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"Hmmm? 🤔
After not writing for the past six months,..
they'll probably think I want to sell a learn-video,
or something......" 🙄
"Maybe you could sell them your....'Book of Proper Punctuation'." ☺️ [Monika]
"Smart ast!"

'Aphasia', became a household word, a couple of months ago,
when Bruce Willis came out, from under the pillow.
*The inability to comprehend or formulate language because of damage to specific brain regions.
....usually caused by a stroke, tumor, or brain trauma.*

Can you imagine,...your brain,.....studdering? 🤔

I couldn't. 😳

Besides physical trauma;
psychological 'shock', can also trigger the tripping.
Such as,..a grave cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I my case, this is what the Doctors tipped.

I had days, hours; where my skyes were as blue and clear and warm,...
as a Robin's fresh laid egg.
Out of the blue,...came days of broken shells and yolk.
Words,...didn't come.
Thoughts, concepts,...stuck.
(I voluntarily laid my driver's license down.
...i was a danger to myself! 😶)
phfeww. 🌬💨💨💨💨

The medicine-men handed me over to the head-shrinkers.
Instead of pills and x-rays and infusions,
I was given warm milk, long talks,...and looooonger walks(!).
'Re-action tests' and 'Stress tests',..and sleeping pills.

But, treating 'the clapp', with aspirin,..
it kept coming back.

In Febuary, I had a two week stay, the 'sad-house'.
'Hotel California',....minus the champagne.
Instead, a 'slow-him-down cocktail'.
"Welcome to the 'Land of Snails' !"

It was like riding the up-hill part, of the roller-coaster,....
....ALL DAY!
Things,..just NEVER got moving.

But(!),..I was.......'stable'. 😵
(Actually,...more like,.....a Horse(!),...IN A STABLE!)
Mister Ed.

Two weeks ago, in relation, to my cancer;
a doctor asked me about my Carnal-kapades,...😜
,...I was honest. 😕
She(!) perscribed me Tadalaphil(!..!). 😝
(Monika, my Lady,...was really,....'enthused'. 😑)

Bingo. 💥
My head,...(the big one),....cleared up!
(The little one's,...still in training. ☺️)

Today, the doctors told me,..
"Your Aphasia was NOT from psychological trauma.
but from a Pulmonale Hypertonie.
(A tightening of arteries and veins in my Lungs and Heart.)
[Amazing!, how one's vocabulary EXPANDS!..!, thru illness! 🤓]
Probably due to your cancer therapy."
Blood to the brain,....swanked. 😣

Tadalaphil was originally developed specifically for THIS condition(!),
....but has taken the back-seat,..
to helping men get it up, the back seat.

I'm still,...'turtle-slow', on my feet,...and with my hands, 🐢
...but the brain is metronoming....again! 🙃

I'm out,...but I'm not 'out and about', yet.
I've repaired our Waggon's roof.
(A semi, backed into us, on the last days of my chemo. 😚
....while we were sleeping. 😩)
This coming week, our Truck, comes into the 'living room'. 🙂
....oil, grease, tadalaphil in the brakes....
paint on the roof,
....weld some rust.
Then,...'German Inspection'. 🙄

Evenings,....Monika and I are working out a new Show.
(The Tadalaphil hasn't hit yet. 😕)
We been conceiving this baby, for quite some time....🤗

Fingers crossed,..
With a 'negative' Cancer CT on the 17th of May,... 🙏
we hope...(?),..
WE ARE,..working towards(!..!) being 'out and about', by the 20th(!). ✨✨✨💫💫💫
Monika will be doing the driving this year. 😰
Tour name?
....poco moto.*

Fingers crossed.
Smiles and warm thoughts,

p.s.: The past few months,
with my brain checking 'in and out',
I've had the hardest time.....reading.
Monika sat with me, often...and read.
Most of it,... I think, 🤔,..
I caught.
From the internet, emails.
(Thanks mb217! 💋)
She also read to me, from three sources.
The Magic Café. (Thanks!)
Jack Shalom's Musings. (i recommend this! easy. nice.!)
,..and Sally Schneider's 'Improvised Life'.
The internet,....brings a fresh blood,
...along to my pile of old books!

Thanks for being part of it. 👍
It helps, hearing folk's....think(!).

p.s.s.: 'The turtle knows more from the path, then the rabbit'.

...but in the end,
they BOTH come in the soup! 🙃

p.s.s.s.: *poco moto. Beethoven coined this,....
Then 'defined it', with notes.
Pete Legend
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So glad to see you post again! You are without doubt one of my favourite voices on the Café. I will be thinking of yourself and Monika from now until the 17th and beyond. All the very best from Ireland.

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Moved back to Midwest to see
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Profile of imgic
So happy to see you post.

Fingers Crossed my friend...fingers crossed.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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within a triangle
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I am so happy to hear your unique voice, gallagher!!! You had me worried there for a while! I really missed you and your emojis! And so glad you have such a wonderful partner to help you through all this. Thank you, Monika!! Finding that you are "back" has made my day.
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Always glad to hear your voice, Gallagher.
Sending healing thoughts via this electrical machine.

"You're a comedian. You wanna do mankind a service, tell funnier jokes."
TPR by Dave Moses and Iain Dunford
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Profile of gallagher
Hey folks,..THANKS for the encouragement!..!

Pete,..."Top o' the mornin' to ya!"
Some day,...some day(!), I'd love to try your island.
Some day.

Imgic(!), thanks buddy!
It's ALWAYS great reading: "Imagination is more important then knowledge."
(except in scrabble. Imagination: 14 points. Knowledge: 18 points. 😕)

Landmark: Keep chasing those birds,.,.Tap Dancers,...and great Guitarists. 💋 💋💋

Moses,..David. 🙃. I tip my hat to you too. Thanks.

Monika and I are bringing are 'stuff'(?),...'together'.
We're patched our waggon roof.
We're 'trying'(!), to weld our exhaust pipe.
Our 'Show', still, the nest of my mind. 😕

🤔 The 'feeling of time' I have in one day,
is somehow related to the confidence I have in myself,
in that day.

It's coming.
Again, "I thank you, for the encouragement."
D. Yoder
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It was wonderful to see your posts, Gallagher. My fear was that you were no longer walking on this good Earth.

I don't know that I will ever get to see you and Monika in person, but I have very much enjoyed learning to know you through the Magic Café. I hope for the best for the two of you.
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Profile of gallagher
17 May,…CT,…..‘negative‘.

,….and that’s ˋpositive‘. 🙂

Today, our Waggon ˋpassed‘,…..inpection.

Now, some floors to clean,
some windows to wash,
some spyder-webs to wipe…….
Summer clothes,
…..pots, pans, plates.

In between,….practise.

The Streets are always there, waiting for us,….patient.
…..kind of a nice thought. 🙂

Thanks for the positive energy, folks.

p.s.: Doc(!), great hearing from you.
With ˋLebanon Bologne sandwiches‘, you must be playing the greatest Pitch in the world!
We‘ll have to share that some time(!),
….the sandwiches. 🙃
Wish you a pleasant day.
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What a pleasure to see your words!
You have been in thoughts and prayers and seeing your writings, has brought a smile.
D. Yoder
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I would love to share the sandwiches, and the pitch at Lancaster's Central Market.
ed rhodes
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Rhode Island
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Gallagher - I am so glad things worked out for the best. Your story has given me pause. I've been sitting here making excuses for myself ever since COVID-19 first hit, and maybe it's time I got off my butt and took charge.

"All the world's a stage, but the play is badly cast!" - Oscar Wilde
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