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On 2004-06-18 18:34, Corey K wrote:
The laymen that I was with were a little disappointed after seeing the second show. Made them see that the magic wasn't really...well, magic. But it gave me a whole new outlook on David, and was a very interesting experience to say the least.

Excellent point! One of the cardinal rules of magic is not to repeat the same effect for the same audience. Unfortunately when you have the type of show DC has, that isn't always an option. As far as scripting is concerned, there are many magicians that script their show including me. Why does it surprise anyone that even some apparently improvised moments are built into the show? When you perform sometimes you discover an improv moment that really works with audiences. If you can recreate that moment in each show, then you DO and it becomes part of the script.
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Brent McLeod
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I am very envious of all the people that have seen Copperfield or Burton shows live as well as more than once

Living here in the Lower part of the world-its a huge undertaking to go & see these great Magicians/Entertainers so I have never seen these shows!

For those who have -enjoy the experience to witness these modern day icons of our Art-You are so Lucky

Maybe one day I will time an o/seas trip to coincide with them being in the same city at the same time!!

Tony S
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Going back to the Lance Burton Duck that fell into the audience...I saw his show in Vegas at the end of May. No ducks fell off the stage that night. My guess is that this is something that happens on occasion and that he truly cares for the animals, so he stops the show to make sure the animal is taken care of. Although a duck quacking around in the audience would make for some good misdirection......
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I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Lance Burton perform, this is as I have yet to go to Vagas, as I live in Canada.

As for Copperfield I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform on three seperate ocassions.

All of which were great experiences.

The first was as a child in toronto with my father who is also a magician. It was a wonderful bonding experience for us.

The second was when he came to Kitchener with one of his more recent tours. It was his first pass through K town with his vanishing to Hawaii (?sp.) I saw this show with My whole family this time and a friend who is also interested in magic.

The third was a year or two later when he returned to Kitchener. This time I went with My Fiance (who was the girl who thought of a card in the "impregnating" act.) I Myself was onstage for the car production which was Jaw droping when on stage.

I was how ever slightly disapointed that a lot of the same illusions were used, but it was not the exact same show thankfuly. He seemed to have a rotating arsonal of illusions for the tour I imagine.

The point is that they were all wonderfull experiences, and I am greatfull for the wonder I was granted by them.

It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
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Having had the opportunity to not only see, but to be on stage for "13" at Copperfields show, I can tell you he is awesome! His connecting with an audiance has made his success! He is a true showman. And having been on stage my eyes were wandering everywhere he does have teleprompters to help him remember things such as audience members names ( I know because my last name was misspelled ) as I signed the photo. I could see my name on the promter, but all that doesn't even matter because its his charisma that makes the audience endear to him.......................... We should all be so fortunate to learn half of the presentation skills both of these two wonderful performers have!
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I'll be seeing Copperfield in D.C. in late April.

Just curious as to why his show is so short these days. Is he saving things for his next TV special? Also, from 1999-2002, he had a different show each year. Why has his same show line-up from 2003 not changed yet?

EDIT: Also, I've noticed he's taking over a one-month break from March 9 - April 19. Could this be to intergrate new illusions into the 2005 show? (Might be wishful thinking on my part, of course. Smile) I just wish the show had more in it, like the one I saw in '92.
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Hey WesRay

I just saw the show a few weeks ago, and though it didn't have a ton of tricks its amazing, and feels like he's doing magic the whole time.

I do think that he will be doing a new show soon, like you said he's had this show for a few years now.

Have fun seeing him!
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Although there are fewer illusions, the show still averages the same length (usually about an hour and a half). The reason there are fewer illusions is to make room for some of the current ones that take longer. For instance; the Lottery illusion itself takes approximately 20 minutes.

In Addition; I've also had the pleasure of seeing both of their shows in the same night. This was many years ago. I've seen David MANY times since then, but have yet to get back to see Lance. I plan to see him on my next trip to Vegas. Bottom line; they are both excellent performers!
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I saw DC in Burlington VT about a year ago. I came away wondering why the show was so short. The illusions were great and fun to watch. I do believe there were several "plants" in the audience, but at least they didn't act like plants. IF I could work an audience the way DC does, boy I'd be on tour in a minute. He's got a gift for working with an audience regardless of the tricks he's doing. I was disappointed that he didn't do any flying in the show. I would have loved to see that.
Braxton Mannar
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Jim Stan Magic Man
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I have seen both Lance and DC perform live. DC is very good, but Lance seems to connect better with the audience. Also, Lance seems to provide a little of everything. Big illusions, audience participation and tremendous sleight of hand. I prefer Lance to DC.

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I aggree with Jim Stan, lance does talk more to the audience and the balcony. If you go to the early show, he does the Things that go bump in the night with a tee pee (can't spell that) It is really cool.
The great Gumbini
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While both are absolute joys to watch they have different styles. This is why you can see them "back to back" and not see the same old stuff. David Copperfield will most likely always be my favorite magician simply because I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him and work with him on his "Project Magic" project he was working on. It was such a great idea and I love the passion he had for it. He was such a "down to earth" person and was open to questions and eager to help you to get it right. I saw Lance Burton perform at The Magic Castle and he too was very gracious and nice as well. Both men are class acts and very very entertaining.

Good magic to all,

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I believe both are great magicians, but DC is clearly the more modern. That said... DC's show needs newer illusions... Ive seen it numerous times over the last 10 years, and nothing very new... The pregnancy is the newest... The show is great, but what happened to David having new stuff... I guess since he's not been doing specials, he's not working any new material, but come on... Also DC twittered a while back that they were working on a new illusion...but just saw him about a month and a half ago, and there was nothing new...
Something interesting though... I never thought I'd see the day that David felt the need to PROVE his worth to the audience... Preshow vid plays that has each of his accomplishments playing in a loop... ie.. Knighted by French Government... Appeared on postage stamps... Then, they play a hilarious video "David Copperfield in our culture." Played every moment from tv and movies that mentioned the name David Copperfield...and also featured the Conan spoofs... Went on too long if you ask me, but was really funny...

I guess, if it was an up and comer, it would make sense to me... But DC????? Obviously we're their because he's the man! I was a little sad, thinking to myself that this is what David has to do now a days?

Also, doesn't he have one more special on contract??? Or has that contract been bought out?
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Both David and Lance are great magicians - no doubt. The difference to me is their attitude. DC has been doing this a long time, and he is obviously tired, and it shows. He considers himself the greatest magician alive, and acts accordingly. He could use a little humble pie.

Lance is a great magician, and works hard at his craft. But he considers himself a lucky guy to be doing what he's doing, and getting paid for it. And it shows in his attitude toward his audience and others.

Just my 2 cents.

Risto L.
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I saw both shows back-to-back a couple of weeks ago. Jim`s comment is spot on.

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Jim my man, I could have not said it better. You are right on the money.

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On 2004-06-17 01:16, RSD wrote:
I just came back from Vegas.I had checked into the MGM Grande, and to my surprise Copperfield was there. It also happened to be his last night. I managed to get tickets for his 7:30pm show. I watched the show, then quickly ran across the street to the Monte Carlo to watch Lance Burton's 10pm show. Very interesting to see both shows back to back. I figure I would just give a show review of the two performances and a few notes.

PLEASE NOTE: Though I will not be giving away any secrets in this posting (obviously), I might ruin the surprise. If your planning on seeing any of the two shows stop reading now.

David Copperfield: A Night of Grand Illusion.
Running Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes.
Cost: $101
Seats: Second last row.

1. David opened the show with a video montage of "Dare to Dream".
2. David does a Motorcycle Appearance.
3. Penetrates a steel wall (vertically).
4. Montage of applicants for Reunion.
5. "Gets an Audience Member Pregnant". For lack of better words.
6. Squeeze Box.
7. Lottery Prediction. Note: There was no appearance of Grandpa's car at the end.
8. Webster the duck routine.
9. "Killer", the scorpian routine.
10. "Reunion"
11. "13"

Lance Burton Master Magician
Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes.
Cost: $79
Seats: Third row centre.

1. Opens with a video of his Rollercoaster Stunt.
2. "Shadow Appearance"
3. Opens with his award winning Candle/Dove routine.
4. "Flight Control" - To introduce his 5 assistants.
5. Floating/Vanishing Dove cage.
6. I call the next one "Robe Vanish". This is where he opens his robe and his assistants vanish behind it's cover.
7. ??? - Cant remember!!!
8. A newer version of "Interlude". His assistants appear out of his midsection. Big illusion with a sci-fi look.
9. Appearing Corvette.
10. "Miser's Dream" with a child on stage.
11. Disspearing Corvette with above child in it.
12. "Intermission" with juggler/comedian Michael Goudeau
13. "Princess of Air - 360". Without a base or stairs.
14. Dissapearing Dove Cage with 12 kids on stage.
15. New version of "Backstage with the Magician".
16. "Transposition" with a giant Phonograph.
17. Sword box escape with an assistant.
18. "The Magic Zone"
19. "Steel Chair" levitation. Done with an audience member, and uses stools instead of chairs.
20. "The Masked Ball"
21. "Floating Corvette"
22. Quick goodbye with a "Boomerang Top Hat".

So in David vs. Lance the winner in my mind this night was clearly Lance Burton.

David's show seemed to lag at some points and some things just went on for too long. The dialogue that he uses with "volunteers", in my opinion, has become to scripted and obvious.

Lance's show was quick fire and non-stop. There was never a dull moment, and he amazed me at every turn.


1. Being majorly fooled for the first time since becoming "smart" to the industry by Burton. I was sitting 3rd row centre. During #6, his assistant walks out on stage wearing a gown. She smiles at the audience and walk with her back towards us over to Lance. He then immediately pulls her gown away, and she has vanished. Incredible! I didn't see it coming. Now get's the best part. After this illusion he got a huge ovation. He smiles and jokingly asks "Any Questions?". A little kid next to me, (whom I know wasn't a plant), asks "Can you do it again?". After the laughs, and debating he communicates with his tech guys, and stage manager for the reset and does it again! He amazed me twice! Wow!

2. Interesting moment I wont forget. During the Ball routine one of his Ducks slipped and fell of the stage. He immediately stopped the production. Asked someone to raise the lights. While he went down and got his duck out of the audience. It was obvisously hurt. He picked it up and brought it backstage, then unpaused his illusion. This just showed me what a pro this guy is. It also showed the audience his true side, and wht he is like out of "character". I could see Lance was upset, and genuinely concerned for the duck's well being. Just a real moment that the whole audience shared.

3. Copperfield's Reunion/13. He just flows from one to the next so smoothly. The amount of people, timing, and all the other things going on to make these two work back to back is simply magic.

4. Copperfield's Improv skills and presentation. His unscripted shctick was hillarious. His quick come-backs and wit were amazing.

Overall, I was treated to two of the best magicians of our time. A night that won't soon forget.

If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to post them.

Just a quick question. I have seen Burton on TV before, and he seemed to have a wonderful speaking voice. However, seeing him live, he seemed to have some sort of speech problem. A few times he was hard to understand, and he seemed to have "lock-jaw" where he couldn't open his mouth all the way. At first I thought he had something hidden in his mouth. Was he involved in some sort of accident that injured his jaw/speaking?

Wish that someday I can watch Copperfield and Lance live on Vegas....
RSD, I'm interested with the performance that Copperfield does, "Killer", The scorpian game, you mean "scorpion" game?
what's the effect?
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Scorpion Game was when the scorpion picks the spec's card (in short).
The art of a magician is to create wonder.
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So Jims initial Post was in 2004. 6 Year without big changes and innovations in those Headlining Shows...what happened!?

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On 2010-07-01 13:39, Banester wrote:
Scorpion Game was when the scorpion picks the spec's card (in short).

Do you have a video link on youtube?
because I like something to do with scorpion....
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