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Davis, California
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Anyone seen any good rope at Home Depot for rope tricks? Home Depot is so much closer than a magic store.

thanks, J Smile
Steve Landavazo
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Northern California
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Hi Jeff!

I go to, "Home Depot" on a regular basis, and have seen good rope, but itís a little stiff!

If you take out the core, or inside of the rope, youíll find it is much easier to manipulate and work with!




Courage is the willingness to be afraid and act anyway!
Courage is the willingness to be afraid and act anyway!
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Nassau Bay, TX
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I found some pretty good cotton rope at Lowe's (I think--wasn't Home Depot so it must have been Lowe's).

It too needs to have the core stripped out but it seems to work well for the effects I do.

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Ray Banks
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The rope I use can be bought almost anywhere. It is the soft white rope used for tying boats to a dock.... it is very soft and bendable. (Not the plastic type!)

I think itís nylon or cotton.

The only trouble with it, is it frays when you cut it. To solve that problem, go to any hardware store and ask them for the "rubbery stuff" you can dip worn screwdrivers handles and stuff in. It is sold by several names.

Once you cut your rope, dip about 1" into this..... it will harden in seconds, and your rope will NEVER frey.

Iíve had mine for years, and have used this stuff on alot of rope routines. (And you donít have to remove the core... it is VERY bendable)

Bengi Smile
Steve Brooks
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Northern California - United States
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Thanks for the helpful information Bengi!

Smile Smile
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I find that the rope you get in hardware stores or marine shops is too thick. I use cotton cord that I picked up at a haberdashery. Itís much cheaper and softer than rope. It is about shoelace width, but it is round with no internal core to pull out.

I use this type of rope for C&R. If you are looking for rope that you are going to use over and over again, then I suggest you go to a climbing shop and get nylon climbing rope. If you get one with a pattern, when you hide magnets or screws in them, no one will ever see them. You can keep the core in it for effects like Professorís Nightmare, or you can remove the core for effects like Ring and Rope.

Bye for now

Harold Cataquet
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Ok Ok Ok......... Iíll let you all in on one of my secrets.........

Go to a Family Dollar or Dollar store....... They are everywhere... Almost.

Get a batch of clothsline cord and core it out. "itís very easy to core"

It is very cheap and the core can be seperated into a type of Invisible thread. If Cut and restored is your thing you canít beat the cost effectiveness of this rope.

And for the fraying ends use a dabble of wax or white school glue to seal íem......

Actually superglue works faster on the ends in a pinch but donít use your fingers on it............... Smile

use wax paper to mash the ends together.

Also if you use super-glue often keep some fingernail polish remover handy if you get it on yourself. Itíll disolve the glue if an accident happens, but, be warned the acetone will attack furniture finish.

Merry Christmas


P.S. get the cotton type rope......

The metal core type would be a bit awkward coring Smile
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Eric Starkey
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Pittsburgh, PA
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I guess I am just lazy, but I order 'Elite' rope from Denny & Lee. Sure it's a little pricey compared to what you can get at the hardware store, but it is useable right out of the bag - no extra work. I gladly hand over the $25 per bag - the time that it saves me is priceless. Plus, the rope is bright white and extremely soft.

Also, to address the fraying ends issue. I was introduced to a product called "Fray Check" (I think that's the proper name, I don't have the bottle in front of me). It's a small, affordable, clear bottle with blue writing that can be found in sewing stores. I cut the ropes to the desired size, lay the ends on wax paper and squirt a little of the chemical on them. It hardens up over night, giving you a plastic-like fray protector.

It has worked well for me - give it a try.
Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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To handle the fraying problem, I take the end of the rope and pinch it into a tight bundle with teezers and push it in on itself. I then squirt a couple of drops of white glue into the end and rub the end of the rope between my fingers, to work the glue in.
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Americaís North Coast, Ohio
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Something that I have just started doing with some of the Plastic (polyester) Ropes from Home Depot, is that after coring them out (Only necessary on the larger ropes - the smaller thinner ones dont need cored)

To keep the end from fraying, and to avoid the ugly (In my opinion) ends created by using a Heat Cutter or other heat based techniques to melt the end, I place a small piece of Heat Shrink Tubing (Used in place of electrical tape in some electronics applications - you can get it in black at radio shack and other colors form others sources) It is like a little tube and you slide a short piece onto the end of the rope the end of the rope apply a little heat, and it shrinks down and holds better than any tape and has no end to unravel. And it looks better, providing a neat, finished end to polyester ropes making them look very professional.

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Dayton OH
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I like the ruber stuff idea I will look for it.


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Long Beach
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Try Boaters World if you have one nearby.

They have lots of styles and sizes of rope in nylon and poly. The 3/4" and 1" white triple twist rope is great looking and can be easily gimmicked.

They also have bunjee cord available in red green or black which looks like rope and must have a use somehow even as a gag.

Unstretched it looks and behaves like nice nylon covered cord.

Prices are anything from 20c foot to $1.30 a foot
Joe M. Turner
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Atlanta, Georgia
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My favorite rope is thick magicians rope that I buy in 300' balls from Chazpro.

Joe M. Turner
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Anyone in knowledge of good rope in Germany???
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