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This stack has the odd numbered cards ie: 3, 5, 7, 9 for all four suits positioned for a simple calculation, the other cards are slotted in hodgepodge manner to make the deck look random.

"Name any odd number between one and 10".
"Now name any suit"

I named this the PLATYPUS-1 Stack because the platypus animal is an odd looking animal and this stack uses odd numbered cards.

At the bottom of this post I compare this Platypus stack to the Henry the 8th stack.

Features of this PLATYPUS-1 stack:
1. very random look to the physical deck (will withstand a 5 to 10 second viewing of its spread).
2. easy calculation for a shill (multiply card by 4 then add 2 If hearts or spades, add 4 if Clubs or Diamonds).
3. super easy for the magician to perform.
4. if a black card is named by the spectator the magician turns deck face up and deals/counts.
5. does NOT use pairs.
6. there are 50 cards used therefore magician can NOT count backwards (ie 52, 51, 50, 49 etc) from bottom when the shill names a high number, but the highest is 40 so magician does not need to count backwards, always count forward 1, 2, 3 etc.
7. only the odd number cards are positioned thus named by the spectator.
8. red odd number cards are ascending, black odd number cards are descending.

The magician says to a spectator "name any odd number between one and 10".

Next the magician asks the spectator to name any suit (If a black suit is named then the magician turns the deck face up in dealing position).

The shill then silently multiplies the odd number card by 4 and then if hearts or spades was named he adds 2 but if clubs or diamonds was named he adds 4.

The magician asks the shill to name any number from one to 50 (the shill then names the number he calculated).

After the shill names a number the magician says to the spectator "I will now magically make your card move to that position". Then the magician gives the deck a shake, pauses, and then starts dealing and counting the cards and of course hits the target card on the nose!

Below is the 50 card deck and looks really good:

x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, 9C, x, 9S,
3H, x, 3D, x, x, 7C, x, 7S, 5H, x, 5D, x x,
5C, x, 5S, 7H, x, 7D, x, x, 3C, x, 3S, 9H, x,
9D, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, AS, AH

Just remove the AS and AH from the bottom and get them out of the way saying "people always want to pick these two cards which makes It seem less magical". This leaves the 50 cards that the calculations are based on.

Note about why a 50 card stack:
I tried to construct a 52 card stack for odd numbered cards and tried different additions but invariably the ascending red cards and descending black cards would make undesirable four card patterns whereas this 50 card stack does not do that and leaves more room for indifferent cards between the odd numbered cards and thus a better looking stack (more random looking).

Note about removing the ace of spades and ace of hearts: we could have two other cards permanently removed but that means we have a compromised deck if other tricks are to be performed later. Yes we could add those two cards back when doing other tricks but that would look rather strange. By openly temporarily removing the AS and AH with a reasonable excuse, this also provides a reason for adding those two cards back to the deck to do later tricks.

I will probably NOT use this PLATYPUS-1 Stack, and instead I will use the HENRY THE EIGHTH stack because HENRY THE EIGHTH is simpler and better:
1. easier to communicate to the spectator which cards they can name ie: "face cards".
2. simpler calculation.
3. has all 52 cards therefore no awkward removing/replacing of two cards.

In terms of being an EXCELLENT SPREADABLE stack and ANY SUIT and SUPER QUICK TO LEARN (1 minute) and super EASY CALCULATION (2 seconds) the HENRY THE EIGHTH STACK maybe the BEST THERE IS (for card to number).

So why even post this Platypus-1 stack? Because some magician out there may have a need to use odd numbered cards in their routine (and it was fun for me to do, kind of like Sudoku, I'm 79, retired, have many heart issues (quad bypass 12 years ago and pacemaker) therefore want to leave some legacy postings for my magic friends and children/grandchildren).
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I know it sounds like I have one foot in the grave but hopefully not! lol

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I eat tons of microwaved sweet potatoes and red potatoes (after cooking I put beans and salsa inside). I eat tons of broccoli, arugula, spinach, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, steel cut oats, ground flaxseed, soy or almond milk, parsley, beans, chickpeas, lentils, purple cabbage w/peanut butter, apples, bananas, sprouted grain bread sandwich with tomato and avocado and chickpea hummus, other. Also some walnuts with my greens (other nuts hurt your omega-3). Also some tempeh. Vitamin D daily. Also very low amount of vitamin B12 once or twice a week. A tiny bit of salmon once a week other than that no animal product of any kind (no cheese, no dairy, no eggs, no mayonnaise, no meat, no chicken, no fried food of any kind). You learn to love microwave potato with beans and salsa, yummy! really.
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