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Dave Forrest's Ripped & Repaired Plus Five Other Strange Occurences.

This 28 page booklet contains 6 seperate effects, all from the creative mind of Dave Forrest. The layout is wonderful, the instructions are all crystal clear, the illustrations are all wonderfully placed, and the effects, well, some are stunning, some are a little lacking, but overall, this is well worth your attention.


Ripped and Repaired

Okay, okay, before all of you turn away in disgust at another 'Torn and Restored Card' thread, just listen to the effect of Ripped & Repaired. In Dave Forrest's own wonderful description:

"A corner is cleanly and fairly torn off a selected card. (It really is!) The magician claims that he can restore this card to its former glory with the aid of a very special and ancient and magic-endowed instrument of necromancy. The spectators clutch their handbags to their faces and peek through the gaps in their fingers. The magician goes to his pocket and produces.......a stapler! He talks half the audience out of leaving before re-attaching the torn corner with the stapler. The "restored" card is signed by the spectator as proof that this miracle was witnessed by human eyes. A man in the back row cocks the hammer on a large handgun, a woman in the front is picturing the magi with an axe in his liver....before things turn violent he gathers everyone around close and with a gentle rub (ooh!) he visually heals the torn corner and hands out the card for inspection, there is nothing to find, just the two staples which once held the card together."

At first I thought this was just gonna be another T&R effect with an impossibly stupid handling, but as I read the handling over, I was actually quite surpirsed at its simplicity and clever construction. The effect itself is actually very clean, and with a little extra work (just a little..) it can be self-contained, practical and can be presented in the middle of a bunch of effects. Yes, as with most T&R effects there is a gimmick involved, but it is also very easy to make, and with practice, it can be made quickly and efficiently in 5 minutes in a washroom somewhere. I've made the gimmick, tried the effect, and it is every bit as worthy of your attention as any other groundbreaking effect. Trust me, this is practical in a working situation, you end clean, and the set-up is super easy. It has humour, is highly visual, and you have a nice little souvenior to hand to the spectator if she hasn't fainted yet...

Ups: Magical looking visual restoration, Very practical, Signed card, Relatively easy, Ends clean, Specs have something to keep, humourous routining.

Downs: Requires gimmick and set-up


Twirl and Shout

This is a little effect reminisct of Bro John Hamman's 'Your signed Card' plot. Basically, you put a card face up, let's say a ten of hearts, on the table (spectator can put their hand over it) telling the audience that the card could change to any card. You have a card selected, and signed on the back. The card is fairly (yes, fairly) lost in the deck, The ten of hearts on the table is then picked up and its back is now shown to have the spectator's signature on it. The deck is spread and the selected card is shown to no longer bear the signature.

In my honest opinion, although this effect is wonderful and actually requires no set-up, it is just another handling of an old effect. The big fly in the ointment for me was that it uses a duplicate card. Which lowers the practicality of the effect, and since the dup is given away at the end, the effect is not instant repeatable, making it a one-time piece, impractical for restaurant-type work. (unless you carry a bunch of dups in your pocket...) There isn't anything new in this effect, it's just anothe handling. Not saying that the effects isn't good; it is, and it's quite clean and direct, actually. The damper being that the ten on the table has to be picked up and handled. To me, if there was no dup, this would have made it into my repitoire, but it just doesn't fit my style, it is still a wonderful effect, but doesn't work for me.

Ups: Very direct. No set-up

Down: Ten on table has to be 'handled'. Uses a dup.


Dear Diary

A diary, with a playing card written for each date, is given to the specator to make sure the dates and playing card values are random (it is). The performer then continues to explain the similarities between a calender and a deck of playing cards. A card is selected, a date is determined from other cards that are selected, and the date arrived at is spelled down from top of the deck, and the selection is found at that date. As a finale, the diary is opened, and the card for that date is checked, and it turns out to be the same as the selection..!!

This is basically a presentation effect. The handling is simple, and the effect is straight forward. The presentation is what makes the effect nice. The only drawback is that a set-up is required and you have to make the diary, but it should be quite a stunning showpiece.

Ups: Clean, direct, interesting presentation.

Down: Set-up required, diary has to be made.


Take Note

When I read the description of the effect, I actually had to sit up and take note. (sorry, had to do that...) The effect is that you pick up on the spectator's thoughts, drawing the card they are thinking of in a small notepad. You are correct of course and then in tearing teh page from the notepad, it seems to transform into the selection before their eyes. The page is show blank.

This is actually a very visual looking effect. It is easy to do, and is constructed very nicely. It is a stunner and there no gimmicks or duplicates involved. Everything is self contained, and it is virtually set-up free. Very nice in my opinion, only drawback being that the notepad is required (which really isn't so much of a hassle, but it's another thing to carry), and the effect is not instant repeatable, making it a one time effect.

Ups: Visual magic, solid effect. Very Little set-up

Downs: Notepad required (see note above), One time effect...


Signature Piece

A follow up to any two card transpostion effect, where in the previous effect the face of the card transposes, in this follow-up, the magician shows that he can make the backs transpose instead of the faces. An interesting presentational angle in that the magi mentions that there's two (actually three, but two to laymen..) layers of a playing card, in the previous effect, the faces transpose, and now, other layer, the back, transposes.

This is actually quite a nice idea to my mind. As a follow up to a two card transposition that actually has a nice presentation and motivation to it. The handling is simple, direct and it is actually quite a powerful effect. Having said that, this effet also requires a set-up, and destroys three cards from your deck, limiting their use to a few effects. Also, it is interesting to note that although the presentation is nice, it might (i say might,...) also not be as strong as the two card transposition beforehand, so the combined effect may be dampened. I wouldn't know, I've only done this a couple of times, but it's just a minor concern, it shouldn't stop you from considering this effect,..

Ups: Nice presentation angle, good follow-up, simple handling, no dups.

Downs: Destroys three cards from a deck (see notes above), minor set-up required


Boxing Clever

A card to impossible location effect where after a matchbox is shown empty, a card is selected from a deck somewhere, signed, and returned. Upon opening the matchbox, a folded card is found inside, taking it out, box shown empty, the card is then shown to be the signed selection.

This, imo, is a very commercial and very practical effect, and probably the next best thing on the booklet to Ripped and Repaired. It requires a very logical gimmick, the instructions for makign the gimmick is very clear and well explained. The idea of the matchbox and the card is very nice. Especially beign able to show the matchbox empty at the end. This is clean, starts and ends clean, and requires absolutely no set-up. There are no real drawbacks in my opinion, just that you have to make the gimmick, which is very simple and well worth the effect. This is really one of those routines well worth your attention.

Ups: Clean start to finish. Direct routine. Can show empty match box.

Downs: have to make Gimmick (see notes above)

Note: for a different presentational aspect, Try this in the context of an Ambitious Card ending. This is the way I would actulaly use this effect. Tommy Wonder in his books and DVDs has an Ambitious card Ending where the signed ambitious card is found in a small box set down at the beginning of the routine. To this day, however, I have been unable to find the right box to do that effect in, that is, until I found this booklet...


Okay, Dave's not paying me to rant good-ness about him, you can stop worrying about that, but honestly, this 6 effect booklet, contains some very clever ideas, adn some very so-so ideas. There are many things that will make you sit up and think, and there are some things that will just leave you wanting for more. But trust me, there is no filler in here, everything can be used, and even though you may not like them, I believe you will be able to find a few things here and there that will really catch your attention. That said, Good Day.... and have fun...

Ripped and Repaired Plus Five Other Strange Occurences

Practicality: *** (3/5)
Value: ****1/2 (4.5/5)
Quality of Ideas and Effects: ****1/2 (4.5/5)
Quality of booklet: *** (3/5)
Shelving Space to make your library look bigger: *1/2 (1.5/5)

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein
Dave Forrest
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Hi Ted,

Wow, thanks for that very thorough and fair review of my booklet. It must have taken you ages. Very concise and clear, great stuff.

Thanks again,

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Another point for tongues in cheeks!

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BTW, if you want these ebooks instantly, they're available from my site (see sig for the URL)...

And... if you have an ebook of your own you're thinking of putting out... please take a look at my site - you can do it yourself, from there ;-)

Jamie. - check out our new DVD now!
Dave Forrest
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Hi everyone,

You can read another review of my booklet at Online-Visions:


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I received mine today. I was able to skim through some of it tonight and was very impressed by several of the things I read. I'll look it over more thoroughly tomorrow and write a review.
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I wish I could play the dissenting voice, but I've read Dave's booklet completely now and can say I recommend it to anyone looking for strong card effects. Dave has made an exceptionally professional product, well-produced and written with a clarity magic instructions often lack. As for the individual effects:

Ripped & Restored:
This is a clever, smack-yourself-in-the-head-for-not-thinking-of-it idea for restoring a corner to a card. The restoration is extrememly visual and clean. The set-up takes just a couple of minutes. The first couple of times I tried to make the gimmick it didn't turn out so hot, so don't be discouraged if it's not perfect the first time. You'll get the hang of it. This is great.

Twirl & Shout:
Nothing really new or exciting here (for magicians). It's basically an effect using the Twirl Change to turn a card into the selected card. The handling is very neat and direct, so if you don't happen to have anything like this in your repertoire already, it would fit the bill.

Dear Diary:
This is very good. Dave says "I almost didn't inclue this effect fearing it would be disregarded as nothing more than a series of forces." Well, technically speaking, yes, it is a series of forces, but it is also a wonderful presentation about the mystical similarities between playing cards and calendars. Dave makes good use of some very deceptive forces and a double-whammy of a climax.

Take Note:
A nice visual stunner wherein a selected card is divined by the magician drawing on a notepad. When the card is revealed, you visually rip the image of the card from the paper and it becomes a real card, leaving you with a blank page again. I haven't tried this out for laymen, but it sounds very startling and the method is practical.

Signature Piece:
This is a worker. I know, because I've been doing a trick with this same effect for five years now. Dave's handling is different from mine, and completely workable. This is an effect I think you will find yourself doing.

Boxing Clever:
This is my favorite thing in the booklet. A super-simple, super-easy way to make a signed card travel to a matchbox. Like porcupine, I've been impressed with Tommy Wonder's card to card box but could never find the right kind of box necessary for it. While Dave's construction of the box is different from Tommy's, Dave's is easier to make and gets the job done. I love this.

I admire Dave's approach to creating magic- his methods and presentations are for real world performing. His handlings are natural and uncluttered. If you're looking for practical, commercial card magic, this booklet is absolutely worth getting.
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Andrew Loh
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Overall, Ripped & Repaired is an excellent booklet.

For those who wish to purchase this booklet, go for it. It's worth your money with some strong effects inside.

Best Wishes,
Andrew Loh

Check out my new card magic eBooks "The Magnificent Queens" & "Triple Charms" at:

My Cardician Den Blog:
Dave Forrest
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Hi folks,

Thanks so much for the very positive reviews. I'm glad you liked my little booklet!

If anyone's interested, I have it for sale at my brand spanking new website:

Any questions etc. PM/e-mail me and I'll be glad to help.


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Nice site dave looks better than the old one.
Leo H
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Can the card be signed before the restoration? I'm wondering if this can be combined with a torn and restored effect with a previously signed card that leaves one corner still broken. After the restoration, laymen will ask you if you can restore the last piece. From there one can go into Forrest's effect.
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