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I am looking for tricks that I can have with me all the time. How's Flight Case and Zoom by Ben Harris??
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How about looking at it another way? Instead of "what tricks can I carry all the time", think in terms of "what tricks can I do with stuff I already carry all the time".

Coins, pens, business cards, dollar bills, handkerchief, a zigzag box (OK, I don't always drag that one

Impromptu isn't so much about always carrying tricks, as it is about making magic with whatever is available.
Harry Murphy
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I have said it before elsewhere in the impromptu thread, but I believe that the way to think about impromptu is not what you can “load yourself” up with or what you can do with the “non-magical” items that you normally carry with you but rather, what can you do with the items that the average person carries on them!

If you are going to do impromptu magic (magic that you want to do and are not
“foisting” on an unwanted audience) then think about doing solid routines with borrowed items from the spectators! There is little that is more powerful.

Think. Do you have a routine for borrowed bills? Coins? What can you do with a ring, or a pencil or an ink pen, a clean handkerchief, a lipstick (yes lipstick, why use ashes?) Then you could always be prepared to use paper napkins from a bar top or waiters station (or just one from your place setting). In the restaurant, how about a saltshaker or glass. What can you do with those common items?

Honestly, just using those items you could entertain (emphasis on entertain) a small gathering for 15 plus minutes. And that is NOTHING out of your own pockets.

As Scott has said again and again (and I strongly agree with him) there is no obligation for any of us to perform on demand.

However, as I continue to say, IF you are asked to perform on the spot and you want to perform, then there is no excuse for you to NOT be ready to perform a strong effect with items borrowed from the spectator asking for the performance.

A little thought and a bit of practice time with common objects and you are never caught unprepared. Leave the TT’s, the deck of cards, the sponge balls, and hot rods at home, but leave home prepared to work wonders!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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DoctorAmazo and mumblepeas advice is dead on. I suspect however that you are looking for some place to start. Here are a few suggestions. Look at Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and learn a few coin slights. These can take you far on any occassion. You could use a strking vanish and use a common pen as your wand. Rubber band tricks like crazy mans handcuffs are also good. Instead of a deck of cards you could utilize business cards, although you need to pick the effect carefully. If you work on these you should be able to create a miracle at a moments notice.
Chris A.
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I like using Sankeys effect where you wad up a borrowed bill, then make a borrowed coin magically and instaneously melt into the wadded up bill. Since I borrow both items, I don't have to carry anything!
AKA Chris A.
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Harry Murphy
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Woops, sorry, I missed the point; I was so interested in pontificating (pay no mind to the little man behind the curtain!).

OK, where to start? Bobo has already been mentioned.

So here are some fairly easy to find resources.

First there is Martin Gardner’s
“Encyclopedia of Impromtu Magic” has literally 100’s of effects using everyday objects
$30.00 from

Then there is Dan Harlan’s three volume video set “Ultimate Impromptu Magic” (a whole routine done with borrowed bills on volume one) which can also be had from Magicsmith ($30.00 each video).

Finally there is Tom Mullica’s three video series “Expert Impromptu Magic.” ($75.00 the set from Meir Yedid

If you are interested in the videos go to the web sites and read the contents and buy one that seems to interest or “speak” to you. They are all good stuff.

Of further note, Dan Harlan’s “Band Shark” video will give you more impromptu rubber band magic than you will ever bother to learn or use!

Almost everything (NO EVERYTHING) I listed above is well within the skill level of a beginner in magic even if it is NOT beginner magic. Don’t buy it all right away. Check out the contents and buy one thing and study and master some of the items in it. Then move on.

How’s that for a start? Truthfully, I hope this helps just a little.
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
Magique Hands
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Hats Off to both mumblepeas and DoctorAmazo! Their advice doesn't get any better.

There is a huge difference between IMPROMPTU magic and IMPROVISATIONAL magic. Learn as many effects as possible (without carrying gimmicks and gaffs)... this is the one true way to always be prepared. If you are comfortable with pure sleight of hand, then truly... the world is your stage, and countless borrowed objects are your props.

Have Fun... and Entertain Them!
- - Troy
"If you go around sprinkling Woofle Dust on everything... people will think 'My... What an odd character."
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As an additional note to this topic, what about effects that use gimmicked versions of everyday items you carry. A perfect example would be a PEN. what about your watch? (although, Psychokinetic Time is a good routine as well) Do you carry rubber bands around? I know many non-magicians that do. What about your wallet? I know a trick that is a Kolossal Killer that uses a regular wallet. Just some ideas.
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Look at the topic "always carry something".
with a couple of items and what you find you should be able to go a half hour or so whenever needed. Smile
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
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It's interesting to see all the discussions agreeing on the definition of Impromptu and Improvise and ... but the reality is you should always practice before you perform and always be prepared.
I always carry a pack of cards, as I usually wear a jacket, I also carry linking safety pins, a couple of rubber bands around the wrist, business cards which have built in tricks and a thumb tip up the sleeve on a cork.
At a wedding recently I kept the kids amused for an hour.
Recently I have added a flaming wallet (with a slit for card to wallet and a gimmicked pen.
It's taken me years to get to the point where I chose the right clothes, carry the right tricks and have the right patter and gags ready and I've got a long way to go too.
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Coins, pencil/pen gimmicks.

Also, the Balducci Levitation - very impromptu depending on the location and personnel around.
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Count Elmsley
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Here's one from an old Magigram - with apologies to Arthur Carter.

Take three coins from your pocket - say a 50p, 10p and 5p. Lay them in a row in front of a spectator.

Say you propose to show that there is no such thing as chance. Scribble something on the back of your business card. - (Actually you write "10p"). Place the card down with the writing hidden.

Ask the spectator to take any coin out of his pocket, and while your back is turned, place it on the back of his hand and cover it with his other hand.

Then you say "I have no idea which way up that coin is under your hand - but if it is heads, I will take the center coin, and if it is tails I will take the other two".

If the coin is heads, you pick up the center coin (10p) and place it on top of your prediction - it then proves to be correct.

If the coin is tails, you pick up the other two, and put them in your pocket. You then turn over your prediction - and they match!.

In either case - you are right!

Mister Wizzy
Fantasy Knight
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Wow Count Elmsley,
I like that very nice and imprompto, and to think I just did crazy stuff like twisting my arm around that's better yet. Thanks, I'm going to try that one and easy to help in the bars when you had to many free drinks... lol...
Richard Anderson
Grew up near one of the greatest minds in magic the late Stewart James, in a town called Wallaceburg just 15 mins from Courtright where James could be found, time and time again he would inspire me to always be creative and just love all magic.
Ron Giesecke
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Michael Close's "26 cents worth of change." All you need is a nickel and a penny--the two dimes are borrowed.

Nuff said--check it out.
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Impromptu items are best, such as Tenkai Pennies, various "body magic" effects,
"Flight of the Paper Balls", "In search of the Unknown Force", almost everything from Peek Performances can be done impromptu like his book test, various effects from Banachek, I myself have several impromptu items like "Pin head" where a straight pin gets slapped through your forehead (great for kid shows Smile

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Canada's Leading Mentalist
AB StageCraft
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Another good book series that you may want to look at is the "World's Best Series", especially the worlds best coin tricks, it is full of all sorts of different coin tricks, the other worlds books are great too.
dAvId tOnG
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Heavy Credit from Roadkillers Video is one of my personal favourite. The effect: A credit card (can be any card) is taken out of your wallet and placed on top of your wallet. A snap of your fingers and it disappears from the top of your wallet and reappears inside your wallet!! Very visual! for those who know the secret, I've worked out a different handling that makes "taking out the credit card" more convincing than is taught in the tape. PM me if you are interested Smile
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A silver dollar...

One coin, packs small but will leave a mud hole in just about everyone you come across.

David Roth's one coin routine

John's muscle pass

Have a good day.
Be true to your art, and it will be true to you
Lance Pierce
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Put a thumbtip in your pocket. Make sure you always have some loose change. Between what you carry and what the spectators have on them, you've got 45 minutes easy.

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This is more of a gag then a trick but it goes over very well. Bring out from pocket, three coins; a penny, nickel, dime. Then say the following:

TOMMY'S mother has 3 kid's, Penny, Nicole and, what is the name of the 3rd kid? (As you put the dime down, and see how long it takes them to guess TOMMY)
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