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I saw the DVD of Derren Brown, Inside your mind. I would llike to ask if anybody knows anything about how the effects are relized. Are setled, or he is THE master of our minds?
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Duck and get ready for the lynch mob.

he has a team of people who work out the creative apsects, andy nyman and david britland and heavily invovled I believe
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And a very highly trained monkey that wears a coat of mirrors - this is how he performs the invisible touch routine.

And not to forget the real secret to his powers,

Electric nipples.
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Are the trained monkeys still out of stock or are there some more about to be released soon?
I also heard rumours about speaking ones, using french electronics...
Jordan Waller
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Yes the talking monkeys which were in trained in a mystic mountain by french epleptics are real and also they have built in electric nipples in the coat of mirrors
One day I will write a book
Hypnotic Winter
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If I hear any one mention the name Derren one more time on this site, I'm going to go far more insane then I already am.

When your only reality is an illusion, then illusion is reality.
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Ahh a guy I know from dfx called matt edmindson worked for him (better Hypnotic winter). He was also a magician so I do think that its not just derren who comes up with all the ideas. Besides, a lot of what he does we can see links to other mentalists work.
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Exactly, just as nipples have been around since the dawn of time, Derren is only taking two old concepts.. electric and nipples and bringing them together.
Of course he's not the first to do this, it's also pretty old - but he's the first to really use them on such a wide audience.
Hypnotic Winter
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In case any one picked me up wrong, I thik DB is great, just tired of hearing about him.
Burnt, Derren tells us about having a team throw ideas at him in his magic Café visit you might like to take a look.
I suggest that if some one can say somthing new that has not already been said on DB then post it. If not look into french electronics Smile

When your only reality is an illusion, then illusion is reality.
Mark Hogan
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I posted this on another group

Derren definitley uses good old slieght of hand however he also uses a number of pychological techniques....

Dear Solaris

Hopefully once and for all this will answer your Questions.

As you may know I teach covert real world nlp /persuasion. I also occasionally perform mentalism and Hypnosis, and all the effects I have outlined below I have performed...

By asking about how Derren uses NLP to achieve effects, I am going to collate a number of techniques:

Slight of Mouth
Pyschological Forcing
Suggestion / Waking Hypnosis
Dual Reality
Cold Reading

Lets Start with Dual Reality

This is a technique where the subect ( person doing the trick) and the audiance are hering the exact same words, however because the language is vague (slight of mouth) the audiance believes that mind reading is happening whilst the subject believes he is being asked to do something else.

Kenton Kneppers Wonder Words uses this principal.

Pychologigal forcing / slight of mouth

By Using Words and gestures such as "chose a card see it brightly and in colour" (most people will see a red card)
For other examples I recommend Derren Browns Pure Effect and his Devils Picture book video I would also recommend Banacheks Pyschological Subtelties.

Cold Reading

A technique used by Fortune Tellers / Palm readers to tell people about there innermost thoughts again by using vague Language and slight of mouth

Ian Rowlands Full Facts of Cold Reading is an excellent read.


As you know I perform Mentalism and hypnosis, and some people are more suggestable than others

Once people have seen a number of effects the most suggestable member of the audiance can be made to believe that there hands are stuck togeather...that there like stone..., that there jaw is tight....that they can no longer talk....
The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond Mcgill is excellent


As you can see from suggestion this is really a form of Hypnosis and Derrens Handshake Interupt is a way of inducing a deeper Hypnotic Trance ( Tranceformations By Bandler and Grinder is excellent).

Hypnosis Mind reading & Anchoring

I don't know if this is How Derren does it, but this is how I do it!

I performed this recently at a party

When I was upstairs preparing a person came into the room

I handshake interupted him and put him in a trance and told him when I said the word sleep he would immediately would return to Trance!

I woke him up and he remembered nothing

We carried on talking and I said "sleep", he immediately returned to Trance

"Sleep" is an "Anchor" for more info about anchoring you can visit the articles page on my site

Once He returned to trance I told him when I click my fingers I want him to remember something about his childhood...

I then asked him to tell me what it was he told me it was about his dog Barney in a lot of detail....

I then walked him to the bathroom and told him he would wake up when he heard the bathroom door close

I closed the door behind me and I went down stairs to do my show

5 minutes later he appeared wide awake from trance, with total amnesia

I then perceeded to do my show including the effects above at the end I asked him up on the stage and said I was going to perform some mind reading

I asked him to think of a memory and clicked my finger

I then asked him to whisper this memory to someone at the back of the audience which he did....

After this I read his Mind about Barney his dog and how he'd bit him....

His face and the girls face where absolutely priceless

I then looked at Him and said "I believe we have a powerful connection"

He looked at me in awe and I said the word "sleep" he immediately went into trance and the crowd went wild...

I would also reccommend 2 International Magic videos by these people

1) Derren Brown
2) Andy Nyman ( which features Brown)

These actually show Derren and Andy doing mind reading and then revealing how they were done


There are also other Things that I can do using "NLP"

Using Eye Accessing I can spot when someone is lying

Using Anchoring I can make a person pick an object, or react in a cerain way (scream with excitement for example)

Using Language I can put someonde in a light trance conversationally

If yo are interested I have a number of articles on my site explaining how these things are done.
I also send out a monthly newsletter with an article on NLP & Persuasion'

Free Appeance (well nearly)

For thos of you who live in london I am doing a free appearnce discussing

Waking Trance and Conversational Hypnosis

At the NLP London Practice Group on October 7th at 7.30

The group charges £1o entrance fee I believe.

Derren Brown Yahoo Group
I would also reccommend you joining this yahoo group which have nearly expalined all of derrens NLP effects in detail. To exact spelling of this group is


Marc Hogan
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Along with Britland and Nyman he also has the younger element of Stuart & Barry from 'Magick' advising him and I've recently been informed that Mike Hutton is now into the frame. The philosophical argument being that if you get a half decent 'actor' and back him up with these magical genius's you simply can't make him look anything less than phenomenol. And I for one would accept that that is probably the case.
Bob Burns is the creator of The Swan.
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