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Hey hi all , I have been doing magic from 6 months now and just 3-4 days ago I started doing magic for friends ,at school and around in mall,. Even though I am good at cards but when I start performing for people I get so confused I forget things.I cant even do a double lift, double undercut I totally get red and start doing everything wrong. Even though I am very good at charlie cut, 1 hand shuffle and some other 1 hand fancy cuts but when I am infront of people I just can't do anything right. I would need some advice I want to know if it happens to everyone or its just me.Thx
Shane Wiker
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Chris H
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Dude! How's it goin?

My advice? Just relax. It'll come together eventually. And don't forget that all of us had similair problems when we got started. You'll get used to it in the end. Don't stress.

Good luck!

-- Topher
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Hey Dude! how are you? hope you are doing fine. Dude we have all been thru this , at first you will have to go thru all this but I will tell you what helped me on my journey.

1.Be relaxed , take a deep breath and inhale, first of all perform for family ,kids and friends you are comfortable with this will give you some confident even just to get started go around ask people " whats the time? I know you might be thinking I am crazy or what but that would help you a lot first of all you will overcome 1 thing the fear to talk to people, 2nd it will make you feel better later on when you will try to some tricks for unkown people.

2. Very very important I always say this to every new magician I met , Always my brother start with a very very simple trick , the easiest you can think of ,a self working trick, this will first of all make you forget that you will do something wrong, secondly you will get little confident and you will suerly over come ur shy little bit.

3.Practice a lot , if you have a web cam always practice infront of it and film all that you do then go over and watch and notice what you did wrong.And don't practice infront of mirror I don't like that idea because you tend to look straight.

4.Master 6-7 Routines , so that every sleight in routine come automatically , master it in a level so that you can do it blindfolded.This way you wont have to worry about anythng go wrong.

5.Do not do very hard complicated tricks unless you have been into magic from very long time and you have mastered them, there is no easy or hard magic, in laymen mind its always magic , they do not know anything. Even thou I know easy magic might not get reaction but it will surely get if you perform for laymen who doesn't know anything about magic.

6.Perform ,perform ,perform,perform that's the key to success. I know at first you will struggle you will have hard time , you will mess around but its fine we all go thru this nobody of us knew magic from birth or we are not god gifted magicians we had all same problems.Maybe 1 out of million never faced this problem but most of us go thru this so never take that serious.

7.And never worry if you screw up a trick , what if they saw the sleight or the thing you did ? they just saw something happend but they don't know what happend so never care even tho if they saw it and know what happend ? who cares there r million of people around that you can perform for.just that 1 guy said you are not good or 1 guy laughed at you doesn't mean you are not good or cant do magic.

8 Experience is the key to success.The more you practice ,the more you perform , the more you practice your routines the better you get.But never let this overcome you that you are not good or you cannot do magic just because you screwd up!!!

Buddy I hope it will help you somehow in your joourney they served me well on my journey.But before I put end to this long "reply" I would like to say always go with easy magic first like an aeasy force say " hindi shuffle force the bottom card then do some mentalism effect and reveal the card ,people donno any force or things so just forget it and before you start your magic always think that " I can do it and I will do it" have confidence in you . Goodluck buddy!!!!

"Qadir Ghafar"
David Franklin
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Hey, how are you?
Well, it looks like you got some good tips in the replys above and I don't know how much of value that I can add but here are a couple of things.

You're not alone. I've been doing magic for 30 years and I still get nervous at times. Happens to everyone. You just have to try to relax and work through it. This is something that will come in time as you get more and more experience.

For me the thing that used to make me the most nervous was being afraid of "getting caught." I would worry that I would blow the effect and people would see the secret and I would look stupid. The more you perform the more you will learn that the spectators will usually not know that you have made a mistake unless you let them know. They don't know what is supposed to happen so you can salvage your effect if you have an out or two prepared in case something goes wrong. With this in mind, the most important thing that you can do to ease your nervousness is to make sure that you have practiced a new effect until you have a degree of mastery of it. If you aren't confident in your ability to perform an effect you will always be nervous when performing. Fight the excitment of a new effect and the need to show it as soon as possible. Devote the needed time to practice and then you will be free to concentrate on presentation and getting your audience on your side and having fun with your magic. When you've got that then you've got it all and you'll have a great time.

Good luck and keep at it. It just gets better and better.
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Get some what I call "failure lines"
There are some very funny ones in the Now that's funny section on this site.
That way if you make a mistake or mess up just say your line like it was perfectly planned and enjoy doing magic.
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Visit this link, it will surely help you when you perform to others. Try to hit the streets. The people and the world will be your stage, and there is no limits..
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Capitalprophets, I know the feeling.

All I can suggest is this.

Mentally put yourself in the same "calm" place as when you are practicing and rehearsing. In other words, do the routine the same as when practicing and don't worry about those watching. Take your time.

The easier the routine the more you can concentrate on presentation and patter.
gene plampin
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I started performing before I was ready and before I really knew better. McDonald's had just started having birthday parties for kids and the manager thought that I should do magic for the parties. I went out and got a kit and a few tricks and started performing them right away.

I was nervous and made many mistakes. My coworkers came to watch my magic because they thought the best part was watching how I covered my mistakes.

I have learned from this experience is not to bow to pressure, my own or someone else's, and to practice the sleights, the moves, the workings of an effect and the routine until I am ready.

Even though I have been in front of audiences for magic, public speaking and in a lot of different venues, I always get nervous. Find a way to calm down, let yourself enjoy your magic and see it as wonderous, and be prepared to find ways to recover if you make a mistake.

Tennessee Chip
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I know exactly where you are coming from! In my business life I am confident and self assured but when it comes to this magic stuff ... All I can say is that you are not alone in your journey to gain more confidence and become better at performing. Like you, I've read all the posted comments above and appreciate their insights and willingness to help out us new guys.
I especially appreciate some of what has already been pointed out:
1) Practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for the peace of mind in knowing you can do something well
2) Don't be afraid to mess up. Like has been said, chances are you'll be the only one that knows something didn't go exactly as planned.
3) Be calm and relaxed.

If I could add one other thought to my last comment. I would add for you and me and the rest of us just starting out ... HAVE FUN. Let whoever is watching whether it be family, friends, those on the street, in a restaurant, whatever the venue you are "performing" know that above anything else you enjoy what you are doing, have a great attitude, and really have a desire to entertain. I think if we can master this, the rest will naturally come as long as we have the desire to succeed! Best of luck.
sinnead zenun
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First of all you've got to believe!
believe that what you are doing is real magic. actually it is real... and live with it...

you must be in the right frame of mind,
to entertain them magically...
King Of Pop
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Here is my adwice to you: Start your performance with something simple and selfworking but again powerful and great like "Invisible Deck" or "Rising Card". This helps you to blend in and relax and after that start performing sleight of hand tricks. Ihave performed a lotand I still start my performances this way Smile

God Bless You, I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
God Bless You, I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
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Hey, man. Don't worry. I've been into magic for at least 9 yrs now and I can count the number of people I've performed for on one hand(OK, maybe one and a half hands). And it's difficult. Before I came here all I heard when I asked other magicians about this is "be sure that you can do the trick perfectly. Make sure you practice.". I don't mean to deny the point being made by the statement. We'd all agree that practice and rehersal are key. What I was looking for was some tips to help calm myself and build a little confidence. I think the advice given here are the best. A deep breath to help relax and just having fun can take your practice and rehersal a long way. If you mess up. Don't dwell on it. That was part of my problem. Later that night think about what went wrong and how to fix it and continue on. If it was a fluke, don't let it get you down, they happen. Think of something snappy to get you through the awkward moment.
I just recently have started to feel confident enough to perform things that I've been practicing since I started. It wasn't lack of confidence in my ability, it was the "what ifs" that get me. Believe me you'll get no where if you dwell on them too much.
Sorry for the long post, hope it helps a little knowing there are others out there that feel the same way.
Thank You
Hold your breath...make a wish...count to 3... and you'll be in a world of pure imagination
Willy Wonka
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I have seen some very skilled performers get nervous (maybe it was me causing that). It happens to everyone and to some extent it is a measure of the emphaisis we place on doing the trick 'right'. But remember, the primary goal is to entertain and amaze your spectators, friends, etc. So even a trick done 95% right is still entertaining. Not that I suggest not aiming for the top, but keep it in perspective and relax.
---Magic: Its priceless. Its inside you. ---
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Hey Shawn74, I think you nailed the problem I have. Fear of failure to do it right. That's what stops me from doing magic for others. I'm great when I'm practicing alone, (at least I think so) but to do it in front of others I hear a little voice say "What if this goes wrong, what if that goes wrong.....?" So to counteract that, I do a trick here or there for a friend of my wife to relax with it. I would suggest doing just a few tricks that become like friends to you because you know them so well. Use them to open your act then introduce one or two new tricks and close with a couple more of your "friends." This should help build some confidence.
Braxton Mannar
<BR>Just an old dog trying to learn new tricks Smile
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It also helps for the first trick you do to be dead easy--very few or even no secret actions. It was really enlightening to read the discussion published last month (was it in MAGIC?) between Tamariz and Ascanio, two of the greatest magicians of our time (it was a translation of a late 1970s interview). At one point, they started talking about the nervousness they felt at the beginning of the performance and which tricks they each used as their comforting opener. It was Tamariz who matter-of-factly talked about the number of secret actions as the relevant fact in choosing such an effect.
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let me tell you a nice story of myself: whenever I perform a NEW trick to friends, my hands shake. It happens to me all the time. And now try to think about me, doing my first Elmsley Count... Funny, isn´t it?

Optimists have more fun.....
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