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Louis Gordon
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Looking for more resources on body effects. Things like having a person in a chair and is lifted by finger tips.
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Harris Deutsch
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Try the person that can’t be lifted.
Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
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Harry Murphy
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Look for the "Georgia Magnet" routines. Plus pseudo hypnosis routines.

"The Chairs" routine on the Bill Abbott site might interest you too.
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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within a triangle
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I second landmark. Body-Magic is a great book!
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Luke Wolf
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Aaron Alexander’s Reality as an art has a few effects like that, but more on a « suggestive » presentation
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There are plenty of ideas for body magic to be found within the martial arts, especially Aikido and Tai-Chi.
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The 5th Dimension
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Meir Yedid's "Finger Fantasies" and James Coats' "Body Magic" .
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Freak by Will Houston. One of the best tricks
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I too am interested in any or all books/dvds that have not just body magic, but magic/magic themed demonstrations with no props in general- mind over matter, strength tests, memory tests, pk, mentalism, hypnotism, dance, miming etc, dam near ANY special talent or skill that one can entertain or impress with using only there body, or volunteers, as I have been researching this subject for years.



I CAN'T RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH!!! This would be easily among my top 5, if not top THREE in my favorites collection. Not only a gold mine of great pieces of magic with ordinary borrowed props, but also lots of great stuff using body only, or no props- everything from contorting & dislocating your fingers & arms, to climbing up walls, to even levitating a house!!! Just the principles alone are worth the price of admission to help fuel your own creativity. DAN YOU ARE THE MAN!!!


Another "hidden gem". I did buy the set. My only gripe I have is I bought the DVD set, only to later find that all of these tricks are actually on his Youtube channel for all to see! But aside from that, I can see where most magician's would brush off most of these as just "throw aways/fillers", or too "simple/just for kids", but with the right presentation & creative spin, some of these could become real great show pieces as some of these have gone into my regular performing arsenal. Do I think every trick is good? No. There are some that ARE too obvious/simple. But again, don't focus & gripe about what you can't use, focus on what you CAN use. I would buy an entire book or DVD even if I knew there was only ONE thing that I would actually use.


Another thing I am also on the hunt for is not only no prop magic, but magic that can be performed in a stage show to everyone in the audience for some interactive magic where the magic happens in there hands. There are a couple pieces here that is perfect for this. Also, yes there may be widely known tricks here that we already know the secrets too which may have put some off from buying, but I think it is also just as valuable to see a different PRESENTATION of a trick compared to the same old way we're used to seeing others perform, & might spark the creative juices for not how to do the magic trick, but how to PRESENT the magic trick.


Another gem. Lots of creative potential for the "Touched By An Angel" routine that can play small AND big.


DON'T GET THESE DVDS!!! I WANT THESE ALL FOR MYSELF!!! Again, lots of no prop/borrowed prop material. The Ring of Truth- SURELY someone has a ring or coin that can be borrowed. Also, a BRILLIANT think of a number concept where you ask them to think of a number, & you tell them the number- no psychological force used. Of course people like Derren Brown uses the same principle here on a much more advanced level, but for the noob mentalist like me, or anyone else wanting to test the waters with something that's as pretty sure fire as this, you can't go wrong! I also love & plan on using the key bends. I class this no props, as you do it using other people's borrowed keys. Stigmata is also taught here, & I just realized that it can EASILY be combined with the think of a number effect taught here that is even more surefire than that taught on the Wayne Houchin DVD.


Again, more interactive magic- having all of the spectators hands lock up, eyes lock, etc. & of course, the wonderful abnormal lift.


Probably one of the first effects that I discovered when I started collecting no prop fx several years ago. Even if you already have a method for a pulse stop, once again, don't get it just for the secret, but also all of the nuances of presentational ideas.


Once again, don't buy this, MINE MINE MINE!!! You can never have enough methods so that you are covered. Also again, lots of great presentational ideas.


ANOTHER NEW FAVORITE!!!! OK, so who goes out anywhere & doesn't have there phone? Since its something we always have with us no more than always having clothes on, I don't consider a phone a "prop", unlike a non-essential item that you grab & put in your pocket for the sole purpose of doing tricks- rubber bands, cards, sponge balls, thumb tips, half dollars, IT, gimmicks etc. These are "props." The secret was NOT what I thought it was, this is EFFIN BRILLIANT!!! GREAT JOB MR. VOGT!!!


WAY too much to list here, just pointing out the growing number of effects that can be done using ONLY a phone. Lots of effects that only involves a bit of preparation done to your phone, but once done & set up, can now perform these fx impromptu over & over. My only frustration is looking for impromptu phone magic effects on magic sites, & 99 percent of them involve cards, if not a coin, if not some other prop aside from the phone. NO!!! I want fx using JUST a phone!


Freaky Body Illusions
Breaking Point
Finger/Thumb Thru Ear


Of course most of us record & collect magic tv shows & specials from all the big names over the years. Sometimes it's easy to forget about all of the great no prop material from just these shows alone. So what I do is gather all of the no prop material from these shows & put them on separate dvds/video file folders for easy access & reference.


Lots of great no prop psychological forces- circle in square, 3 of diamonds, & more. Also lots of do as I do fx & routines, even a PK touch routine, like the one done to the strippers, as we all know there are all kinds of methods for this, impromptu & none, it's just a matter of implementing the impromptu versions that we know, & can use a similar set up/presentation.


Balducci, twisting arm, think of a number, Watch Steal, PK Watch, PK touches etc.

DAVID Copperfield

Audience arm twister, & LOTS of ideas for stage gags, of course not copied, but heavily modified to make them your own.


Unliftable, Can't Push Me, Pickpocketing, PK Touches



I have a few of these books, can't get enough strength test material.


Again, lots of simple, widely know stuff, but stuff with lots of creative presentational potential. Also lots of interactive magic.


There are strength teste here too!!!!


Believe it or not, lots of great material there. Only catch, you gotta go thru a LOT of crap to get to some usable stuff, but not all that different from most magic books & dvds we have. How many of those do we have where we only actually use one or two effects out of that book or dvd? So you had to sacrifice some time to get to those hidden gems, so same thing here. Lots of the videos wont even have "no props" or "body tricks" in the title of the video, so it wont always be so easy. So don't be put off by a little bit of work, or videos that say "Amazing Tricks ANYONE/KIDS Can do." You would be surprised what you can find. While 95% of everything in most of these types videos wont be usable, you will occasionally find that hidden gem. & the best part, because most magicians won't bother with videos titled "Easy Magic/Magic For kids", you'll have a collection of effects that no one else is doing! So lots of great material hidden in plain site.

So I would like to thank everyone here who has recommended material over the years that I have added to my own collection, but the collection will never be completed, it will be a lifetime thing.
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