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I was just wondering if the more experienced coin workers here also performed other types of magic or if your coins take up all the spare time? If yes, what kind of magic? Other sleight of hand like cards or general/gimmicked magic?

I'm relatively new to coin magic (half a year), but I intend to stick with it. There's this certain fascination about sleight of hand money stuff (which is what got me started) that I don't get with other types of magic, and being a poor student with lots of time, sleight of hand is the way forward, rather than buying gimmicks Smile
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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Yes, Sirakor...along with coins (my primary), I also carry various items (depending on my mood), such as packet tricks, silk & TT, rubberbands (tip o' the hat to Dan Harlan!), and my optical illusion ring.

Good example was last night (6/5)...there was a graduation party at a community clubhouse near here. My friend invited me along, and told the host that I was a magician. I had my four silver dollars with me, one rubberband around my wrist, an 18" piece of rope and a red 9" silk and TT in my pocket.

That was enough to give all the tables that asked me to perform (I do NOT solicit myself...bad idea...), at least 15 min each.

Woo...busy night. First time in a while, and I'm glad I wasn't just carrying coins! LOL!

Michael Rubinstein
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You mean, there's other types of magic without coins?
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Dan Watkins
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Don't tell anyone, but yes... I do other types of magic.

I pick and choose stuff that I like.

I tend to like coins because you get do a lot of work out of your pocket. I mostly work standing with people. Other than coins I pick stuff that's easy to carry:

Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Eason's "All Screwed Up"
3-D Cash
Thumbtip magic (bill switch - salt stuff, water stuff)
I also have one choice card trick I may do if I bother carrying a deck.

I have also learned some more parlor type stuff for the occasional times I do this...

Ninja Rings
Dean's Box
C&R rope
Perpetetic Walnuts
Chop Cup
etc. etc.

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Larry Barnowsky
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Although coins are a favorite, most of the magic I perform does not involve coins. For a formal show, I'll work with rope, cards, cups and balls, linking rings, ring and rope, borrowed ring in nest of boxes or the like, effects with paper money, apparatus effects, escapes, and some illusions etc.
Jonathan Townsend
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Ossining, NY
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I started by learning what is in the book Stars of Magic. It also helped to play with EVERYTHING available to find what is interesting, comfortable and what speaks to me... and for me.

A long time ago, I picked up Andrew Galloway's book The Ramsay Legend and started work. I have done the cards to pocket, the one cup routine, the rope routine, ... and had to wait to get my hands on his cups and balls routine, and the triple restoration. You might notice that his tricks all use very simple cheap props. If you can read past the magician oriented feints, the magic is sound.

So... by the time I was regularly inventing things... I had a fairly solid background. I can't imagine knowing ONLY coins. Some people may chose to perform an act using only coins, however I would be most surprised if their skills were so narrowly focused. For example, David Roth's first lecture had a wonderful chop cup routine. all the coins I've dropped here
kihei kid
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On 2004-06-06 12:27, Jonathan Townsend wrote:
For example, David Roth's first lecture had a wonderful chop cup routine.

Would have loved to seen that one.
In loving memory of Hughie Thomasson 1952-2007.

You brought something beautiful to this world, you touched my heart, my soul and my life. You will be greatly missed.

Until we meet again “my old friend”.
Brian Roberts
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I love all types of magic. Rings, Cards, Cups, Balls, Silks, etc. Mostly close-up effects on my list with... for the most part....pure sleight of hand.

Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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When I started in magic, Coins held a very special facination for me. I love coin magic and it's my favorite kind of close up stuff to perform...

However, I've learned (the hard way) that audiences like variety. So I do silks, rubber bands, and cards, and lots of other things. My card magic is pretty solid. I do most the basic moves... Double lifts, elmsley, force, pass, jogs, crimps and palming. Also like gaffed cards.... like Jon Allen's double back.

One fun thing about card magic is you can use a borrowed deck. Just like coin magic... borrowed non gaff things can add to the magic.

I think being "well rounded" is important and I would encourage you to dive into other areas of magic besides coins....

You can even apply coin magic pricipals to other objects... so have fun!
Mediocrity is greatly under rated!

Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
tommy ng
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My favorites always is coins, but I also do other, like Nija ring, TT,silks,rope,rubberbands,some card too.
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Sugar Land, Texas
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Profile of rden
Being relatively new, my approach is to learn broadly at first, then start focusing in depth on what interests me the most as time goes on. Even so, I can't see myself ever going into one area of magic to the exclusion of others. I am the sort of person who orders a different dish every time I go to the same restaurant even though what I ordered last time was superb. I may end up coming back to the superb dish as my favorite, but I can't ignore other possibilities and the unique experiences they provide.
Jonathan Townsend
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Eternal Order
Ossining, NY
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Profile of Jonathan Townsend

Does Todd Lassen make those? all the coins I've dropped here
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Harris Deutsch
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As my picture indicates, I also feature voice magic in my programs.

After ending Curtis Kam's one handed (right hand)3 for 3 switch as part of his Goblet Routine(POS 2), I go into Rene Lavand's one handed oil and water.(with my left hand)

I do this as part of my magic of imagination/creativity routine, while talking about
i.e. left handed people being in their right mind, brainstorming, alpha/theta brainwave training and other nearly normal topics.

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Mike Wild
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I do a little non-coin magic... Lord help me, I'm not a very well-rounded magician Smile

90% of my stuff is coin, and the other 10% are lead-ins to, precursors for, or in some other way tied to the coins. I guess I'm what you'd call... a niche performer.


<><>< SunDragon Magic ><><>

"Question Reality... Create Illusion"
Pete Biro
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I did coin magic until I spent them all. Argh...
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Yah, I do stuff with jumbo coins, but the only time I bring something other than coins out is my cards, four cards specifically, to do the 5000 different versions of the matrix out there =) hehehehehe
"The experience of astonishment is the experience of a clear, primal state of mind that they associate with a child's state of mind." ---- Paul Harris
Chris Berry
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Non-coin magic?

Sure. If I didn't then I would get bored to be honest. Although I'm getting bored with whats around me right now (could be for the fact that I only am around other magicians once a month if I'm that lucky).

I do a bunch of card stuff (effects people have never seen) as well as a bit of mentalism, and just general close-up work.

Gotta keep a variety going on.

Rob Johnston
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Betrayeth the Coinage? NEVER!!!!

But anyway...yes...I have many other effects that are not coin...but my focus lies within coin.
"Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable." - Margot Fonteyn
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Profile of magicmonkeyphoto
My favorite is coin magic, but for my own personal taste, I like to offer an audience a variety of different items to see as well as different concepts to experience. I was trying to avoid card tricks just to be different, but found many laymen asking me to do a card trick! That was a shock, I assumed that most people would be sick of card tricks since there are so many. Aparently, an effect done well can be done with any prop and the audience will enjoy it. I don't know why I didn't realize that before. Also, laymen seem to actually like card tricks more than anything else. For the most part, if I am doing a 20 minute act, I usually do 5-10 minutes of coins, 3-5 minutes of cards, and the rest with other items, pens, rubber bands, and other odd stuff that I put together myself.

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