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I had a gentleman take a card freely chosen. I had him replace it and I found it using a k** ***d system. I asked him waht his card was, and he said he didn't remember. This brough laughs from the audience, and I cut it off quickly by saying, that's alright, I already have your card here. and I produced it for him. He agreed it was his card.

Don't you hate when that happens?
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
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Absolutely annoying...
the solution: after showing the card to the spectator -show it to the audience too !
besides of solving the problem you've mentioned - it also keeps the audience more interested and more "inside" the magic.
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I HATE it when that happens. I always make sure that I tell them several times to memorize it and show it to everyone around them.
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Who was it that uses the line "Please remember the card, because this will be a pretty obscure trick if you don't"?
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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Simone lovell has some pretty weard lines to make people rember there cards like plese select your very own pet card from the deckyou wont have to feed it but do rember its name incase it runs away and you have to chace after it down the street, takes things to a whole new level but if it wirks for him what the hay lol
"No brilliance is required in magic, just determination and relatively clean fingernails."
Review King
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Have them sign it first!
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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You might be doing too many card tricks where they have to remember a card. After about the 2nd or 3rd time they have to remember a card, they all start mixing together in their head.
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Tyler, you bring up a good point. Actually my shows are mostly small aparatus tricks, I suck at the sleights. So too many card tricks isn't my issue. Any magician though, from a close up card man to a grand stage illusionist must watch out for repetition. I once heard someone critisize Seigfried and ROy for doing one effect ten times. That is not true, but if the audience believes it is true, then it may as well be.
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
Matt Graves
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Yes, that is annoying! I read in one of Eugene Burger's books that he _always_ has cards signed nowadays because he used to have a lot of people stubbornly pretend he had found the wrong card on purpose or forget their card, etc.

One of the funniest instances though of that happened with my brother. He was doing a trick, and he forced the queen of diamonds on this friend of ours from church. He did something really flashy to reveal the card, too, like a snap change or something. And our friend very calmly said, "No. You are wrong. It was the Queen of Hearts."

And my brother got really mad. They started arguing . . . it ended up with my brother screaming at the top of his voice, "It was the Queen of DIAMONDS!!!" and our friend would keep saying in a monotone, "No. You are wrong. It was the Queen of Hearts."

To this day, the guy swears it was the Queen of Hearts. And it still makes my brother's blood boil.

Ha ha. . .
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At that point you just say 'no it's the QD, because I forced it upon you!!!!!!!'

that's shut'em up.
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Mcmc, That was close to what I do with a pain in the neck. I say indicate a card and force the bottom (glimpsed) card. As they are looking at it say what the card is. And then point out that you only use that trick with people of limited memory.
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain
steve j
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I usually just have the card signed, it saves a lot of grief. and tends to stop hecklers
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Don't be too hard on the spectator. When you're plucked from the audience and find yourself the center of attention very little registers properly.
I myself found myself in the role of Magician's assistant and but for the fact that I showed the card to the audience I'd have been screwed.

When it came time to tell the magician what my card was I had absolutely no
friggin idea. I just looked at the audience as if to say someone tell him.
Luckily they did.

Since then I have a very sympathetic attitude towards assitants and volunteers.

You should all try being a volunteer at every opportunity to see things from their side.

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Try to get them to remember 3 cards!
I recently started doing a trick where the cards are cut into three piles and I name the top card in each pile without looking. I pick up each card after naming it, but don't reveal what they actually are until all three are in my hands. Well, the last two times I performed it, the spectators said, "I can't remember for sure."
I guess three cards is too many to be remembered. Probably people don't wont to be thinking too hard when they are trying to relax and have fun.
I am thinking about having a notepad and pencil handy next time for them to write down the cards as I name them. Or...assigning 3 different people to remember one card each.
What do you guys think?
Dusty Dave
Heinz Weber
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I think you shouldn't do the notepad-thing, it's too complicated. One spectator per card, or just let them sign the cards, or let them take the cards out and reveal twins or doubles (that of course would be another trick).
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I also hate it. The worst thing is when you do a strong /hard magic trick and they don't remember the card. The only thing to prevent this is as Heinz said, let them sign the card. Nice topic.
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I've run into people who forget their card either by accident or on purpose. I have used everything that's been suggested here. Eventually, I started choosing someone else to rememeber the card and use the situation as a way to pick up the action after the show hits a wall. I usually make a small joke, everyone laughs and the show goes on.
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Ways to get people to remember their card
1) Ask them to count the number of spots or check the picture and check there is the right number.
2) Use phrases like "burn that card into your brain. It should be tattoo there!"
3) Get them to show someone else
4) Say "I want you to remember the suit of the card as well as the value."
5) In other words- make sure they KNOW how important it is for them to remember the card.

Ways to deal with "I forgot my card"
1) "Thanks ok, I remember is was the queen of diamonds."
2) "Fantastic! That makes my job much easier!"
3) "What would you guess it was?" If they get it right then you can continue the effect. If they get it wrong then you say "no, it was the queen of diamonds...but thanks for playing."
4) In other words - don't make a big deal of it. Both you and them made an error. Him for forgetting his card and you by not making him remember it.

Ways to deal with "That is not my card"
1) "Really? Are you sure" Go through deck as if looking for the card they think is there. Cull it to the top. "I don't think you did! Because THAT card is in my pocket"
2) See above with a colour change!
3) Two words : invisible deck.
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