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Cheshire Cat
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Agree entirely on your first two paragraphs. There certainly are OLD five year olds and YOUNG five year olds. A lot depends on the area in which they live and types of education. Once again we have found Privately Educated children can sometimes be considerably less 'worldly' than the State Educated kid on a Council Estate (social housing). I neither condemn the former nor the latter, - just an observation.

One of my favourites for 'engaging' older kids at a younger child's party is the 'breakaway die box' (which I've converted to a block of gold and two safes.) The working of this I've found to completely baffle parents even with degrees in engineering!

I'll not comment beyond your first two paragraphs.

Best Wishes - Tony.
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On 2005-01-19 18:17, Billy Whizz wrote:
I don't see the point in doing shows that can be hard work.

To quote from another thread:
It's SUPPOSED to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It's the HARD that makes it GOOD!
Billy Whizz
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Mark, you might find it hard work, I certainly don't. I'm talking about the 4 to 8 year olds which I CHOOSE to work. As I said, I don't do older kids because I don't want the difficult shows. I didn't choose this profession to have to 'work' for a living, if I wanted that I would have chosen a 9 to 5 job.
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I chose to do the 4-8 year olds. This doesn't mean I can't do the older kids, I did them in the past when I first started and took any job that came in, Even the more difficult older shows. I still get calls for them now, but turn them away.

As you get more popular and in demand you get to pick and chose what you do. As Billy said, I don't do this to work hard for a living, I did 23 years in the navy working hard for long hours. This is a fun proffession that brings in lots of money, and gives me plenty of free time when the kids are at school and the boss is at work to enjoy myself.
Yours Funfully
Clive "Emazdad" Hemsley

"Magic is a secret, without the secret there is no magic"

Remember there are only 3 types of people in the world, those that can count and those that can't.
Rupert Bair
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<<<washing machine man who's fixing my knackered bearings.>>>

Shouldn't he be fixing the washing machine! hehe.

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Hopefully having suggested the Magic Welding for the older children, many of you will use it, by the way the essential wording in that trick is; 'If you are clever, are you clever, well you look clever, if you are clever you will have done the trick, if you have done the trick, the boys and girls will clap you for being clever. Would you like to find out or forget all about it.'
Now to go onto a whole programme for the older children. 'Wandering Block' is excellent for the boys. You have three blocks threaded onto an upright rod, and a a shell. Normallly this trick comes with a thick wooden cover which is no good at all so throw it away and make a square shaped cover to go loosly round the blocks from thinish coloured card. Using this you can control the shell more than with the wodden cover. Another 'Block Off' shown as pure magic, whether you have Batman picture on the block or clock etc. They can see it trapped with the wand through it but is escapes visibly, amazing to the teenages etc. Our opening trick was usually the Vanishing Rush Walsh Cane, they were amazed.Eric and Muriel

This does seem to have been posted so we will try again. Also Emazdad we have just noticed a word was left out in our comment with regards yourself in entertaining two years olds, wondered what all the fuss was about , Have attempted to correct it, sorry about that. We are writing on word now so we can edit it before it is transferred to the magic café.
So we last left it at the Rush Walsh vanishing cane. Still obtainable form magic sales . We obtained great pleasure by vanishing the cane with the use of patter and were able to show both hands empty with the paper unrolled and shown both sides. We preferred this to wrapping up the feke in the newspaper and putting aside, for we then screwed up the newspaper and produced from the newspaper a live dove, or half a real brick and a quantity of silks. Include that for fourteen years olds and their eyes pop and their comment ‘How did he do that?’

A great Jack Hughes trick is ‘Stage Size Uplift’ while great for both sexes we usually reserved it for girls such as Guides Brownies etc., Using wandering block for the boys. The prop consisted of four, four inch blocks, two solid? The third with a lid. Articles were borrowed and put into this third box (Such as wrist watch rings, bracelet (Elephants wedding ring) that box being yellow and placed on the table with the other two blocks (blue) on top. They are covered with a lift /elevator shaft and when the cover is removed the yellow block like a lift/elevator has risen to the middle of the three blocks. Replace the yellow block to the bottom of the three and cover and next time it is at the top of the three blocks, you remove, open the lid and hand back from it the borrowed articles with appropriate gags. Matthew recently bought one second hand for £15.00 what a bargain. Another very impressive trick is the Jumbo Card Trick Maverick, only lasts a few minutes but leaves them open mouthed. Chinese Rings of course, Die Vernon’s being the routine we used and was very good for drawing large crowds when working in the open air. Giant Rising Cards very good. When the cards have been chosen ask a lad to look at the pack and to think hard of the card and a blank card rises with ‘I love you’ on it. You say I told you to think of the card not your girl friend. Do it nicely as it gets a good laugh. If you can get your rabbit to select a card from a fanned pack held in front of it, then do the mind reading stunt. Each boy or girl chooses a card from the pack and you tell them the rabbit is going to try to read their mind. They stand in front of the rabbit and think hard of their card and return to their place. You fan the cards in front of the rabbit and he removes the correct card. Of course when you come to the third person who chooses a card you send them straight back to their place and when the rabbit fails to select the right card even the fourteen year olds will tell you, you did not let the rabbit read his/her mind, out comes the young lady/or lad and looks into the rabbits eyes. They go back to their place and this time the rabbit selects the correct card and you hear the comment ‘Isn’t that rabbit clever!’ With the above you have easy tricks to perform with maximum impact. Eric and Muriel.

John Wade Society reports for Abracadabra Weekly Magazine.
Eric Sharp has been getting around the country picking up rave reports for his unique lecture on entertaining very young children and those at the top end of the spectrum. Allan Tipton of the Guild of Magicians (Nottingham) was high in praise, and says that after fifty years in magic he learnt something from Eric incredible simple methods for producing items from a borrowed hat!… John Hill vice President of the Medway M.S. Also writes a glowing report of Eric’s lecture, commenting on the aspect of visual magic with lots of by-play and laughter, plus good magic.

I.B.M. Ring 55 Phoenix Arizona U.S.A. Linking Ring Report.
The star of the evening was Eric Sharp from Wales who certainly lived up to his name. His sense of humour was quite refreshing, and to those of use interested in children’s magic, his idea and suggestions were invaluable. Among the many bits of business, he did the vanishing cane with newspaper which suddenly produced a Dove but could be used to produce a real half brick or whatever, astounding! The one handed knot, coins in glass, silk productions and rope with four ends are all very entertaining and very well done. The highlight of his lecture was his rendition of his very own version of Punch and Judy routines. He is the master and everyone was impressed with his originality. I even heard our own George Sands, a not too shabby a Punch & Judy man himself, comment on his great patter and finesse. We found your lecture ’Pretty Sharp’ Eric. Thank you Al Garvey. Sec.
If you would like to read more of these see 'Entertaining The Two Year olds.'
Wilf Birchall
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This is a good idea you know. How about having a section where we can all put our Press reports! Then we could really see just who had the most!

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My escape act has always worked well for that crowd, especially using the 75' challenge tie as the closer.

Dr. Lao: "Do you know what wisdom is?"
Mike: "No."
Dr. Lao: "Wise answer."
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Wilf, See our last entry under 'Entertainig The Two Year Olds.' Eric and Muriel.

Steve,If you are good at your particular art and it can be adapted to entertain almost any audience with a lot of experience and thought. E & M.
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Entertaining the eight to fourteen year olds. Why don't you

I do.
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I too am game......all kids 2-99 yrs:)
Mike Brezler
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I find that entertaining girls in that age range to be much easier. They are receptive and enjoy the magic. Boys on the other hand want to try to figure out how you do the magic and you need to be careful in choosing participants. I do more card magic for the the boys. I perform for all ages, but perfer younger children and adults.
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Mr. Mike, Put in a good trick that will baffle the older boys as your second trick and that stops them dead in their tracks, you then hear the words 'How did he do that?' Magic Welding using one inch chain link filled that spot perfectly. Or a Jumbo card trick such as ,Maverick, Chinese rings, we used the Die Vernon routine. In between these tricks put in Block off, Wandering Block and a card trick where the card ended up on the helpers back. many years ago we entertained at a junior cricket teams dinner function. We asked the captain to shuffle the cards and take one. Remember it, and shuffle back into the pack. We then showed a childs cricket back both sides and he bowled the card to wards us and the chosen card was seen to be stuck on the middle of the bat. There was silence and we carried on to another trick. This cricket captain became a professor at Havard University. We have met him many times since, he always say's 'I have seen magicians all over the world,but the best and most baffling trick I have ever seen was that one with the cricket bat.' We now know that their silence was because they were baffled. Had we kept stll with a smile on our face for ten seconds as the pro's do, they would have then applauded, for up till then, they were trying to puzzle it out. All that was done was the bat shown back and front (paddle move or put down after onto a face down card with a drawing pin in it, and forced the card) So it does not need to be a really clever trick to puzzle them. Eric and Muriel
Brian Morgan
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I work at a youth center during the summer and regularly I will perform for kids from 7-14. These are some of the worst kids in our area and I've found that it's best to only grab a small group at a time(3-5). They seem to really like most all the card and coin work I do for them.
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Brian Morgan, Correct, but make sure the group not being entertained are occupied. another way,if you have a hundred teenages, devide them up into groups of ten or twenty and one of each group is put in charge.

They are given a puzzle or something to occupy them while you entertain one of the groups. Small items like Nut Off Bolt each person in the group will have a go, and similar puzzles intrigue this age group. Other puzzles such as 'how many faces can they find in a picture, the winning group receive a prize. There are plenty of these types of puzzles about. Eric and Muriel.

Tricks we have mentioned, many of The Magic Café veiwers are asking 'Where can we get these tricks.' We have managed to put several onto British dealers who have them and are always willing to help.Eric and Muriel

The following was a quote in a local society mag. 'He presented a very nice linking ring routine. which is an old Davenport trick where rings put on a tray and link. This blended in very well with the theme, and while it would be no good at a private party because of the thickness of the tray, this worked well and was much appreciated.'

Well, our anwser to that is, we have performed that trick for children and adults for over fifty years and no one questioned the tray. All they want to do is to examine the linked chain and to pull the chain as hard as possible, to see if it will come apart.

When performing in the open air it was a very good trick to bring a crowd from nowhere. Inevitably, someone would sidle up to my wife or son and say 'How does he do that?' Even when entertaining at our grandson's birthday party we heard the adults discussing how it was done, but no one suggested the tray. So the answer is forget the the thickness of the tray, it is only magicians who notice that. The great Ken Brook when teaching a trick using thread used to say 'Forget the thread think there is no thread.' Forget the thickness of the tray and you and put the trick on second where there are older children present and they will not consider your act 'Kid Stuff' any more. Eric and Muriel
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