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I believe this PEACHES-4 is a little bit better than
PEACHES-3 because PEACHES-4 takes a little bit of effort off of the magician and puts a little bit more effort on the shoulders of the shill But more importantly PEACHES-4 lets the magician easily count backwards if the shill says a high number.

Also the only thing the MAGICIAN HAS TO DO after the SPECTATOR names a card and the SHILL says a number from 1 to 52:
if the card the spectator named IS A BLACK CARD:
The MAGICIAN TURNS THE DECK FACE UP and deal/counts those face up cards onto a face down discard pile (IF CARD NAMED IS A RED CARD the MAGICIAN HOLDS THE DECK FACE DOWN NORMALLY and deal/counts the cards from the top onto a face up discard pile as normal).

My friend Garry Hayes liked my peaches-3 deck but thought it would be better if I could simplify the magician's rule as to when to turn the deck face up. I have done some rearranging (here in PEACHES-4) to accommodate his suggestion to turn the deck face up if the named card is a black suit card (instead of my old peaches-3 way of turning the deck face up if clubs or diamonds).

I also was able to eliminate the need to move one card from the top to the bottom but I did this at the expense that the shill has to do a little more thinking, not much more but just a little bit.

Note that this PEACHES-4 is a full 52 card deck.

The old PEACHES-3 way the shill used a straight forward calculation of multiplying by 4 and then subtracting 1 on any card that was named, but the new way the shill multiplies by 4 and subtracts by 2 but only subtracts 2 for the clubs and hearts.

Garry likes the following pairs and memory method:
A-7 the Ace and seven look a little alike.
5-J because they both have a flat top
3-8 somewhat mirror image
4-K look somewhat alike
6-9 same symbol but rotated
10-Q both are made of a circle and a line
2 the deuce is standalone

See the PEACHES-4G on how to use your own pairs (It is near the end of this post).

KS, AH, 4C, 7D, QS, 2H, 10C, 2D, JS, 3H, 5C, 8D, 10S, 4H, QC, KD, 9S, 5H, 6C, JD, 8S, 6H, 3C, 9D, 7S, 7H, AC, AD, 6S, 8H, 9C, 3D, 5S, 9H, JC, 6D, 4S, 10H, KC, QD, 3S, JH, 8C, 5D, 2S, QH, 2C, 10D, AS, KH, 7C, 4D

New rules for the shill (PEACHES-4 deck):
A. for diamonds and clubs use its paired number (memory trick: If the pip has a lot of points or lobes then use the card's paired number as the working value. Note that diamonds and clubs have a lot of points and lobes).

B. Now that you have a working value (the original stated card value if spades or hearts but the substitute pair value if clubs or diamonds) then:

1. Clubs : working value times 4 then minus 2.
2. Hearts : working value times 4 then minus 2.
3. Spades: working value times 4.
4. Diamonds : working value times 4.

Note that the shill always multiplies the working value by 4 before determining whether to subtract by 2.

Memory trick for the above stuff:
if the suit is one of the first two suits in CHSD then subtract 2.

C. the shill says number from 1 to 52 (really his calculated number).

New rules for the magician handling the deck:
1. If a black card is named turn the deck face up and deal and count from there onto a face down pile.

2. If a red card is named hold the deck face down in normal dealng position and deal and count the cards onto a face up pile.

Note with this deck if the number the shill names is very high (say above 40) the magician (to save time) can openly count backwards from the deck's "bottom" ie: 52, 51, 50, 49 etc.

Note another way for the shill to remember which suits do what (when calculating the number position) is to think:

Diamonds (use the paired value)
Clubs (use the paired value)
................. multiply by 4
Clubs (subtract 2)
Hearts (subtract 2)

If the shill can visualize the above five line chart then the shill should be able to do the calculation quickly and accurately.

The above chart should be thought as a three-step chart:

1. first step do I use the paired value or not?
2. second step multiply by 4.
3. third step do I subtract two?

I think it helps just repeating the words to yourself "Diamonds Clubs,
Clubs Hearts"
over and over will help.

Some other memory tricks:

1. The very first thing the shill must concentrate on is "do I use the paired value or not" and don't think of anything else.

2. Diamonds and Clubs are the "weak suits" therefore the shill must substitute their paired values and mentally immediately multiply by 4.

3. Note that the "multiply by 4" is the middle thing for the shill to think about.

4. Note that clubs have everything done to them (uses paired value and has 2 subtracted at the end).

5. Note that hearts just has the value two subtracted at the end (no pairs used).

6. Note that spades have nothing extra done to them other than multiply by 4.

Actually I like this PEACHES-4 deck better than my PEACHES-3 deck because of the ability to easily count backwards If the calculation results in a very high number and also the simplicity of handling by the magician. However I would use a different bunch of pairs.

I would NOT use this PEACHES-4 deck with a spur of the moment shill that I would try to train (Instead I would use my normal PEACHES-3 deck for them).

I do think this PEACHES-4 deck is perfect for a well trained shill and for the magician that wants to do some acaan memdeck ie Tamariz type or Aronson type acaan tricks without using a shill and without having to memorize a deck of cards!

Below is a generic version of this deck but has question marks where a magician would want to tailor make his own partnered pair value.

PEACHES-4G (the G means generic):
KS, AH, K?C, A?D, QS, 2H, Q?C, 2?D, JS, 3H, J?C, 3?D, 10S, 4H, 10?C, 4?D, 9S, 5H, 9?C, 5?D, 8S, 6H, 8?C, 6?D, 7S, 7H, 7?C, 7?D, 6S, 8H, 6?C, 8?D, 5S, 9H, 5?C, 9?D, 4S, 10H, 4?C, 10?D, 3S, JH, 3?C, J?D, 2S, QH, 2?C, Q?D, AS, KH, A?C, K?D

To custom the above deck to your own needs first write down your six card pairs and one standalone card. Make a copy of the above 52 cards and then everywhere you see a question mark replace the value that is in front of the question mark with its pair value and get rid of the question mark. Notice that the spades and hearts are left alone.

This whole document is about doing "card to number". I would NOT try doing "number to card" with any of the PEACHES series decks because it is too difficult. But for any daring souls out there here are the calculations to try to remember in the midst of a performance:

PEACHES-4 Number to Card calculations:
spectator names any number 1 to 52.
Shill calculates to get card name (here is how):
divide number by 4 giving a quotient and remainder.
If remainder is
1 then spades then subtract quotient from 13.
2 then hearts then add one to quotient.
3 then clubs then subtract quotient from 13 then translate result to the pair value.
0 then diamonds then add one to quotient then translate the result to the pair value.
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Silly memory story to help the shill to calculate "card to number":

We are going to the first three holes of a golf course.
At the first hole:
There is a woman with a jewelry box of DIAMONDS that has two columns and six rows and each diamond has a different carat weight. Whenever she asks her caddy for a particular diamond he always gives her the paired diamond next to it.

Her caddy also has a golf bag with a similar arrangement (6 by 2) of CLUBS. whenever she asks for a particular club he always gives her the paired club instead.

The caddy also has a shovel (SPADE) and HEART-shaped boxes of candy but nothing special is done with them at the first hole.
At the second hole:
The woman mis hits the ball and yells "four" many times.
At the third hole:
She is disgusted and picks up one of four things:
a diamond, or a club or the spade, or the heart-shaped box of candy.

WHENEVER she picks up a CLUB or the HEART-shaped box of candy the flag jumps out of the hole and the hole expands two feet in diameter and 200 ft deep and it swallows 2 of what she is holding (imagine two golf CLUBS being swallowed or two HEART-shaped boxes being swallowed).
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