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Drew just demonstrated this for me. Whenever I hear of effect like this, I usually always feel the same way. That it is going to be long winded, contrived, and drawn out. If it feels like you are interrogating the spectator and just narrowing it down to get the info you need … no thanks!

This was exactly the opposite. This did not feel guided. It did not feel mathematical. It felt very natural. We all know many methods. And even if you are tracking some of what is going on, Drew has thrown in some nuances that will throw you off. A layman will not stand a chance. Most performers won't either. Its that good. I have never been a huge fan of the propless movement. But this one I will do.

I highly recommend you schedule a demo with Drew so you can experience this yourself. This is a winner!

"Opportunity may only knock once, but temptation leans on the doorbell."
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Drew graciously demonstrated his new effect Elementary on me via zoom and I can tell you it felt amazing and very natural. Of course as a magician I needed to keep an open mind about the demonstration and it still felt very close to real mind reading. I am certainly going to order this book in order to study more of the ins and outs of the effect. The demonstration was smooth and there was no "fishing" or "pumps" of any sort that were unnatural. In all seriousness it was very good and I cant think of another pin number revelation that is so direct. Most use math or peeks and there is none of that going on what so ever and again he did this to me via zoom.

I own his first book and if you do, you know how detailed it is. I can only imagine Drew will cover every angle of this new effect and I think he told me the new book on this effect is around 230 pages...WOW.

Looking forward to the details on this. Thanks Drew.

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Thanks Scott and Isaiah for posting about your experience with the basic version of ELEMENTARY. It was really great to finally get a chance to (virtually) meet both you!

I've got another full day of demos this afternoon and I'm looking forward to them Smile

Yesterday, I was fortunate to perform ELEMENTARY for Rob Domenech (author of "Eureka Moment"). Several years ago Rob decided to focus all of his time and talents on photography but before stepping away he gifted the magic/mentalism community with some wonderful ideas. He and I have emailed back and forth a little over the years, though we've never chatted properly. It was an absolute delight to zoom with him. After our call he kindly posted this to FaceBook:

I just got off of my Zoom meeting with Drew and got to witness his routine "Elementary". Now, before I get into this, I want you to please understand that I was not asked to say something nice. Also, while I may not be in the magic/mentalism world anymore, I do have 30 years of experience in the field, so I am very familiar with the principles and concepts.

With that out of the way, "Elementary" is, indeed, an impromptu and propless PIN divination. When you think of "propless mentalism", I know that most of you will immediately start thinking about circles, triangles, anagrams and a seemingly endless amount of process. "Elementary" is none of these things. Everything in the routine makes sense and there aren't any eyebrow-raising moments. The process is straight-forward and allows the performer to have fun and play around with their performance.

Drew has constructed this routine very carefully and with great attention to detail. This is not a pipedream effect that plays out differently than it reads on the tin. If I were still performing, this is something I would always have at the ready as it truly requires nothing more than two minds. This is what propless mind reading should look like.

Thanks Rob!

Best wishes,

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." Neil Gaiman

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ELEMENTARY: Now Available!
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Adam Hince
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I was fortunate to get to experience ELEMENTARY yesterday. The routine is a thing of beauty. Building on number of principles, Drew has woven this into an incredible piece of propless mind reading. I was shocked that he was able to nail the PIN I was thinking of when so little, by the way of actual process, had occurred.

I had already planned to pick this up, but after yesterday, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait! Thanks, Drew! (And I do mean it!)

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Quick. Direct. Workable.

Those are not always words you can use to describe a propless routine. However, Elementary ticks all the boxes.

I just got off a call with Drew wherein he demonstrated the basic routine for Elementary. Too often propless methods and procedures are involved and drawn out. This is thankfully not the case with Elementary. The process here is quick, less than 10 seconds, yet feels incredibly fair. I told Drew that what impressed me most was how quickly he knew everything, AND the fact that he did in-fact know everything. This is what makes Elementary so great. The procedural parts of the routine are over so quickly that you as a performer can focus on presentation. In addition, every part of the procedure feels natural and enhances the presentation.

We discussed briefly a few of the other presentations, and I have no doubt they will be total workers. I can’t wait to see what else Drew has added to this routine. The new book will be on my pre-order list as soon as it is available.
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I just finished the call with Drew. Others already mentioned how direct and strong this is.

Before addressing the effect, I just want to applaud Drew for taking the time to demo this piece to the magic community (who more often than not care about figuring things out). This transparency is not only commended, but I really hope to see more creators release their effects in similar ways.

Back to Elementary, it is direct, natural, and conversational. The 'conversational' part is what appealed to me the most. Like I told Drew, I am not a big fan of the current propless wave, but this is one propless effect I see myself using.

Right before the revelation, I felt the tension of whether he got it right or wrong and the moment he revealed the PIN was such a beautiful moment.

I know I am waiting for the book as the demonstration was the basic version only. I am really interested in where Drew has taken this concept and I am looking forward to playing with it in light of other effects.

Thank you Drew for transparency and the commitment to share.
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Are all the demo slots filled?
//Sean Beard
Mr. Mindbender
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As you can tell from previous posts, Drew has been a bit busy today! In fact, he performed Elementary for me twice!! Well, the first time was due to an error in MY thinking. His directions were crystal clear, but I just had a brain fart (I blame the tryptophan from the left over turkey)..and yet, even with that, he got three of my four pin numbers correct!! Not having realized I had screwed up, I was still impressed. I thought Drew's quizzical look was just part of the performance as he told me that he had preformed this countless times over the past few days and this was only the second time he wasn't spot on. The first time was with someone from Germany...and now, me! When I told him my original thought of PIN number, I quickly realized that I had made a mistake in my thinking. But again, even with that - he got three of the four numbers correct!

Drew had to move on to the next person, but he told me that he'd love to try it with me one more time later in the day so I could experience the feeling of it hitting for all 4 digits. A half hour later, we did it again, this time, I actually followed his direction, and sure enough - he nailed.

I've avoided PIN number reveals in the past because I've found many of them tedious. That's not the case here. As many have said in earlier posts - this is direct. I also love how the method is completely motivate and justified by the process.

One last thing - although the pandemic is a terrible, terrible moment in time...it has made us all connect in unexpected ways. It was such a pleasure to be able to meet and speak with Drew today. Thanks Drew!

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Adam, Chollet, ash2arani, and Bill - you are all gents for posting your experience with ELEMENTARY. Thank you, sincerely. It was really lovely meeting each of you. Bill, I agree with you - despite the current circumstances, connection (even virtual) will help us all get through this Smile

I’ve now given 24 demos of this over the past two days. As Bill mentioned, two of those performances resulted it “misses” (both partial misses: one with 3 out of 4 digits correct and one with 2 out of 4 digits). Having really only ever performed ELEMENTARY for those in the US, it was actually extremely beneficial to miss while doing this for someone in Germany. We talked through what happened and discovered that a very simple additional line of script should eliminate the misunderstanding in the future. Thankfully, the book hasn’t gone to print so I am able to add this consideration within the explanation Smile I REALLY want people to feel confident performing this all over the world so there’s wonderful value in discovering these little touches.

Best wishes,

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." Neil Gaiman

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ELEMENTARY: Now Available!
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In the past I picked up similar routines but found them too complicated and gave up as the effort to effect ratio didn’t make sense to me and I went back to my billets. Drew shared this with me quite some time ago and as a confession, I read it and kinda dismissed it early on as it felt like “another” of those routines.

Then he performed it for me during our video call. 😳

I spent the past week learning it again; in my first performance I managed 3 out of 4 digits. I discussed this with Drew and we added in one bit of script to help correct that. Last night over dinner I tried it again and nailed all 4 digits.

If you have the chance to have Drew demo this for you, please grab the chance.

~ Nique
"ChairLess - A Chair Prediction"

"Epique - A Mental Epic"

"TAP - The Assignment Prediction"

PM or email me for details:


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Tim Trono
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I was fortunate enough to have Drew demonstrate Elementary for me today. I had seen his earlier work on this, and Drew has made significant improvements since then.

Elementary is the best PIN code revelation I've seen. It's great for Zoom, a phone call, or live. I'll use this. 

I typically hate PIN code revelations for two reasons: First, I have to worry about changing my PIN code afterwards so as not to put myself (or the performer) in a vulnerable position, which is a pain. Several times when someone has offered to show me a PIN code effect, I've asked them to pick someone else so I can just watch. As the spectator, I'd much rather make up a fake PIN code. Getting a real PIN code also puts the performer in a potentially precarious position. Heaven forbid someone's account is compromised and the participant thinks back to when you got his PIN number. It's just like a pickpocket act. If a wallet goes missing after the show, guess who is a suspect? Drew understands this as he's a busy working professional. Second, the PIN code revelations I've seen in the past require a rather perilous road of mathematics that put the spectators in in uncomfortable position. Elementary is fast, straightforward, and strong. 

If you've enjoyed Drew's work in other projects such as his book, his Penguin lecture, or his book test you will love this. Highly recommended.

Tim Trono
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I'd like to echo what everybody else is saying. I had the experience of Drew performing this for me over Zoom, and it was amazing!

He managed to create a routine that is very fluid, there is no convoluted process, no math. Everything feels natural.

I was also very fortunate to have received a draft copy of the book. As I'm not a native English speaker, he wanted to make sure the system works in another language. In my case, Portuguese.
I've been reading the book and practising for the past week. And, yesterday, I felt comfortable enough to give it a go for the first time on my girlfriend. It went perfect!
So, yes. There is absolutely no reason that this shouldn't work in any other language.

Drew's teaching is wonderful. I don't want to give any spoilers of the book here, but he came up with a solution to make the entire learning process of the system very easy. It can sound complicated at first, but Drew has managed to break down every single step of the system to make it simple to understand. For those worried that this will be a complicate system - NO. It is very simple to learn, understand, and, I will say - it is easy to commit to memory and never forget. It is not one of those systems that if you stay a couple of months without performing it, you will forget.

I couldn't be happier - from his demonstration to the techniques shown in the book, to the teaching, the variations, the ideas. Everything was very well thought out.

Talking about variations - there are some amazing ideas in there! As Drew is only demonstrating the basic version, I don't want to spoil the alternatives that he is providing. But I'm 100% sure a lot of you will find great ideas within those chapters.

With all that said, I only read a draft copy! The project is not even ready yet! I can't wait to see the final outcome of it. I have no doubts this will be another big hit from Drew, as it were all his previous releases.

Mr. Dural
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Am following this thread with interest.

Is this a totally new method or new twist on previous work ?
I ask this because I have encountered many a pin divination that I have wasted money on.

Is this repeatable to more than one person in the same group ?

is it any 4 digit number or do restriction apply ?

Thanks for the response.

Also I do hope you consider an Ebook version for us who are cash strapped since the epidemic.

Thank you
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Nique - Welcome to the "bi**et-less" side Smile haha! The more you perform ELEMENTARY, the more fun you have with it - and I'm certain that will go for anyone who learns the system.

Tim - Wow, thank you! Coming from you, a comment such as, "I'll use this," is humbling! Especially in light of how much I know you dislike the majority of PIN divinations.

Rodrigo - Several things about your post make me so happy to hear.

1) You learned the system in a week and then nailed your first performance of it!
2) You found no issues working the system in Portuguese (I anticipated that would be the case but wanted to be ABSOLUTELY certain).
3) You feel that the teaching is clear and easy to follow. My main objective with the book is to help readers recognize that the system is genuinely workable and actually quite simple.

Mr. Dural - Here are answers to your queries:

ELEMENTARY is my (massive) update to a previous idea. I won't state explicitly what idea that is (and I hope others will also refrain) for two reasons - first, I want people to come at this with fresh eyes in case they previously disregarded it for whatever reason; second, in the demos I'm having fun fooling people who are familiar with the idea that ELEMENTARY is based on Smile

Yes, it technically is repeatable for the same group... but if you wanted to use more than one person I'd recommend going with the two-person variant I teach. If someone followed you around from group to group in a mix-and-mingle and saw you perform this twice or more, the beauty is that they see an identical process/flow but different outcomes Smile

From an audience perspective, yes it appears to be any 4 digit number - but there are restrictions in play. Again though, the process is completely motivated and congruent with the premise.

Lastly, I'm still deciding on the best way to roll out this release. Unfortunately, a few "bad apples" spoil things for everyone else (i.e. sleazy jerks who pirate material) so while eBooks are a more efficient and practical means of distribution, they also come with significant challenges.

Thanks for everyone's interest in this. When the time comes, I am extremely excited for people to start performing ELEMENTARY!

Best wishes,

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." Neil Gaiman

Please consider subscribing to my newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hmdnUX

ELEMENTARY: Now Available!
ALL PROJECTS AVAILABLE AT: www.mindofandrews.com/colleagues.html
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Is the number you're thinking of...
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Hardcover book. This deserves a place on the shelf Drew.
Nathan Alexander
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On Nov 30, 2020, elimagic wrote:
Hardcover book. This deserves a place on the shelf Drew.

I agree, it would be a good-looking add to the Drew B collection.
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Hey guys

I thought I would throw in my two cents

Drew and I talked briefly this weekend since we only had a few minutes

He performed this for me and I have seen my share of Pin divination and have performed some of them like

Pin divinations from Fraser Parker, Peter Turner, Luke Turner, to name a few

What Drew has created has got to be one of the most direct and streamlined versions of the plot I have ever seen

It was all over quickly and he proceeded to nail my pin.

Drew discussed where the inspiration came from in creating his which I am not at liberty to disclose but know that some of the problems that Drew felt with it he was able

To streamline it down and change it and I must agree this is within everyone’s grasp.

No longer will Mentalists be worried that the process is too convoluted but with this you will be able to do it.

Amidst there are some restrictions but everything seems very fair and above board and you will be able to guess the pin every single time.

If you are a fan of Drew’s Penguin Live act, Architect of the Mind(which is one of the best books published on mentalism), Omni Book Test , then you need to invest in this since it’s a no Brainer coming from one of the nicest guys in the business, plus those that have studied his work know that his material works and will work for you.

I get nothing from this mini review, it’s not a full review since I haven’t read the book, but wanted to share my experience on what I witnessed this weekend.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Alex Alejandro
PRESET by Alex Alejandro & Dan Harlan now available for a special introductory price!
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Really looking forward to this Drew.
Look for all the world like you're counting the brain cells in his cranium.

-Theodore Annemann
Dr Ross
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I am a fan of Drew's work (Penguin Act, AOTM) as his routines suit my style, cover various contexts, themes, and outcomes, and offer many ideas and subtleties that can be applied in other ways.

So then when I read that Drew was to release his own propless PIN routine, I was very curious and rather excited, esp. considering his meticulous approach to creation and how he expertly knits and weaves methods/principles together. What's more, I have purchased a helluva lot of propless effects over the years (inc. those released before "propless" was even labelled as a subgenre) and have created my own. So, the news of Drew's propless PIN effect piqued my interest for this reason also. I was intrigued to see the approach that he would take. I know most propless PIN effects and enjoy performing them, although I have two that I consider my "go to". I can confidently say that Drew's new effect will be added to this list and may very well be the main one I use in the future!

Why? Well, Drew very kindly performed 'Elementary' for me over the weekend also. I did my best to approach it as a non-analytical participant and simply enjoy it. And...that...I...did!

It is an excellent routine. I found myself immediately engrossed in the experience, which only felt like a couple of minutes. Everything was clear, natural, justified, and, importantly, engaging! It flowed seamlessly. And perhaps most crucially, the method, performance, and effect appeared to be one and the same. This is something that many other propless creators strive for in their work, and Drew has achieved it here perfectly. Wonderful thinking and great delivery. You can't really ask for more from a propless routine, particularly a propless PIN reveal. And this is just the 'basic' effect!?! Daame! Needless to say, I can't wait to get my hands on 'Elementary', digest its contents, perfect the effect/s, and get out there and perform.

Great work Drew. And thank you for your time and generosity!

- Ross
Ross Bartels

Author of:
'Janken' (propless RPS effects) and 'Tacitus'
craig filicetti
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Definitely on by Christmas list this year. I am familiar with one of Drew's propels pin deviations and it is excellent. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

ProMystic - Professional Systems For Mentalists
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