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Chan Canasta was not a mentalist, he was a Remarkable Man
Have a nice day
magicman from poland
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There is vere workable card force in book killer conceptions by kenton knepper.
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On Nov 17, 2019, Maxyedid wrote:
Chan Canasta was not a mentalist, he was a Remarkable Man

Chan Canasta was a remarkable man. Chan Canasta was a mentalist. But not all mentalists are remarkable... Smile Jan
Jan Forster
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Touch by Paul Curry presented by Nick Locapo
cardistry master
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Touch is more of a prediction, but for a car divination I use the marksman deck peek the card above and then you can reframe it as a thought of card because they never took it out of the deck.
Ben Blau
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“Best” in what regard? What do you want it to look like? Are you looking for something quick and snappy, or more like a test-conditions experiment? Maybe neither? What’s your venue? What matters to you? People responding in this thread are telling you what THEY like, which is fine, but probably not relevant to the question of which is “best” for you.
The Unmasked Magician
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I always assume that a person asking this type of question is really asking: hey guys, what is your favourite (...) ? And judging by the OP's reactions that is the case here as well.
I have to say I usually really like these threads, as often some knowledgeable people chime in and recommend stuff I didn't know of. I'm always thankful when that happens as I find it inspiring to go check it out and broaden my horizon. But you're right, technically either the question isn't answered or is wrongly worded.
Please check regularly if you are becoming the type of magician Jerry Seinfeld jokes about. (This applies to mentalists as well.)
Martin Pulman
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I always assume this question means "what is your favourite [whatever]"

I find these have been some of the most useful threads on the Café, over the years.
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I think it’s great to learn one of everything, even if for a random occasion to occur. I was once sat around a friends house and the subject shifted to tarot and one of the other guests mentioned that their grandma used to give readings using playing cards. The host then mentioned that I gave readings and (as they put it) “weird things” and of course the buzz had started in the room and I was nudged into giving a reading. My opening line was about the use of an oracle and how people have favoured all sorts everyday objects and items to base the reading from. As I remember it, (it was some time ago) the person nominated was the woman whose grandma gave readings using playing cards and I said that’s what we should use, even if just for nostalgic reasons.

Instead of picking a physical card she was to think of one that she was drawn to.

Of course I was already miles ahead without doing anything because I knew that the lady already had a belief in this stuff, she was the one who mentioned playing cards - which gave them a context that was as far removed from a trick as one could imagine and when I revealed the thought of card as the kicker she was the first one to turn to everyone else and say “That’s exactly how my grandma did it!” Then she thanked me and said she’d always wanted a reading from her grandma but never got one and that had filled the void.

The method I used was (I believe of my own creation) there are of course routines that use playing cards for readings but are generally not “thought of card” - In short I gave two options and tied it to a quality belonging to the playing.

As a quick example -

If you consider yourself a more loyal person, you’d think of red card and an independent person a black card. Of course the choices I gave them weren’t these particular words - I will keep those for myself. I forced a red picture card.

But In essence (if you wanted to create your own) I forced the outcome of the card by making one of each of the choices more socially accepted and when I was giving the reading if I needed to fish I would literally ask in the reading using a closed question.

As a quick example.

“I know that with this particular decision you found it rather difficult because each of the options in someway defined you and I feel that you were so torn between the two options that you instinctively chose one. You didn’t happen to go for this did you?”

If they said “yes” I’d smile (as though I was happy with my own intuition) and continued with the reading. If “no” I’d say “good you trusted your own intuition because I’d say this” (fill in reading in regards to the key word) from this point to bury the choice.

To force them away from a number and toward a picture would be the only time that I would offer up a word that could be seen as somewhat negative (but not overly) when mentioning the number option.

It’s essentially 4 quick statements and the reading begins.



Number / picture.

Then female / male.

As mentioned above the reading gives me leeway to (if I am ever in doubt) cross reference. I never mention the keywords in the reading (unless I’m referencing) I speak around keyword (if it’s “loyal” for example, I might talk about being a dependable person and very family orientated, always there whenever anyone needs at any hour etc.).

It’s quick and all the way along you get the affirmation of the correctness of the reading. Then at the end if I was torn between two cards I can say “This type of reading would usually naturally gravitate towards this card or this card”. Giving me two chances at an already massively restricted field and if I pause just long enough after saying that I know (if they affirm I’m right they went exactly for the bait) if not I continue and say “I feel you did briefly go for this card but at the last second you changed your mind - what did you change you’re mind to, what card are you thinking of?”

I say the last two questions coupled together, it’s a clever way of posing the question because it forces them to answer the card confirming that they changed. The audience will believe you nailed the card they first thought of giving you the hit anyway.

It rarely comes to that as I’m direct with my framing but as the reading was spot on as confirmed by the spectator the audience will believe that you were right in saying the cards you said and if you’re guilty about being slightly of simply say “the cards are an oracle only to be used as a baseline in which to get an impression of you and sometimes your own intuition has to take over”. Making the playing cards irrelevant anyway.

That cake and coffee meet was one of the more interesting ones I’ve been to!

There’s a more interesting philosophy here that should be inspected under a microscope.

When I hate a particular area of Mentalism I don’t avoid it, I embrace it and I carefully craft a “compromise” as I might (like above) find myself in a place where the context is just right. Also there’s been times where I’ve hated a particular plot and after growing as a thinker years later grown to love that particular subsection of Mentalism it’s happened to all of us at some point I’d assume.

Anyway, I hope this is understandable as I quickly typed this as my wife was making dinner - she’s shouted me 3 times and I’ve given her the old “one moment darling, I’m just finishing up” act a few times now so I must run or I’ll be sat through dinner having to endure the “I’m fine” look and attitude I’ve become accustomed to when I get carried away.

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Very good idea David!
Genius thinking there!

You are making something much more emotional and personal...

The moment you nail the card you are nailing their personality too, is fantastic!

Papa Legba
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On Nov 12, 2019, aladetomiwa wrote:
I'm looking for the best(Cleanest) thought of card divination
Some people say Isolation is one of the best for that kind of stuff.But I have to be sure before I just buy it
So what do you guys think is the best?

Given the OPs original enquiry, I find some of the herein expressed personal aversions, to even the mere mention of a playing card, to be unhelpful and off-topic.
Use the FORCE Luke.
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