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Borrow the watch from a stooge.
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Hi Friends,

First of all, thanks for your all inputs and comments on my effects so that I can make sure at least some buddies like and dislike it with reasons provided.

On 2004-10-28 14:08, Tom Jorgenson wrote:
Alex, amigo, no intelligent person is going to look at the hands move and NOT think that it is a gimicked watch ("It's a trick watch!")...and all they have to do is THINK that and the effect is belly-up.

People will simply NOT believe that telekinesis, PK or anything else is the causative factor, whether or not they can grasp the actual methodology...if they thnk its a trick watch, they then KNOW the methodology in their own minds (trick watch). What are you going to do, convince them that it is not? How, by using their own watch?

I think that this will be an expensive item that no one will purchase. We've seen hands move on clocks on every lame SitCom on's no big deal, and it's always a trick watch or clock.

Sorry to disapprove, but I think you might want to get the honest practical opinions of about 20 working mentalists before you sink a cent into this one. Be sure to get an estimate of the final retail will be far too expensive for the effect.

Having one made for your own use, however, is completely legit. Go for it!

As a commercial product, I just don't think this one would fly.

Tom, you made a insightful point here.

Yes, the spectator may suspect the watch because it is from the wrist of performer. But I also observed that we have thousands of effects which require props that look suspicious and cannot be examinable. In PK area, you know there are a few bending effects or other like this (I won't name them because I don't want to give negative impression. And I am NOT against those products).

We have illusionists who perform with large props that no intelligents will think not the props are innocent. So should we not perform illusion any more because intelligent people know the props are gimmicked?

I think the point is lying on presentation...and the rest, you know...

On 2004-10-28 15:39, Jonathan wrote:
I'd be careful with gimmicked watches. I did Osterlind's watch routine for a girl and she got so scared she took the watch and threw it on the ground and stomped on it shattering to a million pieces! ha ha!!!

Jonathan Grant

I have the watch wear on spectator hand so that he/she has no way to throw it off.

On 2004-10-28 15:43, Avocat wrote:

I've tried to give this honest thought, but I cannot conceive of a single presentation of Alex's effect that would NOT cause the spectators to immediately think, "it's a gimmicked watch." This is especially true if you can't give it away and/or perform it with a borrowed watch (the way you could with that Bazaar de Magia thing).

On 2004-10-28 20:38, richpoyle wrote:
For me, the weakness is that you have to hand a watch to a spectator who is more than likely already wearing a watch of their own!

Avocat, richpoyle, thanks for your honest opinion. That's something I want to hear because it lets me think.

I have constructed the whole effect so that the watch can be examined and there is no way the gimmicked or suspicious thing to be found. And of course, I won't give the watch to someone to hold who already has a watch.

And for others, thanks for your support.

But to return to the topic, any workshop suggested??
Thanks for your input in advance!!

Alex Hui
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So should we not perform illusion any more because intelligent people know the props are gimmicked?

Alex made that comment. I take it he was being sarcastic, but I feel the answer should probably be YES. We should no longer perform certain illusions because intelligent people know they could do it if they bought the props (zig zag lady makes me sick when I see it done).
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Ivan, intelligent people believe what we tell them. If we allow them to examine ordinary props, then there is no gimmick. The gimmicks must be invisible, and so that to such a degree as to pass inspection.
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If only Timetrix was a real, working watch . . .
"A good mentalist ... will teach you a miracle because he understands the subtleties ..." -- Banachek

"If this works it'll be BEAUTIFUL!" - The Amazing Kreskin on a stunning effect he performed on his 1970s television series (PS: it worked)
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"any workshop suggested???"

Search the internet yellow pages for watch repair in your local area. Most on this forum are not versed in where to get a custom watch made in Hong Kong.

- Greg Owen
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In the Patrick Kuffs dvd Mind Stunts he explain a way to make the hand of a borrowed watch move visibly...

In a follow-up routine to PK time. It can be seem to bold most of his stuff's is)for some, but it work like a charm!

His DVD Worth the chase anyway!

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What time is it?
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On 2004-10-28 11:41, salsa_dancer wrote:
Are you mad? Who, on this forum, uses a watch to tell the time!

I was just wondering: who on this forum CAN use a watch to tell the time?

bobser (gotta' go... sun's gettin' low)
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Tom Jorgenson
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And ultimately: If by chance you are able to get this to market for under $200 you'll sell a thousand of them...
We dance an invisible dance to music they cannot hear.
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My watch can do this effect and it is not gimmicked. Check out the thousands of watches available many have functions that allow this kind of demonstration.
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I think Derren Brown's ideas can help here. His aproach is not just to reveal the miracle - the watch stops at the time named- but for the audience to see the process of mind control happen before them (even of course if the real process is well hidden). There has to be a fake process that can be at least half convincing as to why the watch is stopping and the mentalist can take credit for. Otherwise I agree that it will just seem like a gimmicked watch. After all if you were to perform the masters time machine you want the watch hidden until the final moment of revelation is provided.
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