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James Owen
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Alright fellow magicians, how are you all doing, Fine I hope. Could someone tell me a little bit about these books before I purchase them, any help or information would be most appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Cyclopedia of magic book - Mark Wilson
Modern coin magic - J.b.Bobo

I already have a few magic books and they are

Karl Fulves - Self Working Close Up Card Magic
Karl Fulves - More Self Working Card Tricks
Karl Fulves - Self Working Coin Magic
Karl Fulves - Self Working Rope Magic
Henry Hay - Learn Magic
Practical Mental Magic

Best Regards

Happy magic

James Owen

Smile Smile
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Howdy James,

I can offer my opinion on 2 of the 3 books.

I copied the ad from
because I think the ad say's just what I want to say, only better.

"Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic

A complete magic course in one volume!
Mark Wilson has performed magic for more people than any other magician in the 3500-year history of the art. During the thirty-years of his successful career, Mark has shared his wondrous magic with the world in many ways, and we believe his marvelous 'Cyclopedia of Magic' is one of the best!

The twenty-one chapters cover Card Magic, Self-Working Card Tricks, Hindu Shuffle Tricks, Overhand Shuffle Tricks, Forcing a Card, Double Lift Tricks, Glide Tricks, Short-Card Tricks, Giant-Card Tricks, Flourishes, Genie Cards, Money Magic, Rope Magic, Silk and Handkerchief Magic, Impromptu Magic, Mental Magic, Betchas, Sponge Sorcery Tricks, Cup and Ball Tricks, Make-at-Home Magic and Magical Illusions.

Among the effects described are -

Arabian Tent Illusion - You call the audience's attention to a stack of heavy cardboard sheets. You display each part and begin to fit them together, one at a time. The spectators soon realize that you are building a small tent. With the four walls standing, you position the roof, completing the structure. Almost instantly, you lift the roof, revealing the magical appearance of an assistant from inside the tent!

Haunted House -

You call attention to the stacked sections of a miniature house with weird decorations and hooded figures peering from windows with broken shutters. You state that this is a replica of a haunted house that is waiting for a ghost to rent it so that strange manifestations can take place within it's musty walls. You decide to play the part of a ghost by putting on a sheet. Thus attired, you set up the walls and finally pick up the roof and put it in place. Continuing your ghostly act, you walk around the house, then make weird gestures and suddenly raise the roof. To the audience's utter amazement, who pops up but you! Then, stepping from the house, you grab the ghost before it can get away. When the sheet is whisked clear, the ghost proves to be your assistant, who takes a bow with you!

Coin-A-Go-Go -

You borrow a half-dollar from a spectator. Hand the spectator a pencil with which to mark the coin. Working at very close-range, and using the pencil as an impromptu wand, you cause the coin to vanish, right before the spectator's eyes. You show both hands to be unmistakably empty and even hand the pencil to the spectator to examine. Then, to bring the mystery to a happy conclusion, you simply tap the back of the spectator's left hand with your pencil wand and the coin magically reappears!

Learn the secrets to more than 200 classic tricks, complete with comprehensive, step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations.
Retail Price: $12.00

This book and his big brother Mark Wilson's
"Complete Course In Magic" are FILLED with magic, and worth MUCH more then the asking price of the book. Smile

"Bobo's Coin Magic - Complete Hardbound Edition

If you ask any knowledgeable magician to name the most valuable book available on coin magic. They will name this book by J, B. Bobo. There is no other that comes close in terms of cost, quality, or quantity of effects. With 544 pages, 669 illustrations and 422 effects and sleights, the latest edition has chapters on Coin Concealments. Basic Sleights, Vanishes. Quick Tricks, Cuffing. Sleeveing (18 methods). Coins Across, Coin Classics, Five Kinds of Coin Boxes, Trick Coins. Shells and Folding Halves, Stage Coin Magic, Stanley Collins Sections. Miser's Dream (Four routines), Complete Coin Acts, Varied Coin Tricks, Trick Coin Tricks, and so much more. Plus, the quality surpasses the quantity!
Retail Price: $30.00"

This is the bible of coin magic, if you don't believe me re-read that ad. You'll learn more about coin magic in this book then any other. Both of these are GREAT buys, and you'll enjoy them for years to come if you pick them up. Smile
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Peter Marucci
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Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic is an adbridged version of his Complete Course on Magic.
However, either one are ideal for a beginner.
As Magicman says: "This book (Cyclopedia) and his big brother Mark Wilson's "Complete Course In Magic" are FILLED with magic, and worth MUCH more then the asking price of the book."
Very true.
The same applies to Bobo; it is THE book on coin magic and to master a quarter of it would take you several lifetimes.
An absolute must-have.
Peter Marucci
Dr Mage
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I have heard that Elastrix can be difficult to follow. If you are interested in this area of magic, Dan Harlan's video/DVD "Bandshark" is very helpful.
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Sid Mayer
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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic" contains full explanations for a number of effects that are fairly easy to do. This book is part of the "Complete Idiot" series covering many subjects. Any mainstream book store should be able to get it for you.

Sid Mayer
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James Owen
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Thanks fellow magicians yous have all been most helpful it is very much appreciated for your time and help.

Best and Kind Regards

Take care all of you

James Owen Smile
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Broomfield, CO, USA
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I have two of three books you are inquiring about (Modern coin magic and Elastrix). I also have the Mark Wilson Complete course in Magic. The Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic is well worth the money. You can get exposure to a number of different areas of magic. The book is well written and well illustrated. In my opinion Modern coin magic is a must for any magician's library. Many of the slights can be applied to any small object, so it's not just for coins any more. Smile Elastrix can be hard to follow but the effect is well worth the effort put in to deciphering the text.
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My only problem with the Cyclopedia of Magic(and all those little big books) is that they don't lie down flat and the binding breaks real easy. I'd pay the extra $10 and get Mark Wilson's hardback book {mentioned in other posts). It has self-working tricks for the beginner and slight of hand tricks for the more advanced. Bobo's book is the bible of coin magic, there is also a paperback version for under $10 but it has fewer chapters.
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I am shocked and dismayed that nobody ever seems to suggest the best place to learn magic (and quite affordable) being the Tarbell Course in Magic. Start with Volume #1, study it and learn it thoroughly (as it was intended to be and not skimmed for the latest interesting looking trick. Study each lesson and learn it before moving on) and when you are thoroughly finished, move on to volume #2, then #3, etc....

No need to buy them all at once as you should be studying them as textbooks (which they really are). When you are done Volume 8, you will have more magic knowledge than many magicians will ever have and could/can go out and make a good living with only that knowledge that you have obtained in those 8 volumes. That course will teach you everything you need for a well rounded education in all of the magical arts.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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AB StageCraft
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Hey just thought I would add that most of the books listed (Karl Fulves books anyway) can be checked out at your local library.

Hope I helped!
Lance R. Wilson
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-Lance Wilson
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Regarding Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, you might consider the video version (4 videos) to complement the written.
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Don't forget Harry Lorayne's "Magic Book", it's an excelent book for beginners!
Alan Jackson
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On 2002-11-26 06:56, HitmanPT wrote:
Don't forget Harry Lorayne's "Magic Book", it's an excelent book for beginners!

I entirely agree with this recommendation. If you could only get one book, this is the one to get (and it lies flat).
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Karl Fulves books can be checked out at the library? I had no idea. Anyway, if you weren't a reader before you should certainly become one now because I am a true believer that you read everything you can get your hands on. Focus on the stuff you like at first then just read for the knowledge of it, you'd be surprised what particular technique for "this" can work incredibly well adapted for "that". Good luck. Smile
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