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This is the same as the regular LAZY-B5 except the Hearts are ascending and the Diamonds are descending and there is some cleanup on the wording when going from "number to card".

I think this B5H version is better than the B5 version because I believe more people will pick Hearts than will pick Diamonds. Therefore this means that this B5H version is less likely to need the deck turned face up.

The magician equivoque's to get the red suits.
After the spectator names a red card:

"Card to number":
The shill multiplies the card value by 4 and then subtracts 1. That's it!

Because this is part of the LAZY series this means the magician will equivoque to force a red card selection (Hearts or Diamonds)..

The magician uses a 51 card deck. The normal last card (in position 52) is a black card and it is removed before the performance and not used.

So how can the same formula work for both Hearts (ascending) and Diamonds (descending)?

Simple, If a Heart was said by the spectator then the magician deals from the top of the deck counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

If a DIAMOND was said BY THE SPECTATOR then the magician TURNS THE DECK FACE UP and deals from what was the bottom of the deck counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

Below is the physical B5H deck (note this is similar to B5 but the Hearts are ascending while the Diamonds are descending).

Lazy-B5H physical stack:
KD, 3S, AH, 7C, QD, KC, 2H, 8S, JD, 5S, 3H, 6C, 10D, KS, 4H, 2S, 9D, 6S, 5H, 10C, 8D, QC, 6H, 3C, 7D, AC, 7H, 9C, 6D, 10S, 8H, 4C, 5D, JS, 9H, 7S, 4D, 2C, 10H, 4S, 3D, AS, JH, 9S, 2D, QS, QH, 8C, AD, JC, KH
Note that the above is a 51 card deck (the last card which in this case is the 5C has been permanently removed).

Card to number:
Magician says "imagine a deck of cards, do you want me to pull out the red cards or the black cards"? Regardless of their answer you proceed with the red cards asking which suit and then asking whether they want a picture card or number card and then asking them to name the specific card.

The card is named by the spectator therefore the below calculation is done by the shill so he can say the position of that card (and that position will always be an odd number because the red cards are all at odd number positions counting from the face down top of the deck or countng from the face up bottom of the deck and the formula below for "card to number" will give the correct odd number).

After the spectator names a red card the shill mentally does the below calculation and names the card position number.

Whether Hearts or Diamonds makes no difference to the shill because he just:

1. multiplies the card value by four and subtracts one.
2. verbally says the number.
Note If the calculated number is a high number say over 40 then the shill can skip doing the "minus 1" and just say the even number result of multiplying by 4. This is so the magician can save time by counting backwards from the bottom of his held deck ie: 52, 51, 50, 49 etc. (the magician knows to count backwards from the bottom if an EVEN NUMBER was stated BY THE SHILL).

NUMBER TO CARD (spectator says a number from one to 52).
Note that when doing "Number to card" the Shill calculates:

1 . divide the spectator's number by 4.
will indicate THE SUIT ie: 1 or 2 means Diamonds therefore subtract the QUOTIENT from 13 giving RESULT.
whereas a reminder of 3 or 0 means Hearts therefore If remainder is 3 then add one to the QUOTIENT giving RESULT else if remainder is zero the QUOTIENT is the RESULT (ie the card value).
4. the shill says the RESULT (which is the card value) and then says the suit name based on the remainder in step two above.

Important note when doing "number to card":
It is best if the magician also divides by four to know the remainder so he can turn the deck face up IF THE REMAINDER IS 1 or 2 (I think it looks better if the magician turns the deck face up (when Diamonds) before the shill names the card but it is okay if the magician waits to hear the shill say the suit "Diamonds" and then turn the deck face up).

Another very important note when doing "NUMBER TO CARD": If the SPECTATOR says an EVEN NUMBER then the magician (while holding the deck face down if Hearts or holding the deck face up if Diamonds) must move a single card from the bottom of the stack he is holding to the top.

An easy way to do this is for the magician to blatantly take the bottom card (it will be a king) and claim it has magical powers and wave it at the deck and then casually put it on top. It would probably be best for the magician to do this before the shill names the card but not a showstopper if he does it after the shill names the card.
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Shuffled not Stirred » » LAZY-B5H Stack acaan (hearts dominant) super easy (0 Likes)
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