My pickpocketing skills are not that brushed so I pickpocket only when I find the opportunity!! so it doesn't happen very often!

(naturally you can do this in an informal situtation and use a mobile that is lying around.. and turn it upside down so that the screen is not lighten up... and proceed as with the above)

(even better you can use many mobiles each calling each other at the same time... ok I have to stop now)

let me know.
m I c

Ok another point... maybe you can do this after you have divined his pin number (for his phone) he then has to take the phone out and show everybody that this is true...!! or you ask him if he has a mobile phone and you need to touch it to devine with your touch the numbers.. (extra sensitive touch.. you can sense which numbers have been pressed more often.. whtever) .. or maybe you just have to look at the phone and it the numbers pop in your mind...

you then know a series of things...
1. if the brand is a familiar one to you...
2. if you have to unlock it..
3. if you have to turn it on... you know the pin number
4. in which pocket it goes into..

in that way you can even possibly enter your number before handing it back to him.. or putt it yourself back in his pocket!! and you continue as above... (the only problem is that he might check if you have locked it or not.. I have to think about it some more.. but it also depends on the situation)

m I c
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If I could do pickpocketing, I'd try this out (indeed my skills are embarassing)
Greg Owen
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Keep in mind that if you do not really call your phone from their phone, then they cannot talk to you through their phone as there is no connection.

- Greg Owen
Author of The Alpha Stack ebook - the balanced memorized stack
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I published something very very much like this in a set of lecture notes called Walls And Bridges and also in Allen Zings booklet to accompany his brillant switch pad.

It was intended as a stage/formal effect and the method was worked as such. It was however always fun...

Luke Jermay.
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Greg! what I am proposing is that you do call yourself through their phone... otherwise it wouldn't work its true...

luke! I havent read your lecture notes.. I hope I didn't by accident expose something that someone has created before me..or that someone is using... :/ if so please delete my posts Smile:) nice to know that I had a similar idea with yours though Smile

m I c
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How about're on the subway...Secretly place your cell in a beautiful girl's handbag. Do this about 50 times with 50 different women -- beautiful, vivacious women -- you don't know. A month later, call them up and ask them out on a date.

This can work on a bus, too.
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