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Did anyone mention Gregory Wilson's "Off the Cuff" and "On the Spot" videos...lots (loads) of great effects,

Youtube & Intstagram @MagicOrthodoxy
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Drew from Spotlight
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How about looking at it another way? Instead of "what tricks can I carry all the time", think in terms of "what tricks can I do with stuff I already carry all the time".

That statement covers a lot of ground for you. You can work with simple borrowed objects, i.e. coins, pens, bills, or you can have everyday props on you that appear to be ordinary. In fact, if they didn’t have a secret life as a magical prop they would be ordinary.

I used to dress up special when I went out, always making sure I had a deck of cards on me or that special gaffed bill, now by carrying special items I really use, like a SUC case or a Mind Spy Wallet, I can appear to use ordinary items in an extraordinary way. I do also have rubberbands with me always around my wrist. With these items, and those I can borrow, I am ready to perform if I need to.
Rodney Massey
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Magic With Everyday Objects- Schindler
Scarne's Magic Tricks- Scarne

These two books are great!
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Great advice from all. There is a wealth of amazing tricks with ordinary household items. Magic packs a powerful punch when you can use borrowed items. Smile

The more you carry, the more they become weary! (Juan uv Myne)!!! Smile
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If you're looking for something totally easy that you can perform anywhere... I just got the "Pen Through Dollar" from Penguin Magic
It's much stronger than any other gimmicked pen I've seen.
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Jumping Gems, Jumping Gems, Jumping Gems...
What more can you ask?
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Oh, how about something that looks like an item found here on planet earth that people have seen before?

Oh dear. The above came out much snottier on the printed screen than I intended. I know the jumping gems puzzle people; they just don't look like they could be anything other than a magic trick bought at a magic store.

I know people come up with stories
"explaining" what they are but I doubt people are buying it. I suspect they're impressed that such a prop exists that can do what it does rather than the performer him/herself. Just my humble opinion, which can ALWAYS be proved wrong by the right performer.
Brad Burt
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Here's a killer tip: Learn Tenkai Pennies and Two Pennies on the Knee out of Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic. Do Two Pennies first and follow up with Tenkai. All you need are two Pennies that look the same. This combo has served me well for over 30 years and it ROCKS! Seriously, this will give you a reason to learn the Goshman Back Clip. In my opinion this sequence is in the top 5 available on short notice with coins.

Carry a Thumb Tip and a small silk: Lots of magic leverage here from the vanish of the silk to an instant production. Vanish 5 Pennies or change them VERY mysteriously into a nickle.

This from my lecture: Try vanishing a Folding Half into a TT! Even most magicians aren't ready for it and it just bugs the eyes.

Brad Burt
Brad Burt
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It depends on what you normally carry with you all the time.
Do you always have coins, business cards, a pen, a hankie, etc.?
I recently got Gregory Wilson's video "On the Spot". This has some good stuff with things you probably carry and/or stuff other folks probably have, or that you will most likely find in the environment you are in.

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I always carry rubber bands because they are not available everywhere you go but I have them wrapped around a few cards for a 3 Card Monte and "A Night Out With the Girls" and B'wave which are all good to have with you at all times.

I remove the bands and do Crazy Mans Handcuffs and Star Gazer. People love those 2 items and if they want more I go over to the packets of cards. I also carry a small rubber ball and manipulate it around my fingers as people like watching manipulation and then they get interested in "was that slight of hand?" etc. I say no and continue with a simple paddle trick using a doctors stick and then hand out a somewhat business type card with a good optical illusion printed so they can then show their friends their new trick and of course my name and number.

All good stuff and barely takes any space in my little pouch.
David Fletcher
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Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia of Impromtu Magic.
The Fulves self-working series.
You have to give it away to keep it.
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Why not take the advice of a great man and remember to go everywhere with the one thing that will never let you down. The one thing that will always allow you to perform wonderful and amazing magic no matter where you are.


Hope this helps


'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein Smile
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Mullicas inpromptu vid. has paper folding/tearing trick.

I use it all the time. Regular sized piece of paper...your fold it tear it and tell a story about a little girl and little boy and you find out who is goint to heaven and hell.

adults and kids love it.
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."
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Learn Simon Aronson's ring on rubber band trick -- only requires you to have a rubber band and it is awesome. John Carney's version of the old paddle trick with bits of paper is also handy to know.
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I would suggest anthing that's light and easy to transport like crazy mans handcuffs (just two rubber bands), Ghost Bills (using two borrowed bills), just passing through and butter coin. Smile

Kevin Courtney
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Ghost Bills would be one of the newest, easiest, and best to me. I actually not only have them sign the bills but to write down their serial #s so they know it's their bills and no switches were made. I also carry Archangel with me at all times. I also carry a deck of cards that I use a routine called Stuck Up Monte by Mark Mason at all times. It's a real kicker ending and they keep the card. On his dvd there is a lot more you can do with their signed card, like card in mouth and card under glass just to name a few. Also look into books or dvds on metal bending. I've found that Banachek has the best.
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Has anyone mentioned Sac's Dice? I always have pair of dice in my pocket, great impromptu magic trick.
Rmax Goodwin
BIlly James
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There is a story of a magician (can't think of his name at the moment) who would walk around the town with a coin always palmed, so if the opportunity presented itself he could immediately produce it.

I always liked to carry an old copper penny in my pocket. If asked to do something I'd borrow a 20 cent coin (half dollar) and do spellbound.

However, there is something that I almost always take with me now......and that is.....LOOPS.

Buy yourself a whole bunch of loops and put one on before you leave.... that way you are always prepared for some REALLY GREAT magic!

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I suggest loops. Can be carried around and you are able to perform at a moment's notice. I also suggest rubber band (crazy man's handcuffs) and as a card effect, "Back In Time" is just amazing.....
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I usually have a deck of cards in Aronson order for a quick effect. Lots of stuff can be obtained with a few False S and Cs. I also carry a coin dollar (wish it were silver) and do a one coin vanish that seems to work well.
Lefty (aka) Sterling Dare
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