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Jim Mangham
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I want to do parts of Tabary's rope routine.

At one-spot, a short rope is looped with a long rope to look like two medium ropes.
The short rope end is thrown over the shoulder while other business happens at the
ends of the longer rope.

I would like to get rid of the short piece while it is over my shoulder hanging down my back.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the short piece while it is hanging over my shoulder down my back?

I do not want to have magnets in the ropes. Any kind of reel which would pull the short rope into a pocket in the lab coat I wear would not have to be quick. It could reel in slowly if that would be the method of getting rid of the rope. (I'm not locked in on a reel.)

I might have to hook something to the end of the short rope before I throw it over my shoulder.


I feel like a pariah. This was my first message here, and I've received zero responses. Did I not explain my question well? Or is it that no one has any ideas on it?

Then there was the woman who felt like such a failure. She had been shopping for 20 years and still had nothing to wear.
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I'm not familiar with the routine but...

Getting rid of the piece while over your back? I think it would be easier prior to or during the toss over your back.

Topit? Pull? Pendulum type holdout?
Jim Mangham
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They need to see you toss the ends of two ropes over your shoulder. The long rope is really long and even doubled with the short rope (to look like two medium length ropes as in the nightmare). The ends of the long rope hang below your waist in the front.

An invisible assistant could just walk up behind you and steal the short rope
while it is hanging down your back. When the rope is pulled back into full view I want what was two ends to be one welded middle.

The problem is how to make sure the short piece is attached to something and spirited somewhere it will not be seen while it is out of view over my shoulder and hanging down my back. I think it would look funny to flash vanish the short piece before throwing it over my shoulder.
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Rather than drape the loop over your back, what if you simply put it in your pocket, then after the magic you removed the rope and had "melded" back together? Smile
Pete Biro
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You could "unloop" it so when it goes over you shoulder it drops down and is caught in an open pocket sewn in the "right spot". You could tuck it into your collar at the back? Or a pocket.
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I do the routine, and I can't really see an easy way of getting rid of it.

The question, though, is why do you want to get rid of it? The routine is just starting, and this will kill it dead.
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Why not pull the ends off and place in your pocket then take them out and put them on again a la Sanders, Fiber optics?
catch you later

Jim Mangham
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I planned to do just two very strong magic moments from two different Tabary routines. In both cases I wanted to introduce openly a short rope and a long rope and weld the short rope onto the long rope.

The two magic moments are when Tabary comes up with a rope with four ends and
slides two short ends down to the middle of the long rope where they become
real separate ends of two different ropes.

The other magic moment is when Tabary slowly and visibly feeds a short rope to the long rope (in that case I can use a sleeve pull to ditch the short piece and wind
up with a single clean long rope... so long you can't tell if some length was added or not).

I just got back from the South Carolina Association of Magicians (SCAM) convention. Rachel Wild and Tom Jones had some very strong magnets (which they
used for a self levitation effect). I think one of those magnets might grab on strong enough to a magnet in one end of the short rope. Then I would have to reach back and put the short rope in an extra pocket on the back of my lab coat. I could do the pocket work after the heat from the routine had cooled off.

Or perhaps I could train a small monkey to ride in a back pack and gather in the short rope when it comes in reach of the monkey. Just kidding.

By the way, Dan Harlan did a rope routine at SCAM which was Tabary-like. Dan had two volunteers on stage and at one point he had them hold the rope like a tight rope and he walked the tight rope with his fingers.

You would have to see it, but it was very entertaining. At one point the little fingers slipped and took a straddle blow on the rope. I'm not sure if the fingers were male or female.
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On 2005-01-14 13:55, Pete Biro wrote:
You could "unloop" it so when it goes over you shoulder it drops down and is caught in an open pocket sewn in the "right spot"... You could tuck it into your collar at the back? Or a pocket.

An interesting concept. Thanks.
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
Michael Berends
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I personally do a number of segments from the Tabary Rope routine. So I'm familiar with what you are talking about.

There are a few things that I don't get.

If you want to do the sliding of the "ends" to the bottom of the rope, while throwing the "short" end over your shoulder which shows two separate ropes, why would you want to get rid of the one behind your back? You need it to show that there is two ropes. If you don't have the "short piece" you can only show one piece which doesn't make any sense. Considering that you just threw two ends over your shoulder it doesn't work out right.

Also for the slow feeding of the ropes into one. Why do you need to ditch the piece? Do you need it for something else after? There are other ways of getting rid of it other than a pull.

I have solutions for both problems if you want them. PM me if you're interested. I'm just curious as to the reasons for getting rid of the pieces on each phase.

Michael Berends
Jim Mangham
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Thanks, tejoal.

I'm not sure how to PM yet. Could you respond with instructions?

I think the apparent short ends welding in at what seemed to be a loop in the long rope and the feeding of the short rope to the long rope are possibly the strongest magic moments in both of Tabary's rope tapes. I feel like if you have four ends for a while and then two ends for a while (and then a continuous loop and a short piece), pretty soon the audience concludes you are working with a long rope and a short rope, and the single long rope is hard to sell unless it is really a single long rope.

I want to do just the two strong magic moments and finish both effects with just a single real long rope (which can be thrown to the audience).

In both effects I would openly introduce a short piece of rope which would seem to be welded into the long rope.

In the over-the-shoulder effect, the big magic moment is when a short rope placed at a middle loop of the long rope becomes two ends of what they think is now two ropes. When the ends which were thrown over the shoulder have become a solid middle that would be another magic moment. The out-of-sight welding of the ropes over your shoulder is a much weaker magic moment, and many will not even be aware something out of the ordinary has happened over your shoulder.

For those really concentrating, the whole over-the-shoulder effect would be...
split a short piece and split a middle loop and weld the two very short pieces
onto the ends of the split middle and on the other end weld two ends together to make a solid middle. Next, I would introduce another short piece and feed it to the long rope, and then throw the long rope out to the audience.
Matt Pulsar
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Put a opening in the back of the coat where the rope hangs down, go into your pocket for scisors, at the same time stealing back rope trhough the opening.
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