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Digits of Deception - Alan Rorrison

The Hype:
Alan Rorrison is one of the top creative magicians in the UK. With multiple sell-out World Tours, TV appearances, consultancy credits (Dynamo & Troy), Magic Castle (Hollywood) and Magic Circle (London) performances, Alan has proven himself countless times to be one of the most exciting, left field thinkers in magic.

Alan thinks like a true modern magician. He uses the props that would naturally be at hand in a social environment - keys, rings, coins, bottles, pens, lighters (plus cards, of course, because we’re magicians right?!?!). There’s a reason this Scottish born hot shot was consultant for TV stars Dynamo and Troy - he creates magic that connects! It looks real. It feels raw and spontaneous.

Digits Of Deception is a deep dive into some of the most commercial, fun, and just purely magical magic conceivable.

Every routine on this packed two hour project could have been released as a stand alone trick - but Alan has slammed them all together for you in a veritable feast of awesomeness. PLUS he shows you how to make the necessary gimmicks yourself (from easily obtainable bits ‘n bobs you’ll have lying around), rather than charging you huge, overly inflated sums for making them up as ‘ready-made’ miracles.


RORY'S RISE - Alan’s take on the legendary ‘Raise Rise’ by Ray Kosby! A signed selection is left sticking out near the bottom of the deck. With just a shake, and in FULL VIEW, the outjogged card disappears back into the deck and pops back out near the top. Another shake and that signed selection is on top! Alan teaches you how to make the ingenious (and ridiculously simple) gimmick to make this miracle all but self working!

KEY THING - a borrowed ring - a borrowed key - and yet, impossibly, you are able to squeeze the head of the key through the clearly too small opening of the ring! Super easy to do - looks like a miracle.

FRIES WITH THAT - the cleanest McDonalds Aces you've ever seen. Four Aces are lost in four packets. One by one those Aces vanish, only to reappear grouped together in the final packet. Then (and this is where it gets gooooood), that packet is INSTANTLY re-spread to show the Aces have gone again. Where? The other cards are spread across the table and the Aces are back (and face up!). Alan will teach you how to make the sneaky gimmick that makes this trick so fooling. It's a STUNNER!

BUD'S BOTTLE - ready for an impromptu signed coin in bottle? How about with a borrowed coin and borrowed bottle! An impromptu masterpiece. This is CLASS!

STATIC - A selected card sits atop the deck. You rub your forearm (to get some 'static'), and then hover your fingers over the deck. Utterly impossibly that chosen card POPS straight off the deck and adheres to your fingers. It then slowly sinks back onto the other cards. You can even get your spectator to hold THEIR fingers over the deck and watch the selection shoot up as if magnetized. Can be performed impromptu, as Alan teaches you how to make the brilliant gimmick on the fly. Works with ANY deck. Truly shocking visual magic with cards!

SHARPIE BEND - a sharpie held at the fingertips visibly softens in the centre and slowly bends into a right angle. You uncap the strange looking pen and hand it out to be examined (cos it can be!). Learn how to make this fun, visual gimmick in seconds at home!

ACES OUT - a self working, mental miracle. You remove the four Aces from the deck and have your spectators decide on one. When they check the packet of aces, the one they named is GONE! Where? The deck is spread and it's the only face up card in the centre of the spread. Oh, and when the spread is reversed ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK!

BE SAFE - You show the audience your lighter with the regulation 'NO UNDER 18's' sticker glued on. Using your thumbnail under the sticker you demonstrate how a quick snap to the side can actually cleanly remove that warning label. Not a good thing right? So, right in front of their eyes, you throw the sticker at the lighter… and it RE-ADHERES! You hand them the lighter to examine (because you CAN!).

My Take:
Big Blind Media is just about the best producer of magic dvd's today. I absolutely love all the card magic they teach but what a treat it is to get a dvd from them that offers something besides just card tricks. So I was excited to see just what this new dvd from Alan Rorrison had to offer. To be honest, a number of tricks involving cards are taught but these are not your run of the mill take a card and I will find it type of effect. These are a whole lot more fun.

Eight of Alan's effects are taught and guess what? A gimmick is used in a lot of them but you are taught how to make each one and it will not take you hours. In fact, one of the gimmicks you can make up on the fly in seconds.

Let's take a peek at what you learn on this dvd.

Rory's Rise - If you have ever seen Ray Kosby's Raise Rise, you know how great it looks. You also know that you would love to do it but probably won't be able to. This is not an easy effect to accomplish. Alan has come up with a very clever gimmick that does almost all of the work for you. Making this gimmick is a little more involved than some of the others but it worth every second it takes. This looks just about as good as Ray's and puts it within even the beginner's skill level.

Key Thing - this is great for impromptu and you can borrow both the key and the ring. No gimmicks involved here at all. The method remind me of a technique used in cups and balls and it looks good. When you hand the ring back, the ring is legitimately on the key. Everything can be examined as there is zero to see. You are taught a nice method to use a coin instead of a key.

Fries With That - I have always loved Macdonald's Aces, For my money, it is just about the best card trick ever. Like Macdonald's this is also accomplished with a gimmick, just not the one you're thinking of. The gimmick can be home made but it can also be purchased complete. The homemade gimmick does look better but it does require some work to make. Once again, the gimmick takes all the work out of this and it looks fantastic. (He does explain that the fries referenced in the title refers to Macdonald's, fries, get it?)

Bud's Bottle - Coin in bottle that looks good and requires no gimmicks so put your folding coin away. What Alan refers to as a gimmick really isn't. You probably have one in your pocket right now. Killer trick for a bar.

Static - This looks really good (watch the video). The gimmick can be made instantly and will fool. This looks unbelievable. Impromptu method is also taught but this does require a higher skill level.

Sharpie Bend - You make this gimmick once again yourself. But be very careful in making it. It could be a little dangerous. Looks pretty good but I will have to be honest. This one did not knock me out.

Aces Out - I love blank card effects. How much stronger than Blizzard can you get? And Josh Jay has done some ground breaking work here. A version of Hobson's Choice makes this pretty much self working.

Be Safe - A nice version of Jumping Gems using a cigarette lighter. If you can't do this out of the box, you are in the wrong business and everything can be examined.

Conclusion: This is the most fun that I have had with a DVD in a long time. Alan is a very clever man. He has a ton of products for sale on the net and is very creative. I will be working on the Key Thing and Static and plan on using both at the next opportunity. Besides learning some grat magic, this is very entertaining to just sit back and watch. Nice job, Alan.

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