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Fayaad Manie
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List your top ten DVD's of all time. It does not have to be in any particular order, but of course you are welcome to do so. A whole series of DVD's can be regarded as one title. Here is my list:

1. Bill Malone - On the Loose 1-4
2. Richard Osterlind's - Mind Mysteries 1-4
3. Tommy Wonder - Visions of Wonder 1-3
4. Dai Vernon - Revelations series
5. Darwin Ortiz - Cardshark
6. Harry Lorayne - Best Ever series
7. Alex Elmsley - The Tahoe Sessions
8. Michael Ammar - ETMCM series
9. Daryl - Encyclopeadia of Card Sleights
10. Lennart Green - Green Magic series
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I have around 60 DVD's and these are the best in no real order. These are DVD's only!!!!

1)Visions of Wonder 1-3 (Tommy Wonder)
2)Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries 1-4
3)On the Loose 1-4 (Bill Malone)
4)Michael Ammar Easy To Master Card Miracles 1-9
5)Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl 1-8
6)The Flicking Fingers present: The Movie, Tricks and Fiction from the Road
7)Sal Piacente's Expert Card Magic Lecture Notes 1-2
8)Vernon Revelations (Dai Vernon)

This is my list so far, only the very best of my collection. The Ortiz stuff should be out on DVD very, very soon. I have not seen his stuff on VHS yet so I am very excited that the new format will soon be offered. Maybe these will round out my list.

Things that didn't quite(I love and recommed all of these) make the final cut are in no order:

Green Magic, Best of Sankey, Secret Files by Sankey, Art of Card Manipulation by McBride and well the list goes on and on and is probably of no real interest to anyone but me.

I have not seen Devo's "Cradle to the Grave" yet, but I am very interest in the way that this was shot and put together.
Drive Carefully
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I'd add:

Derren Brown: Devil's Picturebook. I watch this over and over to see a master midirector and performer at work.

Stealing the Show - Pickpocketing DVD by James Freedman. Definitive work by a real gent.

Daryl Does the Full Monte - great teaching DVD, well produced. I developed a good entertaining routine with this DVD using this. Which is what it's all about.
andre combrinck
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South Africa
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Sounds like a very good list.I would just include Roths Expert Coin Magic made easy and Stars of Magic-
Paul Harris.
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De'vo's Cradle to Grave
Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights
Charlie Miller
McBride AOCM
Michael Ammar's original Topit Tapes(on DVD now)
Flicking Fingers
On the loose
Tommy Wonder - Visions
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These are some of the best DVDs that I’ve seen (in no particular order):

Ultimate Coin Magic Collection by David Roth
The Lost Works of Bro. John Hamman
Mind Mysteries by Richard Osterlind
Visions of Wonder by Tommy Wonder
Video Mind by Max Maven
Easy To Master Card Miracles series by Michael Ammar
Encyclopedia of Card Sleights by Daryl
On the Loose by Bill Malone
The Flicking Fingers present - The Movie
Art of Card Manipulations by Jeff McBride
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Northwest Arkansas, USA
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Here's my vote, not that it matters, especially to you card or stage guys:

In the Trenches - Paul Green
Total Destruction (1-3) - Troy Hoosier
Expert Coin Magic (1-3) - David Roth
Revolutionary Coin Magic - Jay Sankey
The Usual Suspects (not a magic dvd, but one of the best movies ever)
On the Spot - Greg Wilson (ok tricks, but a great lesson in timing)

Geoff Weber
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Osterlind's Mind Mysteries Vol.1
Art of Card Manipulation Vol. 1
Art of Card Manipulation Vol. 2
Art of Card Manipulation Vol. 3
easy to master card miracles vol. 1
Ninja Rings (Shoot Ogawa)
Cradle To Grave
Shock FX
Routines (Hollingworth)
easy to master money miracles vol. 3
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Greg Wilsons On the spot
the very best of Jay Sankey
Max Mavens Videomind
Daryls card revelations
Visions of Wonder
Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries
On the Loose - Bill Malone
Michael Ammar Easy To Master Card Miracles
Daryls Fooler Doolers
Banachek PSI Series (i sense these will be invaluable)
Alym Amlani
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In no particular order:
Greg Wilson: Ring Leader
Osterlind's Mind Mysteries
Roth: Ultimate Coin magic
Michael Close's: Very very close
Max Maven's Video Mind
Henry Evans Something more than an illusion (I liked these despite the fact that they are gimmicky)
Greg Wilson: On the spot
Greg Wilson: Card Stunts
John Guastaferro: Brainstorm
Sal Piacente - Expert Card Magic

I can't say anything about the On the Loose series because I don't have it yet (based on how many people say it's great, I have it on order already!)

Logic Defied
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Pyrotechnic Pasteboards - Gregory Wilson
On the spot - Gregory Wilson
Green Magic - Lennart Green
The Movie - Flicking Finger
Ambitious Card Routine - Daryl
Encyclopeadia of Card Sleights - Daryl
Art of Card Manipulations - Jeff McBride
Jay Sankey - Secret File
Expert Card Magic - Sal Piacente
Visions of Wonder - Tommy Wonder
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Eternal Order
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All Excellent...............
Gaft Card Magic = Segal
Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries
On the Loose - Bill Malone
Total Destruction (1-3) - Troy Hoosier
Daryl's Fooler Doolers
Ambitious Card Routine - Daryl
Jennings France Lecture 1 & 2
Michael Skinner 1 - 4

Are there any female performers who have a video yet????
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Mike Walton
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I found that the following were the most useful for various magic types:

Bill Malone - On the Loose
Daryl - Ambitious Card
Rules of Thumb
The Very Best of Jay Sankey
Michael Ammar - Classic Renditions Rubber Band Magic
Greg Wilson - Double Take
Eugene Burger - Real Secrets of Close Up Magic
Eugene Burger - Gourmet Close Up Magic
Michael Ammar - ETMCM
Brad Burt - Chop Cup

I would also include Paul Green's In the Trenches and Steve Dacri's Master Routines to provide a nice polish to a sponge ball routine.
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Johnny Thompson's Commercial Classics must be on this list!
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I have 72 DVD's and these are my ten best.

1. Bill Malone - On the Loose 1-4
2. Richard Osterlind's - Mind Mysteries
3. Tommy Wonder - Visions of Wonder
4. Dai Vernon - Revelations series
5. Darwin Ortiz - Cardshark
6. Harry Lorayne - Best Ever series
7. Michael Ammar - ETMMM series
8. Michael Ammar - ETMCM series
9. Daryl - Encyclopeadia of Card Sleights
10. Lennart Green - Green Magic series

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One that hasn't been mentioned is Extreeme Dean 1 and 2.
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A few of my favorites in no specfic order are:
bill Malone
tommy wonder
flicking fingers
dean dill
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What about Allan Ackerman series. Seems no one mention about that.
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1. Bill Malone - On the Loose 1-4
2. Richard Osterlind - Mind Mysteries
3. Daryl - Ambitious Card
4. Daryl - Encyclopedia of Card Sleights
5. Banachek - PK Silverware
6. René Lavand - Close-up Artistry 1-2
7. Yves Doumergue - Ripped & Restored
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Isn't it interesting that most of these videos being listed on this top 10 list were produced in the last 3-5 years?

I would love to see and own historical compilation tapes depicting the performances of the past masters. I wouldn't care if the tapes were "performance only" and were silent 16 mm conversions. Just being able to watch the style and the audience management and the routining would be invaluable information. And the nostalgia value? Priceless!!


P.S. I am aware of tapes of the following: Slydini, Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps and Alex Emsley. It would be interesting if other could list any other "oldies but goodies" that are available.
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