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Tommy Wonder
Mike Close

All strong material and theory.
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Profile of Dennis
In no order...

Johnny Thompson - CC 1-4
Dai Vernon - Revelations
Paul Harris - Stars of magic
Frank Garcia - Stars of Magic
Michael Skinner - 1-4
Rodger Klause - Both
Eugene Burger - All
Greg Wilson - On The Spot
Mike Close - Workers
Daniel Garcia - Projects
Just SOME of my Favs!
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Osterlind's original mind mysteries DVD's are my personal favorites from what I own.
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By listing just 10, I feel guilty about missing out others. Also, some I watch to be entertained, some are great teaching tools etc... Anyway, in no order:

Michael Ammar - ETMCM
John Carney - Master Sessions
David Williamson - all stuff!
David Stone - Real secrets..
Larry Davidson - Scripted Insanity
Dan Tong - And finally
Tommy Wonder - Visions of Wonder (although I have to say I prefer the Books of Wonder)
James Prince - Menu of Miracles
Paul Green - In the trenches
Martin Sanderson - Corporate close up

Reserves: Bill Malone, Jeff Hobson, Sankey Front Row, Greg Wilson on the spot, Leveridge master sessions, Mel Mellers, Pat Page....
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...Geoff Williams Miracles for Mortals', Shaun Mcree Mix n Mingle, Michael Vincent...
There's so much good stuff out there.. doh!
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The reason I find this thread so interesting is not just that you can get a sense of how different magicians' opinions can be, but it's a useful reference: look through until you find mention of a few DVDs you like and unless you have an astonishingly complete video library already there's a good chance it'll point you towards some material you've never seen but will like. I've done this a couple of times.

As for me, the 'best' ones are not necessarily the classics - they're the ones that either give me a buzz or that contain material I actually use when working rather than just cute tricks for fiddling with on my own time.

In no particular order (all contain effects and moves that I *USE*):
1. Bill Malone - OTL
2. Doc Eason - bar magic
3. Matthew J Dowden - Party Animal (a gem)
4. David Stone - real secrets
5. James Brown - pot of jam
6. Chappy Brazil - watch steal video
7. Gerry & Banachek - phsychokinetic silverware
8. Kostya Kimlat - lecture dvd and roadrunner cull
9. Flicking Fingers - the movie
10.Richard Sanders - fibre optic (a superb stage piece)

oh.. and 11. Michael Ammar - ETMCM series
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Here's my favorite 10. No particular order.

1. Mind Mysteries vol.1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (Richard Osterlind)
2. The Essential vol.1-2-3 (Aldo Colombini)
3. Something More Than an Illusion vol.1-2-3 (Henry Evans)
4. Close-up Up Close vol.1-2-3 (Joshua Jay)
5. Visions of Wonder (Tommy Wonder)
6. On the Loose vol.1-2-3-4 (Bill Malone)
7. World Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy (Paul Potasy)
8. Easy to Master Card Miracles vol.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 (Michael Ammar)
9. Easy to Master Mental Miracles vol.1-2-3-4 (Richard Osterlind)
10. Sessions with Simon vol.1-2-3 (Simon Aronson)

TOP 10 One trick DVD

1. Coin in Soda Can (Wayne Houchin/Chris Angel)
2. Window (David Stone)
3. Tagegd (Richard Sanders)
4. Slow Burn (Richard Sanders)
5. Naked Zombie Ball
6. Torn (Daniel Garcia)
7. Triumph (Oz Pearlman)
8. Poker Gambling Routine (Aldo Colombini)
9. News Flash
10. Blank
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Profile of coolini
My top ten are in no order:
1. on the loose volume one (cards tricks)
2. party animal -mathew dowden (walk around effects)
3. vernon revelations volume 1 (misdirection-card to pocket)
4. easy to master cards miracles volume 3 by Michael Ammar (practical cards tricks)
5. Malone meets marlo great volume 3 (cards sleight of hand)
6. my best John mendoza volume 1 ( kind of a bit of everything)
7. wgm the secrets of sponge balls
8. wgm coins accross
9. bill Malone on the loose volume 2 I go again bill Malone volume 1
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Profile of kingsnqueens
I hope I'm not to late to share my 2 cents worth. Their are so many great videos out there, but my fravorites have been all the Levent, and Bob White videos!!!
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Profile of maurile
My favorite single-effect DVDs:

1. Confessions of a Needle Swallower (Steve Spill)
2. Extreme Burn (Richard Sanders)
3. Sinful (Wayne Houchin & Criss Angel)
4. Tagged (Richard Sanders)
5. Healed and Sealed (Anders Moden)
6. Saw (Sean Fields)
7. Mojoe (John Kennedy)
8. Water to Beer (Jay Crowe)
9. Prohibition (Charlie Justice)
10. iVanish (Ben Seidman)
11. Energy Bill (Andrew Gerard)
12. Indecent (Wayne Houchin)
alpha alex
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Profile of alpha alex
1. True Astonishment by Paul Harris
2. Manchurian Approach
3. Richard Osterlind MindMysteries
4. Richard Osterlind No Camera Tricks
5. Banachek MindSeries
6. Max Maven Nothing
7. Andy Nyman Get Nyman
8. Real secrets of magic by David Stone
9. Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
10. Connected by Paul Stockman
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Profile of lebowski
My ten favorite performers on video no particular order: John Carney, David Williamson, Michael Ammar, Steve Spill, Michael Finney, Tom Mullica, Bob Sheets, Doc Eason, Jeff Hobson, Levent.
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Profile of Badger
1. Richard Osterlind MindMysteries
2. Richard Osterlind ETMMM
3. Extreme Burn 2.0 Richard Sanders
4. Jumper
5. Easy to Master money Miracles
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Profile of mumford
1 David Stone Real Secrets of Magic
2 Ellis in Wonderland
3 Flicking Fingers The Movie
4 Sleight of Dave
5 Osterland Mind Mysteries Volume 1
6 Fiber Optics
7 Scott Alexander's Midnight Show
8 Daryl's Full Monte
9 Confessions of a Needle Swallower
10 Ten Years of Steve Spill 1980-1990
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I like Maurile's list.
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There are so many out there, it is difficult to choose, as they nearly all have something to offer.

My preference is to see a full performance in front of a live audience, avoiding the normal trick/explanation format. I am extremely grateful that Joe Stevens taped Don Alan's full close-up show in front of a live audience without any breaks.

The Tommy Wonder DVDs are some of the few L&L ones where the audience reactions are predominantly genuine. Pay attention to their reactions during his presentations rather than just at the end.
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On 2004-06-25 15:45, Platt wrote:
The best coin sleight and video of all time- Sylvester Pitch '98

Yes, this definitely belongs on the list.
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I've seen so many things that were great and learned a lot from almost every book or video but there are a few which are just mind blowingly good. Although there are a couple which deal with just one sleight and its many uses which I love, the only one that goes on my top list is the Sylvester Pitch because that tape is just pure entertainment above and beyond being an amazing sleight.

Sylvester Pitch
Mickey Silver's Demo
Visions of Wonder
True Astonishments
Green Magic
Robert P.
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It took a while but here are the latest totals, I just took the list Mago Gregorio created and continued from there. I debated excluding all of the mentions with only one listing (the list would then shrink by more than half) but decided against it.

As I was compiling it after each post, it was fun to see the constant back and forth battle between Osterlind and Malone for that top spot. Osterlind just pulled ahead by one vote.

Other things I found interesting were the strong showing from some performers on the last few pages of this thread. Even though it has been out a bit (and I’m still wanting to get it), Greg Wilson’s On the Spot picked up quite a few votes as did Doc Eason’s Bar Magic.

David Stone’s Real Secrets Of Magic (and I’m hoping I didn’t confuse some of the tallying with Real Secrets of David Stone) was also very popular. Other notables that did strong late include:

Derren Brown - Devils' Picture Book
David Williamson - Magic Farm
Daniel Garcia - Project
James Brown - Still Fancy a Pot of Jam
Mathew Dowden - Party Animal

Since some of these came out recently compared to the classics we have at the top of the list and they gathered quite a few votes in these last few pages they are definitely now on my radar.

I’ve no doubt made some errors in summing everything but here is where we are currently at:

45 Richard Osterlind - Mind Mysteries
44 Bill Malone - On the Loose
37 Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Card Miracles
35 Tommy Wonder - Visions of Wonder
23 Greg Wilson - On the Spot
19 Daryl - Encyclopedia of Card Sleights
17 Flicking Fingers - The Movie, Tricks & Fiction...
17 Lennart Green - Green Magic
15 Dai Vernon - Revelations
13 David Stone – Real Secrets Of Magic
13 Jeff McBride - The Art of Card Manipulation
12 Derren Brown - Devils' Picture Book
11 Banachek -PSI Series
11 David Williamson - Magic Farm
11 John Guastaferro - Brainstorm
11 Max Maven - Video Mind
10 Daryl - Ambitious Card Routine
10 Doc Eason - Bar Magic
10 Jay Sankey - The Very Best
9 David Roth - Expert Coin Magic
9 Johnny Thompson - Commercial Classics
8 Stars of Magic - Paul Harris
7 Daniel Garcia - Project
7 Darwin Ortiz - Scams & Fantasies With Cards 1,2,3,4
7 Harry Lorayne - Best Ever Series
6 Aldo Colombini - The Essential Aldo Colombini
6 Darwin Ortiz - Cardshark
6 Daryl - Daryl Does the Full Monte
6 Guy Hollingworth - Routines
6 James Brown - Still Fancy a Pot of Jam
5 Daryl - Foolers Doolers
5 De'vo - Cradle to Grave
5 Jay Sankey - Front Row Sankey
5 Michael Skinner 1-4
5 Paul Harris – True Astonishment
5 Sal Piacente - Expert Card Magic Notes
4 Allan Ackerman - Ackerman Series
4 Dean Dill - Extreme Dean
4 Jay Sankey -Secret Files
4 Mathew Dowden - Party Animal
4 Paul Green - In the Trenches
4 Richard Sanders - Fiber Optics
4 Wayne Houchin & Criss Angel -Sinful
3 Alex Elmsley - The Tahoe Sessions
3 Dan and Dave – The Trilogy
3 Darwin Ortiz - At the Card Table 1,2,3
3 Dave Williamson - Dave 2
3 David Roth - Ultimate Coin Magic
3 David Williamson - Sleight of Dave vol.1
3 Greg Wilson - Ring Leader
3 Jay Sankey - Revolutionary Coin Magic
3 Jeff Mbride - McBride On Stage
3 Michael Close - Ultimate Workers 1-4
3 Richard Osterlind - Easy To Master Mental Miracles
2 Andrew Mayne- Shock FX
2 Andy Nyman - Get Nyman
2 Banachek -PK Silverware
2 Ben Salinas - Hot Shot Color Changes
2 Bro John Hamman - The Lost Works
2 Charlie Justice - Prohibition
2 Crash Course 2 - The Ambitious Card
2 Daryl - Card Revelations
2 David Regal - Premise, Power & Participation
2 Eric Decamps - Stars of Magic
2 Greg Wilson - Double Take
2 Greg Wilson - In Action 1-3
2 Greg Wilson - Pyrotechnic Pasteboards
2 Guy Hollingworth - London Collection
2 Henry Evans Something - an Illusion
2 James Prince -Menu of Miracles
2 Jay Sankey - Sankeytized
2 JC Wagner's Commercial Magic Set
2 John Archer - Educating Archer
2 John Carney - Master Sessions
2 Kostya Kimlat - Roadrunner Cull
2 Larry Davidson - Scripted Insanity 1 & 2
2 Live At The Jailhouse
2 Martin Sanderson - Corporate Close Up
2 Michael Ammar - Easy To Master Thread Miracles
2 Michael Ammar - Topit
2 Oz - Born to Perform
2 Paul Gordon - Live in action
2 Richard Osterlind -No Camera tricks
2 Richard Sanders - Extreme Burn
2 Richard Sanders - Richard Sanders Show 1-3
2 Shoot Ogawa - Cultural Xchange
2 Simon Aronson - Sessions 1-3
2 Simon Lovell - The Party Animal and Office Animal
2 Stars of Magic Stars of Magic - Andre
2 Steve Spill - Confessions of a Needle Swallower
2 Sylvester Pitch '98
2 Tim Ellis - Runaround Sue
2 Troy Hossier - Total Destruction 1-3
1 Albert Goshman - Magic by Gosh
1 Allen Ackerman - Las Vegas Card Expert
1 Anders Moden - Healed and Sealed
1 Andrew Mayne - Mania
1 Asher Twist
1 B. Tudor/Show off series
1 Bernard Bilis "La Magie par les Cartes" series
1 Bill Malone - Here I Go Again
1 Bill Malone - Malone meets Marlo
1 Brad Burt Chop Cup
1 Cellini Vds.
1 Chappy Brazil - watch steal video
1 Charlie Frye Eccentricks series
1 Classic Magic Of Larry Jennings
1 Cody Fisher's On Magic
1 Connected by Paul Stockman
1 Crash Course
1 Dan and Dave – The System
1 Dan Garret Kidshow Konnivery
1 Dan Tong - And finally
1 Darwin’s - Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic
1 Dave Forest - Trickery
1 David Regal : the magic of david regal
1 David Roth - Ultimate coin Magic
1 David Stone - Basic Coin Magic
1 David Williamson - International Magic Raccoon Lecture
1 Denny and Lee "Live at the Wells Theatre"
1 Derek Dingle’s Deceptions Derek Dingle
1 Derren Brown's - International Magic Lecture DVD
1 Don alan Greater magic series
1 Don Alan video by Stevens
1 Duane Laflin. - Art of Gospel Magic
1 Ellis in Wonderland
1 Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights
1 Energy Bill (Andrew Gerard)
1 Eugene Burger Gourmet Close-up Magic
1 Eugene Burger Real Secrets of Close Up Magic
1 Eugene Burger The Chicago Tapes
1 Extreme Possibilities Vol. 3 R. Paul Wilson
1 Fingers of Fury
1 FLIP The Very Best of FL!P
1 Fraud
1 Garrett Thomas series
1 Gazzo - Street Cups
1 Gazzo Uncensored
1 Gene Anderson - Torn And Restored Newspaper
1 Geoff Williams Miracles for Mortals'
1 Greg Rostami Stuck
1 Greg Wilson - Card Stunts
1 Harry Anderson - Hello, Sucker
1 Hundy 500
1 IMS Best of the Best
1 IMS Classic
1 IMS Master series
1 IMS Platinum
1 Indecent (Wayne Houchin)
1 iVanish (Ben Seidman)
1 J.J. Sanvert 1-4
1 James Freedman Stealing the Show
1 James Swain - Miracles 1-4
1 Jason England - Foundations
1 Jay Crowe - Water to Beer
1 Jay Sankey - Revolutionary Card Magic
1 Jay Sankey : live
1 Jean Pierre Vallarino - Card Fantasies
1 Jeff McBride – Manipulation Without Tears
1 Jeff McBride - World Class Manipulaton 1-3
1 Jeff Obson : Live
1 Jeff Sheridan - Genius at Works series
1 Jennings - France Lectures 1&2
1 Jerry Sadowitz on Stuff The White Rabbit
1 John Bannon - Smoke & Mirrors
1 Joshua Jay 1-3
1 Joshua Jay - Talk about Tricks
1 Juan Tamariz - Fabulous Close-up Lecture
1 Jumper
1 Lior Manor - Invisible Touch
1 Manchurian Approach
1 Marc Spelmann - DVD collection
1 Mark Leveridge - Envelope Magic
1 Mark Leveridge - General Magic
1 Mark Leveridge - Master Routines
1 Mark Leveridge - Money Magic
1 Mark Leveridge - The Strolling Magician
1 Martin Nash - (early 80's) DVD series
1 Martin Sanderson - The Business
1 Maryn Roy & Carol - Mr. Electric
1 Max Maven - Nothing
1 Michael Ammar - Classic Rubber Band Magic
1 Michael Ammar - Complete Intro to Coin Magic
1 Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Money Miracles
1 Michael Ammar - Money Magic
1 Michael Close Very Very Close
1 Michael Vicent - The Classic magic of...
1 Micheal Skinner's Professional Close-Up Set
1 Mickey Silver's Demo
1 Mix n mingle sean Mccree
1 Mojoe (John Kennedy)
1 Morgan Strebbler,s - Liquid Metal (incredible fork bending routines)
1 John Mendoza - My Best
1 Nabil Murday’s - Link
1 New York Coin Magic Seminar series
1 Off the Cuff - Gregory Wilson.
1 Paul Daniel's - Master Class
1 Paul Gertner - Steel & Silver
1 Paul Gordon - Card Startlers
1 Paul Gordon - Magic Circle lecture
1 Paul Wilson's - The Royal Road to Card Magic
1 Peter Duffie - Move Mastery 1-3
1 Randy Wakeman - Lake Tahoe Bar Magic
1 ReinCARDnation
1 René Lavand - Close-up Artistry
1 Rich Marota - Dynamic Duo
1 Rich Marotta - Close-up, Stand-up, and Walk-around Comedy Magic
1 Richard Kaufman - Basic Technique
1 Richard Turner- The Cheat
1 Ricky Jay - Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants
1 Rodney Reyes - School of Hard Knocks
1 Romaine - The Monarch of Manipulation
1 Scott Alexander - 10 O'Clock Show
1 Scott Alexander - Midnight Show
1 Sean Fields - Saw
1 Segal Gaff Magic
1 Shaun Mcree Mix n Mingle
1 Simon Lovell - Madness Behind the Methods 1-3
1 Frank Garcia - Stars of Magic
1 Steve Dacri Master Routines Sponge Ball
1 Steve Martin as Flydini
1 Steve Tucker - Six Pack
1 Steve Tucker - Snippets of Steve on the CUMCIS DVD 2006
1 Stevens Teach In - Cups & Balls
1 Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
1 Supernatural
1 Sylvester the Jester Suspended Dimension
1 Tagged (Richard Sanders)
1 Talk About Tricks
1 Ten Years of Steve Spill 1980-1990
1 Terry Herbert Children's Magic The Herbert Way
1 The LOOPS dvds
1 Time Is Money- Asi Wind
1 Tom Mullica : an evening at the Tom-Foolery
1 Tony Clark - Behind The Seams
1 Underground Collective - Welcome to the Firm
1 Underground Jam
1 World Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy (Paul Potasy)
1 World's Greatest Magic - coins across
1 World's Greatest Magic - the secrets of sponge balls
1 Xtreme Beginnerz
1 Yves Doumergue Ripped & Restored
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I have a question about Max Maven's Video Mind, and it seems very good.
Are the tricks here difficult to do? It would be fine if you could tell if the tricks can done for just a few people?
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