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Profile of mydogripper
Every issue of The Linking Ring... Alll Rops issues.... Every Thayer catalog...Every issue of The Bat.... Every issue on Genii.....all my book collection starts with the first issue... that is a just a start...
2011 Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year
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Profile of joespc
Some of the items are the Loydd Multiplying Candles, a Walsh Acrobatic Golf Club, Walsh Appearing Table, Milt Kort’s Miniature Cups and Balls and Platt’s Indian Cups and Balls.
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Heros Horse by Owen Magic need I say more.....
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On 2004-03-20 07:04, Vincent wrote:

After reading all of these posts I know I'm really addicted now!!


I don't have too big of a collection but I have a magic library that contains about 200 working volumes. All first editions. Some signed. In that library is a Dai Vernon Book Of Magic which is signed to me by Dai Vernon and is a misprint to boot. Have no idea if it is worth much but it is so cool!!!

I also have various and sundry bits of apparatus from the 1940's forward but one of the best pieces in my "collection" is a set of Buddha Tubes that was given to me for Christmas when I was ten years old. While not a popular prop, they mean the world to me because it reminds me of when I began and how happy my parents were when they gave me that gift.

Of course I almost didn't get them at all since I went on a recon mission shortly before Christmas and found my mother's secret hiding place of all things Christmas. That did not go over too big. It was hard being grounded the week before Christmas. Especially when you are only ten.

Thanks for listening.

Vincent Smile Smile Smile

One of my first "big" tricks was a set of Buddha Tubes when I was around ten, also. I had asked for the Buddha Tubes for Christmas because most of my contemporaries were using a Square Circle in one form or another and I wanted to be different!
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Profile of gngorick
I have several autographed DVDs/photographs/playing cards/books.

Jay Sankey - Revolutionary Card+Coin Magic DVD, Boris Pocus DVD, photograph, playing cards, Beyong Secrets Book.

Richard Sanders - Fiber Optics DVD, playing card

David Acer - Playing Card

Darwin Ortiz - Playing Card

Brian Geer - Jumbo Playing card, Photograph

Meir Yedid - Photograph

Mike Skutt - Playing Card

Thom Baxter - Playing Card

Wij - Playing Card

Allan Nackan - Playing Card

David Peck - Playing Card

Jason Maloney - Playing Card

Ray Chance - Playing Card

All of 'em are quite recent. I don't have any autographs of oldtime magicians though *sniff* *sniff*
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Profile of dylan1961
Hi all,
I collect Handcuffs, padlocks, and books pertaining to Harry Houdini, and other escape artists. Have many examples, several of them truly rare. Pre 1925 pitchbooks include Secret of the Handcuff trick by Pollard, Prof. Day's The Handcuff Trick, Stanyon's Secrets of the Handcuff Trick, 6 editions of Selby's Handcuff and Gaol Breaking Mystery Exposed, and others too. Of course Houdini was a master of putting these out too, and I have in my collection the following: Magic made Easy 1898,
America's Sensational Plexor 1904, houdini, 1908, The Fomous The World's Greatest handcuff king and prison breaker @1907, Life history and handcuff Secrets of houini
(several variations in page numbers and pub. dates), etc....... many many moe.

Don Hendrix
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Tucson, AZ
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Profile of Don Hendrix
I guess that my favorite magic possession is Danny Dew's copy of "Revelations". It is number two. I assume that Vernon had number one. It is also signed by Vernon, Danny Dew, and signed to Danny by Faucett Ross( on his birthday). I also have a collectioin of Vernon items including a post card, 8x10 autographed photo, coin, cigar butt, and one of his "New York Card Expert" business cards that he gave me one night at the castle. I also have a set of copper Paul Fox cups, made by Danny, which, years ago, cost me $18, including postage. Another thing I like is a leather bound complete set of the original Jinx, which came from the library of Tony Raven, publisher of The Invocation magazine. I also have a printer's proof of a book written by Doc Shiels for laymen, including his had-written corrections, and signed, "How is this for a first edition?" My copy of The World's Greatest Magic book is autographed by most of the magicians who were living at the time of publication, including Vernon, Copperfield (twice - one that is readable), Henning, Mark Wilson, Nani, and Rebo, Carl Ballentine, Blackstone, Jr., Falkenstein and Willard, Randi, Kreskin, Thompsoni and assistant, Mr. Electric and Carol, Shimada (in English and Japanese), Goshman, Jimmy Grippo, Dick and Diana Zimmerman, and many others, including John Booth, Joseph, Siegfried and Roy, Wm Larsen Jr., Lance Burton, Karrel Fox, Zaney Blaney, Amarr, Larry Becker, Jay Marshall, Larry Jennings, Billy McComb, Jerry Andrus, Paul Daniels, Max Maven, Harry Anderson, Charlie Miller, Eugene Burger, Richard Webster, Tony Andruzzi, and many that I have probably forgotten. I carried it with me for years as my magic autograph book.
Antony Gerard
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Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Profile of Antony Gerard
If you ever find yourself in Kalamazoo Michigan stop by The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop at 2001 West Main Street. I have a medium sized museum in the lower level. It is open by appointment in the evenings. No charge. Includes grand illusions, parlor, close-up, books, posters, awards, and autographs. Many items from Karrell Fox, Little Johnny Jones, Roy Kissell, and John Calvert. Also items from Henning, Vernon, Gordon, Blackstone, etc.

Two of my favorite pieces are two Vernon silhouettes made by him in 1930. Vernon’s silhouettes are among the most difficult to find Vernon items.

Due to remodeling the museum will not be open until early June. It is also closed from September 5th through November 25th due to our Halloween store and Haunted Houses (Phobia House).

For an appointment please phone 269 - 344 - 2001

I have thought about doing an online museum when I free up some time. Please give me some feedback about this venture. Do you think there would be interest in an online photo museum.

Take care and take cards
Antony Gerard
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Profile of jdknight
I just happened to spot a set of older style cups at the Rosebowl flea market this past sunday. Bill Palmer has looked at digital pictures and I have provied the ,easurements. Although he cannot say for sure without looking at them in person, he thinks they may be non-hallmarked P&L cups. I am pretty psyched about finding them. I paid 15 dollars for them.

Cranial Fermentator
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My favorite items in my collection are ones that I aquired unexpectedly. I once purchased a large lot of M-U-M magazines from the 1950's & 60's on Ebay, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that apparently Milborne Christopher was the original owner! Scrawled inside the magazines were his notes and comments. Other goodies that were hidden in old magic magazines I bought, include a flyer autographed by Harry Blackstone, Jr (oddly, it wasn't for his show, but a classical music concert in Kansas City) and a publicity photo of Hardeen(unfortunately not sign, but it was stanped with his name and dated).
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Profile of magicdoctor39
I have Heaney doll house,Heaney asra form,microphone from heaney show,manyHeaney catologs,throw cards 1 window poster,8mm movies and super8 movies also from the Heaney collection I have a box full of reel to reel audio tapes which I havent even listened to.a couple of heaney magic tricks he sold from his catolog,a walking cane which I havent been able to identify other than it was bought at a rummage sale,where Heaneys grandaughter sold to my dad for cheap.also birdcage production I can't identify, also from the Heaney collection I have an Abotts chain escape- the magician gets chained to a board which has a skeleton painted on it, and then many autographs.
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Just managed to get original corinda letterhead. Written and signed by John Henley (parner I think ??)

Later John Henley became the owner of Inzani-Henley Magic in London.

Not much but its just one of my small collection.

Richard Evans
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Cups & balls are my main obsession. I also collect vintage fountain pens (my sickness extends beyond magic - I'm a well-rounded obsessive).

I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I only lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three. Elayne Boosler
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Profile of islandguy
I like to think I collect 'future collectibles' - ie Mel Babcock's great woodworking, Warner's minimagic, and my favorites are the very hard to find John McKinven woodturned items - Egg Vase, and Matching Egg 'Morrison Pill Box'
Kevin Connolly
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On 2005-08-18 15:50, Mehtas wrote:

Just managed to get original corinda letterhead. Written and signed by John Henley (parner I think ??)

Later John Henley became the owner of Inzani-Henley Magic in London.

Not much but its just one of my small collection.


Looks like another one on Ebay now. $25.00 seems like a more than fair price for it. Sometimes you find one, there are dozens behind it, ready to appear.
Please visit my website.

Always looking buy or trade for original Houdini, Hardeen and escape artist items. I'm interested in books, pitchbooks and ephemera. Email [email]hhoudini@optonline.net[/email]
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England, UK
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Profile of Mehtas
On 2005-08-18 19:57, Kevin Connolly wrote:

Looks like another one on Ebay now. $25.00 seems like a more than fair price for it. Sometimes you find one, there are dozens behind it, ready to appear.

Yep that's the one and I just have ONE.

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Huntington Beach, Ca
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Profile of magus
I have Jinx program #5, a few original annemann manuscripts (Smoke rays,one man mental and psychic routine,man and wife mind reading act, incorperated strange secrets)Thayers "The Great sealed letter reading test",nelson cataloge #24, Psycho 1-8, one of the first 25 copys of Variations by Earl Nelson (He grabbed them from the printer to bring to a convention, no title printed on cover, The patented riffle shuffle and riffle shuffle finale by Marlo (signed),lovecraftian ceremonies, demons diary, and some other stuff Smile
crappy deium-

what a lousy day to be seized


a device for measuring a magical field
Bill Palmer
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Eternal Order
Only Jonathan Townsend has more than
24280 Posts

Profile of Bill Palmer
On 2004-08-11 14:16, jdknight wrote:
I do not have much. I have a 1980s Hocus Pocus Conjuring outfit mostly complete and box is in good condition. Interestingly, it has an effect (like Porpers jumping peg paddle) except it is a wooden paddle. I also have an autographed Deans Box and an autographed picture and card by Jeff McBride and another card autographed by McBride and his wife Abbi Spinner, I have an autographed card from John Gustaferno (don't know if I spelled his name right), and lastly, an autographed poster of John Shyrock. None of these autographs are old, but who knows, I will save them for my grandson.

The very first trick that actually used a paddle was the jumping peg. It was published in 1901 by P.T. Selbit, called "The Chinese Bat." The paddle was actually inspired by a cricket bat.

Before that, "paddle" tricks were done with knives, matches and sticks. But the paddle really came into its own in 1901.
"The Swatter"

Founder of CODBAMMC

My Chickasaw name is "Throws Money at Cups."

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Profile of hersheymagic
I have an autographed / inscribed first edition copy of Houdini's "A Magician Among the Spirits" The inscription is attached. Enjoy gazing at Houdini's autograph :o)
It also has a letter of authentication from the book seller in Washington DC that hired Houdini for the book signing.

Keith Hanshaw
Hershey Magic

Click here to view attached image.
Keith Hanshaw


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a little town in nowhere
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Profile of Montethrower
Darwin Ortiz signed Picture, inscribed to me

Chad Sanborn, inscribed to my brother and I, 8x10

8x10 Ice MacDonald Picture, inscribed to me

B&W Max Maven, inscribed to me in silver ink

LOTS of signed playing cards, some being

Jim Karo, John Blake, Bob Elliot, Chris Chelko, Sal Piacente, Bob Sheets, John B. Borne, Richard Osterlind, Max Maven, and Shaun Robeson.

Other than that, not much really. I don't have any antiquated books, though I really wish I did...
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