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Amazing Dick
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The original lobby photo of Harry Blackstone Jr . I got from Sothebys and it's HUGE ! I'm debating if I should put in moving eyes so it follows you around to room . I also have a few signed tricks and autographs:
Alan Warner , Tony Andruzzi ,Lance Burton,Kreskin,Burger,Mcbride,Knepper.
Peace Out !
Amazing Dick
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Carolina Shores, N.C.
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I have:
  • Original first 50 issues of The Jinx including the the second run first copy
  • Annemann hand-typed card manuscript
  • A snapper from the 40's with a "blue" lady on it
  • A complete bound file of The Seven Circles magazine
  • Original Socar posters
  • Complete original files of Hugards Magic Monthly
  • A signed Vernon photo 1976
  • A signed scrapbook of the major performers at the 1959 Chicago IBM convention, Tarbell, Okito, et al
Merl Hamen Old dog-- New tricks
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New York Metro Area
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After reading all of these posts I know I'm really addicted now!!


I don't have too big of a collection but I have a magic library that contains about 200 working volumes. All first editions. Some signed. In that library is a Dai Vernon Book Of Magic which is signed to me by Dai Vernon and is a misprint to boot. Have no idea if it is worth much but it is so cool!!!

I also have various and sundry bits of apparatus from the 1940's forward but one of the best pieces in my "collection" is a set of Buddha Tubes that was given to me for Christmas when I was ten years old. While not a popular prop, they mean the world to me because it reminds me of when I began and how happy my parents were when they gave me that gift.

Of course I almost didn't get them at all since I went on a recon mission shortly before Christmas and found my mother's secret hiding place of all things Christmas. That did not go over too big. It was hard being grounded the week before Christmas. Especially when you are only ten.

Thanks for listening.

Vincent Smile Smile Smile
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I have a 1926 Tarbell System that has 60 or so chapters in it and they sent you a different chapter every month.

First edition Frank Garcia The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic and All In A Nutshell.
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I just got acouple more Heaney magic catalogs and another Vick Lawsons magic catalogs.
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I love to read magic books, even though I probably won't ever use most of the stuff. I especially enjoy books on the old illusionists and the grand illusion shows. I probably have 350-400 books of various types. Some of my "collection" of books and magic include:

  • Two sets of Thurston Illusion Show Workbooks
  • Two copies of Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions
  • Three different editions of Jarrett
  • Two different editions of The Magic of Alan Wakeling
  • Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic
  • The Magic of Robert Harbin
  • Two different editions of Device and Illusion
  • Several Peter Rabbit the Magician with props and boxes
  • Wooden Watch Box
  • Okito Floating Ball
  • ABC Gumball Re-Combobulator
  • Several Merv Taylor items
  • A lot of Bob Kline items
  • Many Doug Henning photos, posters and other memorabilia
But, of all the stuff I have, my favorite is Professional Illusion Building for the Home Craftsman, by Dick Gustafson.

Amos McCormick
Things are more like they are today than they've ever been before...
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In my collection are magic items made in brass, coins, magic from Japan and any old magic I can find.
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Lake Odessa, MI
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I browse antique shops regularly, wherever I go. Most of my browsing is in central Michigan, occasionally in the Detroit area and a couple of times a year in WI, MN and ND. I don't think I've ever come across any magic items in all the years I've been browsing.

Anyone else have that same experience?
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Larry Barnowsky
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Cooperstown, NY where bats are made from
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I'm always hoping in a corner under a pile of dust there will be a Thayer Blue Phantom. I agree with you. I've never come across anything other than novelties in these antique stores. I also have had similar luck looking for magic books in used book shops including The Strand which is a gigantic used book store in lower Manhattan.
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Southern U.S.A.
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I did find a Tannen's catalog, the guy said he bought it at a YARD sale, of all places, and an old Adams' moneymaker, which still had $2 loaded in it at an antique/junk shop once. Occasionally some magic books, too, but nothing absolutely great.

Steve Thomas
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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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My "big" things to me in my collection is a framed autographed picture of "Mr.Electric" and a mint copy of Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger. I also have started collecting all the osborne illusion plans and books that I can get my hands on.
Clayton Cavaness
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I have a "complete" set of the first fifty years of Genii magazine.
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I have a original posters of Kellar, Carter, Blackstone Sr, Maro, Brush, Alexander, Soo, and George. I also have letters written by Houdini, Kellar, and one handwritten Soo letter that was featured in Caveny's new book on Kellar. I used to collect Thayer and P&L, but because of room, I only collect paper.
Chance Wolf
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I just SCORED a Stillwell Copenetro along with an Original Bob Kline Copenetro and the Oroginal Jack Hughes Copenetro! I have the entire Copenetro History ( well, the ones I care about )
Which now my life is COMPLETE...well...maybe just a few more thricks...yeah...then I am done Smile
Creator of Wacky Wolf Productions & Fine Collectibles

A DECADE of building Magic and we're just getting started!

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I'll mention a couple of "goodies", not too olde, but special to me...

Don Redmon's Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (hippity-hop type effect--only 55 sets ever made)

Thayer Rice, Checkers and Orange (wooden vase)

Haenchen Triangle Tube Production

Arturo Twin Di Box (when he worked for Abbott's)

Two versions of Arturo's "Nest of bean boxes" one from his U.F. Grant days and another (one of a special run of three sets total) "improved" set from his tenure with Abbott's.

A neat curiosity-refer to Blakstone's Secrets of Magic-look at effect #20 = Pencil Through Coin. The well- machined piece of metal apparatus utilizing an English Penny (made by VERY EARLY JOHNSON PRODUCTS) is terrific, but the effect is dumb. As a much younger Magician I worked out a completely different handling and a different EFFECT using this apparatus. Back in the late 1960's or early 1970's an unhappy former employee opened a storfront company in Colon selling identical to Abbott's props during that years get together, but at vastly reduced prices.. The quality was the same--anyway (no, his name was not Fisher), this little metal "thing" was tucked into a corner of one of his cases and I bought it for ten dollars.
If anyone else still owns one of these, let me know and I'll be happy to share my routine "the Fastest Coin Trick in the World".
Clay Shevlin
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This is a fun thread. Since my interest is in magic history and bibliography, all of my favorites relate to that subject, among them:

A fine copy of the first US edition of Houdini's Unmasking of Robert-Houdin, with a long inscription from Houdini to Floyd Thayer,

Trevor Hall's personal copy (bound in full leather) of the rare 1956 imprint of his conjuring bibliography (only six printed)

Trevor Hall's personal copy of one of twelve interleaved copies of his conjuring bibliography, very heavily annotated by him in preparation for his Old Conjuring Books (published in 1972), and, last but not least,

A six volume set of George Daniel's Merrie England in the Olden Time (1842), extra-illustrated with original newspaper clippings of Fawkes, Lane, and Breslaw, among other 18th century magicians, together with original prints of Chabert the Fire King (autographed by him!), Buckinger, and the learned pig. Not only that, but it is inscribed by Daniel to a friend of his and the inscription states that it was one of only 8 copies printed on special paper. This was originally published as a two volume set, but somebody tooke the time to expand it to six volumes and added over 700 original clippings, prints, and playbills of the people mentioned in the book. It must be unique.

Oh yes, one more (with a question). I have Eleanor Bishop's personal copy of the book she wrote on her son, Washington Irving Bishop (for lack of a better term, he was a mentalist). Since I've never seen a copy offered for sale, my suspicion is that it's a rare book. Does anybody out there own a copy? It was entitled "A Mother's Life Dedicated, and an Appeal for Justice to all Brother Masons and the Generous Public. A Synopsis of the Butchery of the Late Washington Irving Bishop... by Eleanor Fletcher Bishop, his Broken-Hearted Mother" It was published in Philadelphia in 1889.

Bishop was a VERY interesting character in the annals of magic. See Ricky Jay's chapter on Bishop in his Learned Pigs book. He seems to think this is a rare book, but you never know unless you ask.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
Bob Sanders
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Magic Valley Ranch, Clanton, Alabama
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Wow! Good Stuff! Please give me your addresses and when you expect to be gone from home. (Just joking, I know that you carry the good stuff with you.)

Since I am in my fifth decade of magic, much, if not most of my library is autographed. I also saved old mail from Slydini and others. But my most prized part of my collection is contained in a small cardboard box and a brown paper bag. Some of it isn't even complete. When Burling Hull went into the nursing home, I received the goods in these two containers. They are mostly homemade gimmicks he used. Some he made from scratch and others were cannibalized from other tricks. I also have two notebooks of Xeroxed notes from other entertainers he apparently was going to use to write a book. Of course, I have no intention of ever publishing or sharing these notes. Frankly, most aren’t that outstanding as magic goes. However, I value it as an indication of his reputation with other big names in the industry. I have no idea why this is a copy or where the original is, or if it still even exists. I have had these items at least twenty-three years. The other things in the notebooks are typed comments on alternative uses for commercially produced magic props that were available back then and some still are. Who knows what he had in mind to do with them? They just show a lot of good analytical thought. The economic value is not significant to me. Its real value to me is as a motivator to think and plan in an organized manner. Burling Hull apparently did very little by accident.

When I die, I assume Lucy will do something with them. Supposedly the real thing that will determine what she does, is whether or not she is still performing. She still performs ballet on stage on pointe at age 64 with a broken rib. She did that this month! She broke the rib in a horseback riding accident. (We rode horses again tonight.) John Calvert is still performing at 93. I have no idea how far beyond that Lucy will be on stage doing magic. She has mentioned that the new horse she is training now for magic, won’t last her but about thirty years. I don’t know what she will have to do after that! Maybe it will be a collectable magic stuffed horse?

Magic By Sander
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz

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I haven't got much.

I have an autographed copy of "Strange Ceremonies" by Eugene Burger;
An autographed program by David Copperfield;
A mint condition, unused throw-out card from Howard Thurston's last tour;
A wire used by the Amazing Randi to pick open a security guard's handcuffs when he was in Cincinnati, during his 1970s tour with the Alice Cooper show;
An autograph by Randi, and a personal letter from him;
An autographed copy of "Thoughts and Advise on Handcuffs and Escapes" by Prynce E. Wheeler.


Ack! I almost forgot (silly me).

I also have a poster advertizing Marvelo (either Lester Lake or his clone, Joe Schreck) performing "burned alive" at Clementon Lake Park ("Buried in Flames - 20 Minutes in Hell!!")

Dr. Lao: "Do you know what wisdom is?"
Mike: "No."
Dr. Lao: "Wise answer."
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On 2002-12-19 16:20, jcards01 wrote:
Been collecting books since the early to mid-sixties. Interest is in cards. Have over 400 books, just card related.
Was lucky enough to know Ed Marlo and have an abundance of 1st copies of his stuff. Including Marlo Magazine, Vol 2 or 3, copy #1. Have some 1st editions of the Hugard & Braue classics.

I have a Marlo Magazine #1 with the corrections page(s). Any idea of its current market value?
Thank-you in advance for venturing an opinion.

Jim Molinari
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Ah let me join in Smile
Not much to brag about but stuff I personally really enjoy are Marlo's Fingertip Control signed to Jennings and Devilish Miracle signed by Marlo and Damico.
Then again, I enjoy all Marlo material I eventually managed to get...still a long way to completion.

And my signed stock photos from Marlo and Vernon hanging next to eachother really give me a smile.
Haven't seen them fighting yet.

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