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Inner circle
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Profile of gallagher
"Slip, Trip, Stumble, Tumble, or Fall,..
all, acceptable means of travel."
g.h. ☺️

We all know,
as Street Performers:
around that next corner 😳...
might be 'Hatter's Heaven',..😀
might be a 'Brewer's sewer'. 😕
Who knows?(!)
[....those who go. 🙃]

Sometimes we're 'given'.
Sometimes we're 'taken'.
Often we're flaken, shaken,...left sittin' aching.
Given a crooked smile, a rusty file,
...sometimes, a bit of bacon.

When we walk around enough corners;
we either end up 'lost'.
...or meet the 'sea'.
Sometimes both.
Does it really matter...?
We've come farther.
That's important.

'Living', is simply another word for 'moving'.
'Life' is a verb.
Seeing the sights,...being a sight,..
Taking the walk,...sharing the talk.

, . . . . .

Taking a PEE(!) is also kinda important.

"This blood, in your urine; is NOT, from an infection."

"We can clearly see, there is an obstruction, in your bladder."

"See this? It's a tumour."

"Check into a Hospital, as soon as possible. Urology department."

"Thanks Doctor."'s TERRIBLE(!) having to "thank" someone, for SUCH information! 😕

. . . . . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . ! . . . . . ** . . . . . ö . . . . . .. . . . .

Who ever thought Street Performers get 'sick'?
'Terminally ill'.

The 'sun-shine boys',..
'Sidewalk Serenaders'.
No worrys.
No anchors.
No bosses.
No taxes.
No dirt, on the soles of their shoes.

Febuary, March, April, May, June, July,....Chemo-therapy.
Throw in a Liver colapse, 3 Trombose, one Lung embolia,
Heart flutters, and Hic-cups. 🍻

Late August, the 'big OP'.
Bladder, Prostate, 2 Sperm-sacks, five Lymphnodes.
I left the Hospital, with some scars,
right out of the movie 'Jaws'. ☺️
("Those who 'do', have Scars.
Those who 'don't', Tattoos. 😘)

After five weeks of ReHa-ha-ha,
I can now: stand-up straight.
,..bend over and tie my shoes.
,..sleep thru the night without nightmares.
(Altho, the pain-killers are STILL a sweet retreat. 😚)
...change my Stoma-bag, without leaks(!). 👍
,..weave little round baskets,
,...and play 'Skip-bo'. 😏

The last check-'up',
was more of a 'down', then an 'up'.
I was told what a CAN'T do, CAN'T eat,
....and CAN'T even think about(!), anymore. 😕
I was given forms to fill-in and fill-out,
a 'Handicap ID Card, (i don't even PLAY golf!),
a pat on the back,..
and told to make a Will. 😑

. . . . . . . . . * . . . . . . ! . . . . . . ... ö. . . . . . . .

Well, that was yesterday.
I,..lucky for me,..'WE'! (💋);
are BACK out on the Streets again. 🙃
Not playing,..😕,
but sitting in 'Café Bed'.
Parked on a back street,..
Sun, shining thru the 'Monika-clean windows'.
Thinking, wondering,....writing.
Clams, beans, and coffee,....

What's 'round the next corner?

Friends, keep walking.
Keep wandering.
Keep wondering.
and `thundering´! 🌩⚡️💥
In this,...we find our peace.

p.s.: Baked beans and Clams,...
Boil 'em,...and eat 'em straight out of the can(!).
With the right coffee,.....
will lane
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Will likes to post so he has made
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... absolutely stirring
D. Yoder
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Profile of D. Yoder
You have been on a difficult journey, my friend. I am glad you are still alive, and still writing. Please give my best to Monica as she walks along beside you.
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Inner circle
Moved back to Midwest to see
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Profile of imgic

I’ve never seen you perform, yet you’re one of my favorite performers.

Your poetic posts, your positive spirit, your humor.

The love you have for magic, music, prose, (and, most importantly, Monica) is inspiring.

I only wish you had not posted about eating baked beans and clams…those two things should not be eaten together.

Be Well and best Wishes…
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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Inner circle
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Profile of gallagher

....i thought FOR SURE(!) i´d get a little be of....peace.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner...
the Black bag,..was kinda like...Cinema. : )

The first cut was the deepest...
waking up was the sweetest.

. . . . . . ? . . . . ß . . . . . .

That was `then´,
now it´s down to picking up the pieces. long as they´re not more then 20 pounds.

Agonizing re-appraisal... : /

Nö more:
Pushing a Piano, around towne..
Throwing `a Monika´ up on top(!),
...altho she´s BARELY more than 20 pounds!
Loading and un-loading...
The concentration, to play....`fuzzy-brain´.

We have the Winter before us, to change `the Act´.
Get it up again...
(...kinda like this stuff!)

Actually, at our age, the German Government offered us `retirement´(!).
Nö joke!
What do Performers `retire´ to?
The garden? Ping-pong? ...oatmeal and soaked toast?
Come on..!

We´re heading `home´, tomorrow.
Have some ideas to work on,
We want to roll out, again, April,
the 1st. : )

`Recurrence´ is the shadow...

...`doing it´, is the sunshine.

It´s going to be an interesting Winter(!).


p.s.: Thanks for reading and commenting.
`Writing´ is the elixier. ; §
I appreciate it.

p.s.s.: Imgic(!), those beans and clams AREN´T sö bad!
You just don´t want to SLEEP next to the guy who ate `em!..!
.....gotta SHARE, with your `bed-partner´. : )
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Profile of Kanawati
I just really enjoy reading your stories of life on the road. And no one writes like you! You're poetic, funny and often give me something to contemplate on. This latest is no exception but I wish I wasn't reading it. But I'm so glad you've gotten through this really tough time. Thinking of you my friend.
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Profile of Goldfield
Dear Gallagher
the only reason I came here is to read your words.
what a trip you’ve been on.
your heart sounds happy. I am grateful for that.
please be kind to yourself.
glad you’re still here.
What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Vincent V.G
D. Yoder
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Profile of D. Yoder
I hope healing can continue over the Winter, and am looking forward to how you adapt the show.
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