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new jersey
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Anyone know of an effect or trick or book or method of igniting my whole hand on fire for like 5 seconds without hurting myself, or anything else like to stab myself.
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Rubbing alchohol won't hurt if it's only for 5 seconds or so, but try it at your own risk, I stopped doing it because I got burned....
Scott Xavier
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Uh, am I the only one scared about sticking my hand in a flame while it is doused in rubbing alchohol?
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You'd probably be interested in the technique fire artists call "trailing". There is some dispute as to which fuel is best. I use "white gas" like Coleman brand.

Visit the discussion board at
There are plenty of threads there on fire art that will interest you. Or PM me if you like.


Michael J. Douglas
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You can use 'white gas' like ML said, which is Coleman fluid, or you can use Zippo lighter fluid. They're the same thing.
I use it to do 'trailing' and to transfer a flame from one torch to another.
Check out~
Michael J.
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Patrick Redford
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Rubbing Alcohol works well for this as well.

Use it in a small amount. DO NOT DOUSE THE HAND.

Once the alcohol burns away, the flame goes out.

Please though be sure to have a fire resistant blanket nearby that you can put your hand in if it burns too long.

If it starts to feel too hot, PUT THE FLAME OUT.

Also simply blowing the flame out - bad idea.

One it might not go out
and two you might hurt yourself even more.

oh... try to stay away from hairspray, fans and any form of wind.

Happy Burning,

George Tait
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Okay I did it, under no persuasion from the Café but I lit my hand on fire. A lot! I was trying to get a good photo with the left hand while I'm setting the right on fire. Tricky business. I finally got it though and I'm glad there is someplace to share it.

My method was to soak my hand in icewater for a bit until cold and then place my hand palm down in a shallow dish of 91% alcohol. It does get hot but after about 15 tries I still wasn't burned.


Here's the link to view the picture. Look Here!
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You can pretty much use anything with alcohol. I have had success just using a lighter. All you need to do is make a fist but let your first finger go out leaving an indentation then putting the gas on and lighting it. It looks very cool. Word of advice --if it hurts, it's not your imagination, trust me. I found out the hard way. Smile
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Say goodbye to any hairs on your hand!

Brent Allan
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That is a very cool picture!! Now the question is:

What do you plan to use it for??
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6th Sense
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That is a neat picture!
Well done for giving it a try.
I agree, dip your hand in ice cold water, dry it off, then apply the alcohol to light. That way, the skin is resistant towards intense heat.

But be careful, you can burn yourself without knowing with this one, as your skin is almost numb.

Take care.
Try try and try again.
Scott Xavier
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Wow, I am always amused by the information you can find here....

Awesome pick, congratulations!
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Look, I know this isn't nearly as cool as lighting your bare hand but has anyone tried lighting their hands with a glove on? I saw a magician who seemed to use white magicians gloves. Anyone know?
Sleightly yours,
Slim Price
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1935 - 2006
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It might have been me! I used to open my act by dipping a white gloved finger in my soaking pan, lighting it from a candle and putting it out in my mouth, and then taking the gloves off, lighting my fire-eating torches with the finger, and then back into the mouth, and putting the finger out. All, of course, with expressions of pleasure... I used Ronsonol Fluid at the time. Just a note, I found that a small glass of wine after the act did wonders for killing the taste....
Slim Price Smile

I have to add this. Never, never use the new Poly fabrics, around a fire act, just cotton. I had an edge, at the time I worked in a graveyard, and had bags of used pall-bearers gloves I rescued. <G>

"I will never bitter be, as long as I can laugh at me!"

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The Village Idiots
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Stevens Magic used to sell a product called Fire Gloves to Dove.

It came with cotten gloves a special gimick for the dove and a bottle of something called cold fire.

I have a bottle of it somewhere?

You would wet the glove with water then with the fuel.

Great effect. I don't know if they still market it or not?

Sillily, Will
Some are born idiots.

Some are made idiots.

Some have idiocy thrust upon them.
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Thanks for the replies. I don't think it was you Slim, but the lighting of the gloves was an opening effect. Will, do you need to wet them with water first?

Sleightly yours, Lorne
Sleightly yours,
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If you want to see some irresponsible use
of fire on various body parts check out the

Steve-o tour movie (of Jack***)

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Bar Harbor, ME
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"Cold fire" is a 2:1 mixture of carbon disulfide to carbon tetrachloride. It burns "cold" and you could burn it on cotton gloves or your bare skin. So why has this effect not swept the fire world?

Carbon tetrachloride is now known to be a carcinogen, a nasty one too, not just like smoking. Carbon disulfide smells pretty bad too. I am just telling you this so that you will know why a seeming great effect from a bygone era has vanished. It is a really bad, dumb idea.

Stay healthy and embrace life in your performances!


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Minneapolis, MN
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Mr. Honesty,

How long did that flame burn? I am very interested in this effect and have been working on it for a while. I notice that the higher the level of alcohol, the hotter it burns and the longer it lasts, but it seems to get too hot too fast for me. I find that using rubbing alcohol on my fingertips lasts the longest.

Can you guys give me some hints please as to how I might be able to make the flame last longer?

Ancora Imparo
If you tell people you juggle, they'll laugh at you, if you tell them there is a juggling magazine. that laugh more, if you tell them that juggling is an art, they'll laugh you out of the room. If you punch them in the face, they'll stop laughing! Jason G
Harry Murphy
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OK, guys this is bordering on irresponsible.

Fire burns. Cloth burns, alcohol burns and skin burns. Fire gags are not something you want to “experiment” with at home (heck, homes burn!).

Believing that cold fire does not burn is totally wrong. Granted that it burns with a lower surface temperature and usually burns-off before it can ignite cotton or skin. However to think that it cannot set a room on fire or catch your clothing on fire, or burn your face off is simply wrong thinking. Fire is fire is fire. Combustion can and does disfigure, maim and even kill.

It is not cool to burn yourself to death!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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